Best Blenders

Blenders can be used for a variety of different things. One of the most popular uses of blenders in the last decade is making delicious smoothies. There are a tons of blenders on the market at the moment, so filtering through so many to find the best blenders to choose from can be very challenging.

image of some of the best blenders
The Best Blenders make life in the kitchen so much easier.

Many of them are quite useful but they all vary in quality, effectiveness, and price. Our mission here is to give you tips and useful advice on how to select the best blender for your needs and budget. We don’t just highlight the good features of a specific product, but we also do our best to highlight every possible weakness.

Why do you need a blender? Once you prepare your food or smoothie with it, you will certainly never take a step back. They will do your job much faster and every products will still be fresh, tasty and blender will be only thing to clean it up. Both amateur and professional chefs use these appliances on a daily basis, and they know why.

What are blenders used for?

There are a different types of blenders available on the market. If you want to pick best and optimal model for you then you have to know in which the purpose it will be applied your blender. Briefly, you should jnow what food or drinks you will be preparing in the blender.

You can make thing like smoothie, porridge, pesto, sauce, mayonnaise, soup, processing vegetables from garden or you can evan prepare entire meal and a lot more things. With some blender accessories every job will be easy and fun and it will be done in no time. If youre tired to cutting, chopping, shredding, dicing, mincing and kneading then it is just about time to check blenders on the market. Fortunately, a list of the five best ones from 2015 and 2016 is included on each side.

To choose the right model you should know some basic answers on next questions:

  • what type of blender to choose,
  • how much power do you need,
  • how often will you use this appliance,
  • what food or drinks you will be preparing,
  • how often will be in use,
  • would you often crash ice etc

Note: If you have a good quality blender,  you will not want ever again to buy some prepared food you will rather make it with your recipies.

We try to give you all needed answers in our reviews, please see some reviews.

Do I need some accessories?

If you plan to cutting, chopping, shredding, dicing, mincing and kneading, answer is yes, you will need them all. And if you already have choosen model than is smart move to search same model in your current store. For shore you will find a variety of accessories for your blender and you will quickly get big picture what can your potential blender can do. Remember though that not all appliances may have the parts you need. If you dont have choosen model yet then pick the closer one related to your type of blender.

Types of blenders

Blenders are made in a variety of presumed and models and are available in several different styles. It is very important to know what do you need and knowing models it will be much easier to decide which model you need. Maybe you need to have more than one blender in your kitchen. While many blenders can be used for multiple uses, there are specialty foods or recipes that need special blender for example for making cream soup you need immersion blender.

In basic we have few types of blenders like traditional blender, immersion blenders, personal blenders, all in one blenders or specialty blenders.

Best Blenders for your Countertop

Also known as a countertop blender and they are useful for mincing vegetable or fruit or you can make great smoothies, purees, soups and do some preprocessing
or processing a lot of foods. Traditional blenders will do everything what the average family needs, and if appliance will not be used to much (more than once per day) then blender will serve to you for a long time.

On those models blades and motor speeds do not accommodate the special blending needs like mincing hazelnuts or juicing, but you will still have powerful motors with a wider range of possibilities what can be blended and you will have a great food texture while you preparing your product. Click here to read the reviews on the best countertop blenders.

Immersion blenders

Handheld blenders provide you a high level of convenience. These models are very handy and special appliance and they are also fancy to use. One of the best features of these models is that after you processing food, all tastes are stay in the container, but eyes does not recognize food anymore. This is great way to hide some piece of vegetable in front of your children.

Immersion blenders can be used in the pot or bowl and can create puree or just make a mix of food reduced into a small pieces. All this food can processed in base container whre you have a food, and of course food can be warm.

For these blenders you can buy some attachments that can either stir, mix, blend or puree the food depending on your wishes. The immersion blender cant be replaced with other blenders (only if you spend more time) and it is very good supplement to a traditional blender. Click here to read the reviews on the best immersion blenders.

Best Blenders for Personal Use

Using a personal blender is the best way to prepare many great and also popular health drinks and smoothies and they can manage your time and maintain healthy living style. They provide single serving cups that can be converted into cups redy on the go. All that in the minute of your time.

For small families, the 2 cup serving provides enough to serve a breakfast or lunch on the go. Note that some traditional blenders can have personal blending attachments. Click here to read the reviews on the best personal blenders.

Best Blenders for Variety

Typically are larger than traditional blenders due to a number of multiple attachments. By using the appropriate attachment, you can do almost anything you need. All reviewed models have also their own instructions where all details are described very well. If you have the place where to put such blender, you can reduce the number of appliances that you have in your kitchen.

All in one models have a multiple attachments that can be used depending on their purpose. They use the same container and motor. Once the attachment is installed you can start processing food or in other way prepare your food. These versatile machines are belong to every home. Click here to read the reviews on the best all-in-one blenders.

Best Blenders With Specialties

Are very popular in past few years. Speciality blenders are designed especially for one purpose or type of food preparation. With those models you can create baby food, smoothies, juicing or single serve smoothies. Great benefits of speciality blender are:

  • small package,
  • easy to carry,
  • easy to manage,
  • they reduce your time.

If you use traditional blender only for one thing then it is start to think about speciality blender. Click here to read the reviews on the best specialty blenders.

Best Blenders For Smoothies

Are you looking for the best blender for smoothies? Smoothies have been the best option for natural health benefits. Did you ever wonder if it is important to have special type of blender to make your smoothies? Does it make a difference? The answer, if you want a smoother texture, not just some cheap-like blended drink, then you need a good quality blender with specific feature to get the job done. Better blender means better performance, your ingredients will be blended even smoother than using normal blender, and that is why you have to choose the best smoothie blender. Find out which is the best blender for smoothies.