Best Car & Truck Tires

Tips for Finding the Best Car & Truck Tires

Finding the best car & truck tires for your vehicle is important. These tires keep your driving safe especially on harsh weather conditions such heavy rains and winter.

Here are few tips to remember when buying a replacement tire for your car:

Best Car & Truck Tires
Best Car & Truck Tires

Places to Buy

The most expensive place to buy new tires is your local dealership, the place where you bought your car. They change your tire with the exact same type installed in the car when you bought it. If you are on a budget, you can opt to find the best car & truck tires in one of the local retailers in your neighborhood. They offer a reasonable price and installation cost. The installation cost may vary from store to store. The distributors are the least expensive places to buy tires. They offer extremely low prices. However, they do not install the tires. The distributors deliver the tires straight to your doorsteps. It is up to you to look for a store to install the tires for you.

The Type of Tire

Knowing the type of tire for your car and driving needs is important. You have to consider the load rating, climate and traction of the tire. Passenger tires, for example, are an all-season type of tire, but are not capable of high-load capacity. On the other hand, light truck/SUV tires are capable of high loads, but may not be suitable for all seasons. There are tires that last longer in smoother road conditions while other tires have shorter tread life when used mostly in highways.

Driving Needs

In deciding the type of tire you need, consider your driving needs and the general weather conditions of your place. If your place has a warm climate throughout the year, then you will benefit from tires that last longer and dissipate heat while on the road. Some tires are suitable for a place with more “cold” days. These tires have a gripping capability when you brake in slippery road surfaces. These lessen skidding. If you live in places like Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota, then, opt for tires like these.

New or Used Tires

Budget is one of the deciding factors that most consumers use in buying tires. They buy used tires to save a little money. However, buying second-hand tires is risky. If you do not have a choice but to buy one, inspect the tread grooves of the tire using the penny technique. Insert a penny (Lincoln’s head inserted first) in the tread. If you see the top of the head, the tires are not good. If not, then, the tires are still in excellent condition.

Factors such as speed rating, load rating, and type are few of the things you should consider in finding the best car & truck tires. Whether you buy them new or used, buy only those that the owner’s manual recommends.