EdgeStar 8,000 BTU Portable AC with 50-Pint Dehumidifier Review

This EdgeStar 8,000 BTU Portable AC with 50-Pint Dehumidifier unit is one of the smallest on the market. We like it for its smart features, like auto-restart, a 24-hour timer, and automatic self-evaporation.

EdgeStar 8,000 BTU Portable AC with 50-Pint Dehumidifier
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Previous buyers raved about the low maintenance design, especially compared to other brands. It’s compact, efficient, and much more reliable than other micro units! It’s a great solution for people who want to cool single rooms in a home, or for keeping offices comfortable.

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It’s very compact. It’s only 2 feet high, and is just over 1 foot deep. That means you can fit it in nearly any space, without crowding the whole room.

It’s designed to save you energy! It comes with a smart thermostat and timer, so you can set it to cool the room only when you need it to. The smart system also stores your preferred settings, so that the machine will come back the way you set it after a power outage.

EdgeStar also advertises the efficiency of the unit, saying that it’ll cool 250 square feet for less than $1 per day. Of course, your results will vary depending on outside temperature, humidity, and other factors. Still, that’s much more efficient than traditional A/C units!

It’s a 2-function machine. In addition to the cooling function, the EdgeStar also works as a dehumidifier during the cooler months. This really comes in handy during the winter, when you’re less likely to air out your house. It can take 50 pints per day out of your air, saving mold and mildew problems. This feature is a great advantage for basement rooms and spaces with poor ventilation!

It’s environmentally friendly. This model is built to meet European construction standards for low levels of lead, mercury and other toxins, which can be very prevalent in American appliances.

It’s self-evaporating, thanks to the onboard dehumidifier. That means you don’t have to empty out a water container manually.

There are 3 fan speeds to choose from. This helps you find the right balance between cooling power and noise level.

Everything you need is in the box. The unit ships with an easy to use window kit. Check The Price

It’s covered by a 3-year warranty. That’s a huge plus for us, since portable A/C units can be pretty temperamental on the whole.


You can’t expect this one to cool a whole house. It’s really meant for small to average-sized rooms.

Some previous buyers had problems with leaks. The one good thing is, this is an issue that you can identify and deal with right off the bat. To avoid annoying spills on your floors, we’d recommend running the water pan under the sink to test for leaks before you get the whole unit up and running.

8,000 BTU isn’t a particularly high power rating. Some people found that it didn’t quite do the trick in extremely hot humid scenarios.

Some people found it noisy.

If you live in a very humid area, you’ll probably have to drain it once in a while.