Best Clothes Dryers

This page will show you which are the best clothes dryers. We’ll also provide you some information on the ones to steer clear of. With the understanding that most washers and dryers are sold in sets, we know a number of clothes dryers are just better than some others.

best clothes dryers
The best clothes dryers will dry your clothes faster and be gentle.

We know because we’ve tested many in our clothes dryer laboratory and have the results. Before you make a decision to buy, make sure you educate yourself on clothes dryers and the best features to look out for. Read our clothes dryer buying guide to learn more.

Clothes Dryer Purpose

The best clothes dryers have three simple tasks.

  1. Remove moisture
  2. Keep temperatures at low levels
  3. Have your clothes ready-to-wear as quickly as possible

The majority of clothes dryers do well in one or two of those categories. Only the best clothes dryers excel in all. Those are the dryers we suggest to our readers.

Of course, one option is to go with a dryer that is a match for your washing machine. However, if you want to dry your clothes without the need to wait over an hour or without destroying your clothes, we recommend you get one from this list.

Caveat: This list consist of electric dryers but you will see an option to check out the gas model as well. Although gas dryers are more efficient, the performance of each type should be the same.