Best Automotive Tools

Best Automotive Tools for a Beginner Mechanic

You may feel overwhelmed with the many tools that you need to use in the automotive field. Do not be. Choosing the best automotive tools to include in your toolbox is quite stress-free. The secret is to start small and just buy the basics.

If you own a car, having the basic tools in your garage will save you from spending dollars on automotive repair and maintenance. Here is a list of must-have automotive tools for a beginner:

Best Automotive Tools for a Beginner Mechanic
Best Automotive Tools for a Beginner Mechanic

Jack and Jack Stand

Choose a jack that can lift your car and will allow you to change tires or go under your car without having to worry about it giving up its hold. The type of your car should determine the capacity of the jack and jack stand that you buy. Normally, a less expensive jack can hold a 2-ton car and lift it just enough for you to slide beneath it, but may not be sufficient to lift it when changing tires. Thus, if your car is SUV or a truck, opt for a jack that can lift both the car and the tires a few inches above the ground.

A Set of Combination Wrenches

Your car consists of bolts and nuts. You use wrenches to turn or prevent the nuts from turning. Combination wrenches are helpful in every repair you may need in the future. These are among the best automotive tools that you need to include in your toolbox. They are versatile. These wrenches have an open end on one side while the other side is a ring end. Most cars, nowadays, have a combination of standard and metric bolts and nuts. You may opt for the metric sizes for the meantime and invest in standard-size kinds of wrenches.


A set of six with varying sizes is enough to make repair and maintenance a breeze. You need both slotted and Philip.

Vice grip

Vice grip is an important addition to your toolbox. “Vice Grip” is a trademark. However, it is now a standard name for tools used in loosening or tightening even the toughest nuts. It is adjustable and can fit even the smallest nuts in your car.

Work Light

Even if your garage is well lit, you still need a work. You will find it more convenient to work when you can see every corner of the specific part you are working on. Besides, overshadows can be a nuisance when the garage light is in an opposite location where your work area is. You do not have to bring your car near the garage light. All you need is to bring your work light near the parts you need to see and repair.

Doing a car repair may seem complicated. However, with these basic and best automotive tools in your toolbox, you can do the simplest maintenance task such as changing oil or tires.