Haier ESAQ406P Window Air Conditioner Review

An Energy Star affirmation is one of the main indications of an awesome window AC, and this one has it. Vitality Star items are by and large 20 to 30 percent more productive than what is required by law.

Haier ESAQ406P Window Air Conditioner
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This Haier unit has three fan speeds, so you can utilize the most minimal one that is compelling for cooling your room. This can offer critical investment funds over items that are either on to the max or off.

This window air molding unit can move 200 cubic feet of air every moment. That will cool a room rapidly and is second just to one other air conditioner in our correlation. It additionally can evacuate 1.5 pints of dampness for every hour, which will make it feel cooler, quicker. The normal among items we assessed was 1.4 so this unit is better than expected for battling stickiness. The amazing 11.2 vitality productivity rating (EER) implies it is intended to utilize each watt successfully.

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Size is imperative in your decision of window air conditioner. A unit that is too little will battle to keep the room sufficiently cool. A unit that is too enormous will cool too rapidly, before it can expel mugginess from the air, leaving frosty and sticky air. For our audit we took a gander at the Haier ESAQ406P, which has 6,050 British warm units (Btu). It is intended to cool littler rooms, up to around 250 square feet, however there is another model in a similar line that can work well in bigger spaces.


The scope of working modes on this unit makes it simple to get the correct environment you need. A programmed mode will modify the compressor and fan run times and speeds to keep up a temperature that you set. The rest mode implies you can set it to kill the distance sooner or later amid the night or to build temperature step by step so you don’t wake up excessively frosty. You never need to get up to change settings; they all will be available from the LCD remote control.

Some mugginess will be evacuated actually in the cooling procedure, however you can accelerate dampness expulsion by utilizing the dehumidify mode. A fan-just mode is awesome when you simply need to get the air flowing without putting resources into the additional vitality it takes to cool the air.

Utilizing the clock include implies you can have the air conditioner turn itself on a little before you know you will return home so you can stroll into a room that is now agreeable and cool. You can likewise set it to stop at a specific time so you’ll never squander cash cooling an unfilled room.


Plan components truly set this unit apart from others. While all window air conditioners in our correlation are moderately compelling at cooling, a considerable lot of them make a great deal more clamor than the Haier ESAQ406P while they do it. Alternate items in our correlation produce no less than 50 dB while the Haier is essentially noiseless at 43 dB. That will be an amazing distinction on the off chance that you are supplanting a more established unit. Large portions of those frequently created rattles and different sounds past the noisy repetitive sound their fans and compressors. A compressor cover on this unit eliminates vibration and clamor.

This AC accompanies an air channel that will keep air free of allergens. There is some related support, however, and Haier makes that advantageous with an air channel pointer light. The light goes ahead following 240 hours of operation. After you clean and supplant the channel, the light will do a reversal off for an additional 240 hours.

Help & Support

Haier backs this air conditioner up with a one-year guarantee. A more drawn out guarantee on the compressor would be pleasant, particularly since that is offered on some contending items, yet one year is better than average. Haier reacted rapidly to our email request, and you can likewise achieve the organization by telephone and live visit. The site is extremely educational by and large and incorporates an electronic rendition of the proprietor’s manual.


Finding a proficient and viable window air conditioner is moderately simple, however the Haier ESAQ406P makes it a few strides promote. It has high EER, cfm and dampness evacuation numbers, much the same as the greater part of the top of the line units, however it additionally cools discreetly. You may even overlook it is in the room. There are likewise enough working modes to fit pretty much any arrangement of conditions, including substantial stickiness. This unit is ideal for keeping everybody agreeable on those long summer days. Check The Price