Frigidaire FFRE0633Q1 Window Air Conditioner Review

The execution from this window AC unit is great. It utilizes around 6,000 British warm units (Btu), which is the measure of vitality expected to warmth or cool 1 pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

Frigidaire FFRE0633Q1 Window Air Conditioner
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The more Btu an air conditioner has, the bigger the space the gadget can cool. This Frigidaire model can cool a room of around 250 square feet. Moreover, this gadget evacuates up to 1.3 pints of dampness from the air every hour and components an airflow of 152 cubic feet for every moment, which is very great.

Another favorable position of this item is its vitality proficiency. This window air conditioner is Energy Star affirmed and brags an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 11.2, which is phenomenal. The best window air conditioners have an EER of 10 or more noteworthy.

Besides, when we thought about the evaluated yearly vitality cost of this item, it was less expensive than numerous vitality effective window air conditioners. We assessed the vitality cost of the item in view of eight hours of utilization a day for a three-month time span. This Frigidaire unit’s assessed cost was $46.31. Numerous comparable items were a few dollars all the more every year.

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The Frigidaire FFRE0633Q1 is UL Listed, which implies the air conditioner unit has passed open wellbeing gauges and been tried by Underwriters Laboratories. It is likewise AHAM ensured, which implies it has gotten an execution confirmation by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. Both associations utilize autonomous research centers to make their appraisals.


A remote control is incorporated with this item, and it permits you to effortlessly alter the settings and temperature of your window air conditioner, regardless of where you are situated in the room. The remote elements various setting alternatives, a clock and a power catch.

There are a few settings and modes on this item, including three cooling speeds. At the point when utilizing the cool setting, the fan and compressor rushed to bring down the temperature of the room. You can likewise utilize one of three fan settings to run the fan without the compressor. In this mode, the fan courses the air in the room without really chilling the room off. Extra modes incorporate an auto mode and a vitality sparing mode.

Notwithstanding those recorded over, this item highlights a rest mode. It is valuable, and not all window air conditioners offer this propelled highlight. At the point when the unit is in this mode, your chose temperature increments by 2 degrees Fahrenheit like clockwork. Once the room achieves this new temperature, it stays stable for up to seven hours before the unit naturally changes back to its unique temperature.

Sadly, there is no dry setting that attempts to expel overabundance dampness and moistness from a room. This is an important setting in the event that you live in a damp zone.


Its minimized size is another highlight of this cooling unit. For such an effective air conditioner, it is very conservative. Many cooling units with this much power are much bigger and bulkier. This item is just 13 inches tall, 18.5 inches wide and 15.5 inches in length. It additionally weighs just 44 pounds, making it one of the lightest room air molding units we looked into.

Help & Support

The Frigidaire FFRE0633Q1 is secured under a one-year restricted machine guarantee and a five-year fixed framework guarantee. This is the normal guarantee on this sort of item. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you do go over any issues with the gadget, you can talk with delegates from Frigidaire by means of phone and email. There is additionally an online manual and a FAQs segment on the organization site that may answer your inquiries.


The Frigidaire FFRE0633Q1 is effortlessly one of the best window air conditioners accessible. This item not just components a lot of energy to cool up to 250 square feet – it likewise gives numerous settings and modes you can look over to guarantee you keep up the most agreeable temperature for your room. It is a standout amongst the most vitality proficient items on our lineup, and its yearly expenses are sensible when contrasted and comparable air conditioners. Moreover, it is a smaller unit, sparing you space in your home. Generally, on the off chance that you need an item with a lot of force and an assortment of components, the Frigidaire FFRE0633Q1 is justified regardless of your thought. Check The Price