Best Brake Pads

Best Brake Pads for a Beginner Driver

Choosing brake pads for your car is easy. What you need to know are the different types, so you can pick the best brake pads for your driving needs, style and condition.

Driving needs and style is a matter of personal preference while driving condition refers to environmental factors such as climate changes and road conditions. Ceramic, semi-metallic and organic brake pads are the three types of brake pads available on the market.

Best Brake Pads
Best Brake Pads

If you hate staying in an auto shop for a long time to choose, you can use these simple guidelines. Review the pros and cons of each type of brake pads to determine which one is applicable for your specific needs.

Organic Brake Pads

These pads are composed of different fibers such as glass, rubber, Kevlar, and carbon. These pads don’t contain asbestos. In manufacturing organic brake pads, the binding resins hold the fibers intact to create pads. These pads also have the lowest manufacturing costs. Majority of today’s cars come with organic brake pads.

These pads are soft and quiet, making them easy to use on brake rotors. These do not produce too much dust. Organic brake pads do not require much heat to create friction. These brake pads are suitable for everyday driving. However, these pads wear out easily and lose their efficiency once these overheat, thus, it may not be suitable for an environment with high climate temperature throughout the year.

Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

These pads are composed of a mixture of metals. These are more durable than organic brake pads. They are also a bit pricier than organic pads, but less expensive than ceramic pads. They work well in all weather conditions.  They can withstand high heat temperature. Despite their durability and resistance to easy wear and tear, these pads wear out the brake rotors faster than the organic pads. One of the downsides is that they are noisier and produce more dust. These are the best brake pads for drivers who drive in heavy and extended driving conditions.

Ceramic Brake Pads

These pads are a combination of copper and ceramics. They last longer than the semi-metallic pads. When choosing these pads, you do not have to change pads as often as the semi-metallic pads. However, they come with a price. These pads are the most expensive among the three. In addition, ceramic brake pads may damage your rotor brakes if not caught on time.

The best brake pads can decrease brake pads maintenance costs. However, you should also take note of your brake rotors. The rotors help the pads do their “braking”. To avoid rotor damage, consider installing brake wear sensor to alert you any pad problem. No matter how good your pads are, you may not know that they are already thinning without the sensor.