There are a number of different factors that go into selecting the best elliptical trainers for you and the needs of your workout routine, and navigating the sea of available options can be a difficult task. We aim to do all of the heavy lifting for you by conducting reviews on today’s most popular elliptical trainers. We’ve established the most in-depth database of unbiased elliptical reviews so your buying decision is made so much more simple.

one of the best elliptical trainers on the market.

Having one of the best elliptical trainers could make or break your health and fitness goals.

All of our elliptical reviews are very concise and blunt, yet in-depth enough so that you will easily understand the most crucial details you need to help you find the ideal elliptical machine. Contrasting and comparing features, design, and cost. Locate the model that fits your body type as well as your workout needs. In the end, we want to accomplish our mission of aiding you in achieving the goals you have set for your health and fitness goals.

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Finding The Best Elliptical Trainers

Locating the best elliptical machine or cross trainer is often a challenging endeavor. There are in excess of 30 brands that manufacture these low-impact machines, so how is it possible to know which is the best elliptical trainer for you and your needs? To simplify the research process, we’ve developed lists of the “best ellipticals” in numerous categories to aid you in narrowing down your options quickly to help you find the ideal elliptical machine to match your health and fitness goals.

Best Ellipticals For Home Use

An elliptical machine for home use provides instant access to an assortment of cardio and strength workouts. The number of folks adding elliptical trainers to their workout routines is increasing and some even select it for their primary home fitness machine because the workouts are low-impact and works the entire body. Discover the Best Ellipticals For Home Use.

Best Compact / Folding Ellipticals

Compact trainers are the ideal elliptical machine for folks with minimal space to workout. Despite their dimensions being smaller, compact ellipticals are often every bit as heavy as regular ellipticals. Our best-rated cross trainers can easily be folded for storage in-between workouts. Discover the Best Compact / Folding Ellipticals.

Best Front Drive Ellipticals

Front drive elliptical trainers come with a flywheel, or drive system, located at the front of the frame. This is the most popular elliptical design for home gyms because it’s usually the most cost-effective. Machines of low-quality tend to feel choppy, similar to stair climbers as opposed to elliptical cross trainers — but our top-rated front drive machines are solid values and will support your natural stride. Discover the Best Front Drive Ellipticals.

Best Center Drive Ellipticals

The center drive machine just might be your best home use elliptical. Helping to maximize your living space, the center drive ellipticals have smaller square footprints, in contrast to other ellipticals that have long footprints. However, don’t let the space-saving dimensions fool you, some of the best ellipticals in this section allow for very long strides. An added benefit is easy balance; this style of cross trainer makes maintaining a healthy posture as you stride easy. Discover the Best Center Drive Ellipticals.

Best Rear Drive Ellipticals

Rear drive trainers usually garner the most favorable elliptical reviews. These are bigger than the other models of ellipticals, and they can sometimes be more expensive. Rear drive machines are among the best elliptical trainers for those that enjoy the feel of outdoor walking or jogging instead of stair-stepping or climbing. A number of the rear drive elliptical trainers are foldable for storage. Discover the Best Rear Drive Ellipticals.

Best Hybrid Ellipticals

Cross trainers that are among our favorites are called hybrid ellipticals because they work in more ways than one. They can double as an elliptical trainer and recumbent exercise bike. The adjustable seat makes it simple to change the mode of the the machine from one to the other. Then there are other hybrid ellipticals that allow you to switch to a treadmill mode, allowing you to run intensely while keeping the impact on your tendons, sensitive joints, and ligaments to a minimum. Discover the Best Hybrid Ellipticals.

Best Elliptical Bikes

The only outdoor elliptical trainers on this site are the elliptical bikes. These are a slick mix of a traditional outdoor bike and an elliptical trainer. Pretty cleverl concept. Similar to an outdoor bicycle, an elliptical bike provides brakes on the handlebars. But similar to a traditional elliptical, you have to remain in a standing position and utilize the oversized pedals. Discover the Best Elliptical Bikes.

Best Ellipticals for Runners

Runners minimize the pains of too much high impact motion by taking part in some occasional elliptical training.  Running is often to hard on your joints and ellipticals offer a break to the serious runner. The best ellipticals for runners will provide heavy drives for super smooth cross-training. Several come with a variable stride, ensuring to fit the natural gait of just about anyone and also allows you to target specific muscles. Providing guidance for cardio, the top-rated elliptical machines come with wireless heart rate tracking. Unlike treadmills, they’re also excellent for strength training of your entire body. One of these low-impact fitness machines will help save your knees, burn more calories, and sculpt your body. Discover the Best Ellipticals For Runners.

Best Ellipticals for Seniors

Allowing full body exercises without harsh impact is one of the reasons elliptical machines have become increasingly popular with seniors. Also known as elliptical cross trainers, they provide a combination of cardio exercise together with strength training. You can have fun, improve your flexibility, improve the health of your heart, strengthen your muscles, and increase bone density with one of the best elliptical trainers for seniors. Discover the Best Ellipticals For Seniors.