Our Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews section provides reviews, ratings, & guidance that reveal the Best Single Serve Coffee Makers to meet your needs.

The Best Single Serve Coffee Makers are enjoying a surge in popularity as the coffee craze continues to pick up momentum. There are so many benefits to owning one of these machines and once you buy and use one, its difficult to imagine how you managed without it!

Best Single Serve Coffee Makers Comparison Table

The table below shows you the differences between the Best Single Serve Coffee Makers and some Single Serve Coffee Makers that are made of lesser-quality.

Best Single Serve Coffee Makers

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews: Summary

Today we look at our favorites of the single serve variety – the Bunn My Café, the Bella One Scoop, the Black & Decker DCM18S Brew ‘N Go, the Caféjo My French Press, the Hamilton Beach The Scoop, the Keurig K45, the Nespresso Vertuoline, and the Touch T526S!

So, without further ado, below you will find our selections for the Best Single Serve Coffee Makers!



  • 10.1 X 7.2 X 12.1 INCHES

The considerable thing about this machine is its adaptability. Make tea, coffee, hot chocolate in the blink of an eye. Utilize tea packs, or cases, ground coffee, free tea and K mugs – this machine is flexible, and gives you precisely what you need in less than a moment!

The measure of the drink is movable and can be utilized with travel mugs. This could be perfect for a work environment where everybody likes to have something other than what’s expected and nobody needs to spend ages far from their work areas on particular planning time.

It could likewise be similarly perfect for home, especially on the off chance that you live alone or don’t live with another coffee someone who is addicted! This is a standout amongst the most mainstream single mug coffee makers as of now, and our examination demonstrates that the dominant part of audits out there are 4 or 5 STARS! Read Our Full BUNN MY CAFÉ MCU Review.

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The Bella One Scoop

  • Bella One Scoop14 OUNCE
  • 5.91 x 9.45 x 11.02

The dribble plate alters here and there to oblige distinctive mugs and point of confinement chaos or overspray from your coffee creator. What’s more, this lets the Bella One Scoop handle your artistic mugs or travel mugs easily.

The channel wicker container and channel are dishwasher safe, and the Bella One Scoop is accessible in an assortment of various hues to coordinate your kitchen. With a low sticker price and little impression, this little single serve coffee producer is additionally a decent decision for the workplace, residence or RV. Read Our Full Bella One Scoop Review.

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  • BLACK & DECKER DCM18S BREW ‘N GO6.81 X 6.81 X 10.31 INCHES

Taking both grounds and cases, this is a definitive solo voyager’s very own mix framework for caffeination in a hurry. This blends your coffee really in the container (which has a 15 ounce limit or around, two typical glass sizes).

The steel travel mug is incorporated and fits most standard auto drinks holders.

Try not to need to be singed by coffee the temperature of liquid magma? You can alter the time when the temperature turns off effectively. The protected travel mug then obviously keeps the drink warmed to this indicate for a long time come.

There is a changeless channel fitted, so there are no chaotic paper channels to manage and the mug, channel, channel wicker container and cover are all dishwasher safe.

This is unquestionably one our top decisions for solo unit brewers + travel mug combo out there. Read Our Full BLACK & DECKER DCM18S BREW ‘N GO Review.

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French press without the upset messes cause with these manual single mug coffee makers!

Presently you can make pleasant and simple French press coffee when out on the town without expecting to utilize grounds – despite the fact that regardless you can would on the off chance that you like to. This takes cases and can utilize K containers and is absolutely microwavable and additionally dishwasher inviting. Essentially it can be utilized as a part of a wide range of circumstances including outdoors, or basically being all over the place.

Light and convenient and simple to utilize, maybe this wouldn’t win any honors for plan style however it works and does the occupation it says on this tin. What’s more, it makes incredible coffee!

Can likewise be utilized to mix significantly more refreshments including, yet not solely, tea, juice and hot chocolate and all the more other than.

The flexibility of this and the low value make it an extraordinary purchase for any individual who hasn’t got a great deal of cash to spend and needs an assortment of beverages in an assortment of spots.

Cafejo brag that they are the main ones to make a French press that can do cases, K mugs and grounds all in one single glass framework. One of the better single mug coffee makers out there, in spite of the cursory appearance. Some of the time utilitarian can be great, y’know! Read Our Full CAFEJO MY FRENCH PRESS SINGLE CUP BREWER Review.

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  • 8.67 H x  6.7 W x  8.35 D

The Scoop offers another option to the pervasive K-container brewer. This easy to-utilize single serve coffee creator depends upon your own particular coffee grounds and can mix a standard 8-ounce glass or a 14-ounce travel mug (included with the coffee producer). Utilizing your own particular grounds can deliver a superior some coffee at a more moderate cost.

Hamilton Beach’s incorporated channel glass has two line markings, one for 8 ounces and one for 14 ounces. Basically scoop to fill the channel glass and include water. You’ll include simply enough water for the container you’re fermenting. Alter the container rest to the right point for your glass, and push a catch to mix.

The Scoop mixes a 8 some coffee in just 90 seconds, and blends it hot. The bigger glass takes just a few moments longer.

As far as appearance, this little coffee producer is ideal for the advanced kitchen, with a full stainless steel wrap up. A wide trickle plate and non-slip base keep your kitchen as spotless as this coffee creator looks.

Every removable part are dishwasher ok for simple tidy up. Read Our Full HAMILTON BEACH THE SCOOP Review.

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  • KEURIG K45 ELITE BREWING SYSTEMThe single cup coffee maker reviews would not be complete without mentioning the classic of them all – the Keurig.13 X 9.8 X 13.3 INCHES
  • BREWS 6, 8 AND 10 OUNCES
  • 12 POUNDS

There is a reason that the Keurig is well known and this smash hit does it all. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate or frosted drink, there is a K case accessible for it and you should simply pop it in and press a catch.

This is fast, dependable and sensibly evaluated and you can to be sure fit most travel mugs in there too.

There is a tolerable estimated 48 ounce removable store and a decision of three sizes from six to ten ounces also. Accessible in four hues, this has a huge amount of purchaser surveys everywhere throughout the web, a large number of which rank it 5 stars. This is a particularly high number of fulfilled clients and by a wide margin one of the most loved picks of this single mug coffee creator audits.

As should be obvious from this video audit, the K45 Elite by Keurig is something a coffee significant other may appreciate having around the house. Read Our Full KEURIG K45 ELITE BREWING SYSTEM Review.

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  • 11.9 X 8.3 X 11.9 INCHES

Solidly on the pricier end of the single mug coffee creator surveys is this magnificence, the Nespresso Coffee and Espresso producer, accessible in four pretty hues.

So why pick the Nespresso? As the name shows this produces incredible coffees, at the touch of a catch and all with a fantastic crema.

You can pick between two diverse case sizes (customary coffee and coffee) and there is an auto turn off capacity for when it has not been being used for over nine minutes, to spare you vitality.

Be that as it may, Nespresso’s greatest brag is its noteworthy 20 second warm up time – much faster than most different machines.

The main drawback to this machine is that doesn’t take grounds and is not perfect with the omnipresent K glass.

With regards to coffee/coffee making goodness, the Nespresso Vertuoline doesn’t mess around! Read Our Full NESPRESSO VERTUOLINE Review.

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Touch T526S Single Serve Brewing System

Touch T526S Single Serve Brewing SystemQUICK STATS

  • 12.2″ x 9.1″ x 14.1″ 
  • 9.8 POUNDS

The Touch Single Serve Brewing System T526S is a K-Cup style coffee creator, with some extra alternatives for expanded flexibility. This a la mode coffee producer highlights a splendid blue LED show and straightforward, one-touch operation.

Not at all like numerous K-container brewers, the Touch incorporates a 26 oz. carafe, giving you a chance to mix some coffee effortlessly to give coffee to at least two.

The Touch highlights an expansive water repository. To blend a container, include the K-measure of your decision, or a K-glass style channel glass, put the glass or carafe under the pot, pick your mix size, and push a single catch, picking your mix quality. You can choose mellow, medium or striking. To mix a full carafe or various glasses, just supplant the K-container as required in the wake of picking the right mix estimate. Read Our Full Touch T526S Single Serve Brewing System Review.

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What are the benefits of single serve coffee makers?

  • Obviously, the biggest benefit has got to be ease of use. Simply fill the water reservoir, add your K-Cup, T-Disc or Pod, and press start. Usually within 60 seconds you have a great hot beverage!
  • This leads to the second great benefit of single serve coffee makers. Freshness! Every cup is freshly brewed just for you. No more old, bitter coffee that has sat in the pot too long.
  • Space savings are also measurable. No more coffee filters, no cans full of grounds, no bags of beans. The machine is often small and compact enough to fit on your counter in an out of the way place.
  • Variety is the spice of life! With single serve coffee makers you have many options of hot beverages at your disposal. Many machines can make coffee, tea, hot chocolate and even espresso based drinks.
  • More variety! When you buy the K-Cup/T-Disc/Pod for your single serve coffee maker, you can optionally buy them in variety packs. Having many options available in single serve sizes is actually really cool.
  • While we are talking about variety, we have to consider the many models available. Black, stainless, red, modern looking…the list goes on. It’s safe to assume from all the single serve coffee makers available that you will find one that suits your kitchen décor.
  • Individual servings means that everyone gets the flavor or beverage THEY like! When you want Hazelnut and your friend wants French Vanilla…no problem! The convenience of having your favorite when you want it is important.
  • Better tasting and in my opinion better quality than your average instant coffee!

Sounds fantastic! However, it would be unfair not to go over some of the drawbacks of single serve coffee makers.

  • No industry standard. This means there are different machines that use different types of methods of making your single serving of coffee. It can be confusing and you have to make sure you purchase the correct type of ‘packet’ for your specific maker!
  •  One cup at a time. While it’s a benefit listed above, it can be considered a drawback if there are a few people in a hurry.
  •  Price can be an issue. Generally speaking, the best single serve coffee makers are more expensive compared to regular drip makers. This is also true of the serving packages. They cost more per cup than regular drip coffee as well.
  • Lastly, there is a limited choice of brands of coffee available compared to ground coffee or beans. Hundreds of types exist for regular drip machines!

As you can see the list of benefits of single serve coffee makers can be summarized by saying they are simple to use, economical in many ways, offer wide selection of types of beverages as well as offering better tasting drinks, and they are cleaner since you only need to wash one cup and once and while wipe your machine. These benefits strongly outweigh the downfalls which is why these machines are becoming more common in peoples households.

Three main types of single serve coffee makers:

Basically there are three different kinds of ‘packet’ technology competing for space in your home. K-Cup, T-Disc and Pod.

  • K-Cups are what Keurig machines use. They are small cups (like little yogurt cups) that you insert into the maker and it pops some holes in it and forces water through. This is a proprietary technology and Keurig have possibly the largest selection of coffees.
  • T-Disc is for Tassimo machines. The T-Disc contains the hot chocolate, tea, coffee or espresso and a bar code that tells the machine things like how much water and what temperature it should be to make the product.
  • Coffee Pods are similar to tea bags. Coffee and tea are the beverages best suited for this system. The best single serve coffee makers using Coffee Pods can be bought from certain manufacturers for less than Keurig or Tassimo type machines.


Now if you want a Keurig machine, you have plenty of models to choose from and since they are all made by Keurig, you don’t have to worry about incompatibilities. There are numerous models with plenty of features to choose from. Visit our Keurig Single Serve Coffee Makers page for more information like models, reviews and prices on this popular brand.


Braun has exited as the Tassimo brewer producer, so now the majority of all Tassimo makers are made by Bosch. There are different models and styles to choose from, making Tassimo a very popular choice.

For Coffee Pod designs, the selection is quite vast. Many companies are making their own single serve coffee makers. Black and Decker, Breville, Hamilton Beach are just a few. One of the most discussed brands is Senseo, so we dedicated a page on their offerings. You can reach the Senseo Single Serve Coffee Makers page here.

They have situated themselves to not only be a side-bar in the history of coffee!

Do you feel a tad bit pitiful each time you wind up pouring coffee you didn’t drink straight down the sink? There’s truly no compelling reason to waste coffee – simply get yourself one of the best single serve coffee makers and mix one glass at once!

If you are not sure what you need, check out our Coffee Maker Buying Guide to learn more. Next, you want to read our reviews to decide if you want one the Best 2-Way Coffee Makers, one of the Best Automatic Drip Coffee Makers, one of the Best Grinder Coffee Makers, one of the Best Espresso Machines, or one of the Best Single Serve Coffee Makers.

When you require a single serve coffee creator, you are very brave alternatives. We should run those down, so you can pick the one that is best for you.

Additional Benefits

K-mugs or units make it simple and chaos allowed to mix a single glass. There’s no compelling reason to granulate your coffee or stress over purchasing ground coffee. It’s prepackaged, effectively accessible, and speedy for a some your most loved coffee. These can get costly, and do produce more waste. The Best Single Serve Coffee Makers do not!

Certain electric coffee makers depend upon your most loved ground coffee to set up your single glass. Single serve machines, for example, this regularly incorporate a reusable channel. These pots may offer more flexibility in glass measure. These take more work, and you should have ground coffee accessible and do a touch of tidy up.

Manual coffee makers incorporate the French Press and different comparative dive style coffee makers. The pot holds ground coffee (much of the time) and boiling hot water, however doesn’t warm the water. You’ll physically push a plunger down to push the coffee through the pot and into your container. These create a portion of the best coffee, yet take more work.

There are other systems entering the market and gaining popularity. As we collect more information for you we will be sure to add pages to the site. Single Serve Coffee Makers are a fantastic way to enjoy your favorite beverage so go buy yours today! We hope you decide on one of the Best Single Serve Coffee Makers that we’ve recommended.