Aries: This week is for letting yourself get weirder, for letting your dreams get louder, for growing into your truest self. You can talk the way you want, you can move the way you want, you can tell the stories that beat hardest in your chest. You can use whatever tools you have; you can use whatever tools you need. It’s okay to rely on honesty or on pop songs or on your friends. It’s okay to live quietly and it’s okay to live loud, just keep working to be generous. Keep working to be kind.

I love, I love, I love my horoscope this week.

I am a lesbian woman of Color whose children eat regularly because I work in a university. If their full bellies make me fail to recognize my commonality with a woman of Color whose children do not eat because she cannot find work, or who has no children because her insides are rotted from home abortions and sterilization; if I fail to recognize the lesbian who chooses not to have children, the woman who remains closeted because her homophobic community is her only life support, the woman who chooses silence instead of another death, the woman who is terrified lest my anger trigger the explosion of hers; if I fail to recognize them as other faces of myself, then I am contributing not only to each of their oppressions but also to my own, and the anger which stands between us then must be used for clarity and mutual empowerment, not for evasion by guilt or for further separation.

********I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own. And I am not free as long as one person of Color remains chained. Nor is anyone of you.***********

  “The Uses of Anger” by Audre Lorde

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JCrew is selling Adidas slip-ons and Madewell is selling Tevas.

Is the rest of our lives just going to be watching corporations pull and re-appropriate things? Is this forever?

JCrew is selling Adidas slip-ons and Madewell is selling Tevas.

Is the rest of our lives just going to be watching corporations pull and re-appropriate things? Is this forever?

As my belly grew, the comments got even stranger. I had secretly hoped for no reaction, for our choice to be as common as saying, “I went with the mustard instead of the ketchup.” No reaction would mean something good, right? That women in this country are, for example, no longer considered the property of men, even in name. That archaic systems are truly collapsing. That we can reclaim language that was formerly used to control us.

But it seemed, at least to me, that using a woman’s last name for a child threatened everyone. An older woman asked me if I was doing this to make a point. Why was all this doing perceived as mine, not my husband’s as well? At a party, a peer told me she was “diehard Obama” and then argued that her only real concern about using a woman’s last name is that you risk the ease of preserving lineage and historical records.

The great feminist author and critic Gloria Steinem did a television interview shortly after she lost her husband. The interviewer asked her if she was depressed.

'I’m not depressed,' she said. 'I’m sad.'

The interviewer asked her the difference. ‘When you’re depressed, nothing has any meaning,’ she replied. ‘When you’re sad, everything does.’

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my buddy tyler made kendrick lamar sound like 90s modest mouse and it rules

Beyoncé Jams ➝ Resentment (Live) | On the Run Tour

VERY real lyric change in one of the verses (the crowd freaks the fuck out when it happens, so you’ll know, like 3/4 of the way through).

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In Bikini Kill, I was singing to an elusive, asshole male that was fucking the world over, and I was allowing other women to watch me do that, but I wanted to really start directly singing to other women… And [Julie Ruin] sounds like you can hear a human being’s fingers all over it. It sounds like bedroom culture. It sounds like something a girl made in her bedroom. Girls’ bedrooms sometimes can be this space of real creativity — the problem is that these bedrooms are all cut off from each other — so how do you take that bedroom that you’re cut off from all the other girls who are secretly in their bedroom writing secret things or making secret songs? I wanted the Julie Ruin record to sound like a girl from her bedroom made this record, but then didn’t just throw it away, or it wasn’t just in her diary, and she took it out and shared it with people.

  Kathleen Hanna, The Punk Singer