Best Baby Monitors

This post takes a look at some of the best baby monitors. We take pleasure in helping prospective buyers. This is why we’ve taken the time to gather a lot of information about baby monitors.

best baby monitors
The best baby monitors provide peace of mind for you and your baby.

We’ve analyzed a myriad of factors, ranging from the sales figures and the value offered for the price of the product to the overall brand quality and owner feedback. After having gone through countless products, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Infant Optics DXR-8 is by far the best baby monitor money can buy. It’s the most advanced units in the line, as it allows users to customize the optical lens capability by replacing it with a compatible one.

What’s more, the picture can be visualized on a large 3.5-inch LCD that is sound activated and will make you rest assured in regards to the safety of your child. The battery life of the Infant Optics DXR-8 is another detail to take into account, as it can last up to six hours when the video is turned on and ten hours when the buyers are using just the audio feature.

If for some reason, you don’t have the means to purchase the Infant Optics DXR-8, you might want to consider the Motorola MBP26, as it’s the second best unit we’ve discovered.

Baby Monitor Types

The products featured in the baby monitor reviews are of two basic types: audio and audio/video. Operating within a specific radio frequency band, audio and audio/video baby monitors can be further categorized as analog or digital.

Audio monitors offer sound as well as lights. These products have a parent monitor that features a series of small LED lights, which go on according to how loud the sound is in the baby’s room. This alerts you to the baby crying even when the monitor is set on mute.

A wall-mounted or tabletop camera is included in an audio/video unit. This enables transmitting of images to a video monitor. Some baby monitors of this type use an existing wireless network so you can use a PC or other device to receive images. Encrypted video is streamed for viewing on a computer, an Android device, an iPad or iPhone.

Analog baby monitors transmit signals to the receiver in a straight shot (not encrypted), while digital monitors transmit an encoded signal from the monitor to the receiver so it is impossible for others to hear recognizable sounds.

Most of the Best Baby Monitors Allow Minimal Interference

Since a variety of devices transmit all sorts of signals via the public airwaves, the best baby monitor for 2016 should offer minimal interference from crossed signals emanating from different wireless products that share the 2.4GHz radio frequency band.

These devices may include: game consoles; netbooks or laptops; older cordless phones; Bluetooth-enabled devices; other baby monitors. Even microwave ovens can transmit signals as well.

A good audio-type baby monitor uses Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology or simply DECT.

Unlike analog units, digital baby monitors offer a greater level of privacy owing to the fact that they transmit encoded signals to enable non-interception of data. In contrast, wireless transmissions from analog systems are not protected enough to offer privacy. Individuals using an RF scanner or a similar wireless device may be able to listen in on an analog unit.

One effective solution is to get a DECT or digital unit that employs a different frequency band than other wireless products in the home.

The Best Baby Monitors Have these Features

Plenty of the top baby monitors in 2016 come with different features that provide better convenience.

Most receivers and monitor systems have rechargeable batteries or an electrical cord. Battery life should be lengthy. A color LCD video screen on an audio/video unit should be large enough for easy viewing, preferably with options for brightness adjustments.

Sensors may include infrared for easy night vision. Those with temperature sensors monitor room temperature. Those audio/video monitors that filter out normal sounds and motions are helpful when you’re ensuring that you can hear your baby rolling over or crying.

Sound level may be checked with the intensity of the light brightness. An out-of-range indicator helps you know with a beeping sound or light if you’re out of range.

An extra receiver gives two monitoring locations. A low battery indicator alerts you on battery life. The unit should also come with an easy-to-access volume control and easy connectivity to a TV or VCR/DVD recorder for audio/video units.

List Of Best Baby Monitors

A baby monitor can help parents keep a watchful eye on their precious children all the time. Getting the right baby monitor can prove difficult. This is why we decided to put together the best baby monitors. All on a single list so you can choose with much greater ease.

Infant Optics DXR-8

There are certain specifications that recommend the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor.

First of all, this model comes with interchangeable lens capability, which means that you can zoom in and change the viewing angle so you truly see what is going on with your baby, even if you are not in the same room.

The stylish unit has already made plenty of parents fall in love with it and among its many great points, a few should be mentioned, like the 10 hour long battery lifespan and the large full color LCD display.

Motorola MBP26

If you are looking for a video baby monitor that offers night vision, this model is one of the best recommendations. With 520 foot range, you will not have to worry that you will not be able to see your baby.

Also, if you happen to go out of range the monitor will alert you right away. The infrared night vision helps you keep an eye on the baby at nighttime, without disturbing the little one’s sound sleep, and the full color LCD display offers great image quality.

Graco Secure Coverage 1773028

The Graco Secure Coverage Baby Monitor helps you hear your baby. Even if you are going about your daily business in another room. This analog audio baby monitor works on the 900 MHz frequency. This means that there will be no interference from other electric units such as microwaves or smartphones.

The parent unit is easy to carry around and it comes with a belt clip. This frees up both hands. With 2,000 foot range you will not have to worry that you will be too far away from your little one.

Foscam FBM3501

Since there are so many great baby monitors for sale on the market, choosing one may prove tricky. The amount of extra features may tip the balance in favor on one or another.

The Foscam FBM3501 Video Baby Monitor offers many great extras. One of them is the temperature sensor. Letting you know when the temperature in the baby’s room drops or becomes too hot.

Another extra worth mentioning is the Feeding Timer that reminds you of your baby’s meal times.

Safety 1st Crystal Clear

Not all parents are looking for a sophisticated baby monitor, and for them, there are plenty of options available. The Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor is a no frills kind of baby monitor offering all the basics. The model operates on two channels in order to minimize cross signals from other electronic devices. An audio jack for earphones is an added plus.