Best Eye Makeup

Best Eye Makeup for Daily Survival

Much can be said about looking good. They say girls take too much effort, or none at all, with the added opinion that the results of both endeavoring parties are quite hideous to look at. But you don’t always need to go the extra mile to look fabulous; sometimes you only need to know the best eye makeup and you’ll be transformed from bored, to blooming, in just five minutes.

Of course, having only one trick won’t get you far; makeup evolves as the situation requires. But if you’re quite in the middle and you find yourself at a loss over how to proceed in your public life without appearing gonzo, or malnourished, then here’s the three magic things you need: a concealer, a mascara, and an eyeliner.

Best Eye Makeup
Best Eye Makeup

What do you do with these? Well, simply swab some concealer on the problematic dark spots under your eyes every morning, and you will stop appearing to be tired at the very beginning of the day. For concealers, you should find brands that offer many shades, so you can buy one for the times you’ve stayed out and darkened, and for the times you stayed in and became pale. Liquid, compared to solid concealers, are easier to blend, but are usually more expensive.

You should also believe in the magic of the mascara. This is always included in the best eye makeup kits. It will make you look like you have longer and fuller lashes, and, if applied correctly, you will get your desired look while looking like it’s effortless. Just be careful in selecting the correct brand and type. Waterproof ones are hard to wipe off during your cleansing rituals, but non-waterproof ones are prone to smudging.

And if you need that extra “oomph”, you can apply your choice of solid or liquid eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner with a hair-tip instead of a foam-tip will give the best lines, but it is harder to master. Like mascaras, they come in waterproof and non-waterproof formulas. Pencil-types are cheaper than both, but then you will always need a sharpener with it.

These, combined with an actual bath, will make you feel magically adequate to face another day of being seen by people. Because, why shouldn’t you dress up your eyelids and eyelashes with the best eye makeup, when the eyes are the windows to the soul? Heck, even teenage boys with completely justified reasons do it these days.