Danby DAC060EUB5GDB Window Air Conditioner Review

This window AC unit utilizes something like 6,000 British warm units (Btu) – the measure of vitality expected to warmth or cool one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. The Btu utilize decides the measure of space a window air molding unit can serenely cool.

Danby DAC060EUB5GDB Window Air Conditioner
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This current Danby’s 6,000 Btu can cool a room of roughly 250 square feet.

The vitality effectiveness proportion (EER) of 12.1 is second to just a single other item in our correlation, so this unit could without much of a stretch spare you some cash on power charges after some time, particularly on the off chance that you are supplanting a more established unit.

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Three diverse fan speeds implies you can utilize the most minimal setting expected to keep up an agreeable room. The Energy Saver switch gives you significantly more control over the fan, making it naturally turn on and off to keep up temperatures after the compressor close off.


The assortment of working modes makes it simple to tweak your client encounter in light of your needs. The rest mode implies that you can abstain from awakening to a solidifying frosty room. In this mode the temperature increments by little augmentations over a time of six hours. It will then come back to the already chose temperature.

There is a dry mode that will center the unit around expelling dampness from the air without altering the temperature in either course. That can be an awesome element on the off chance that you live in a sticky region of the world.

You can set this unit to naturally keep up a consistent temperature, utilizing the compressor, fan or a mix of both. You can likewise set it to turn itself off or on in a set number of hours so you know you are not cooling a vacant room. You have control over the greater part of the elements from a remote, so you don’t need to get up to change settings.


An air channel is situated behind the front grille and can be cleaned effortlessly with a vacuum cleaner and foamy water. There is a light on the key cushion that tells you when the time has come to clean the channel.

This is a moderately reduced unit however is a little on the substantial side at right around 52 pounds. That matters when the time has come to introduce or expel the unit for the winter. You may require somebody to help you lift it into and strange.

Help & Support

You get a one-year guarantee on all parts of this window air conditioner, which is unremarkable however fine. Some contending units offer a more extended guarantee on the compressor. On the off chance that you have inquiries for Danby, FAQs are accessible on the organization site. You can contact the organization by email, phone and live talk.


A more grounded guarantee and lighter weight would make this window air conditioner much more focused, yet those are minor focuses when you consider how proficient it is. With the assortment of working modes and fan speeds, and amazing vitality proficiency, you can be certain about sparing cash on your vitality bills for a considerable length of time into the future with this window air conditioner. Check The Price