Best Hair Care Tools

Best Everyday Hair Care Must-haves

Be it a fairy tale or a mythical legend, a woman’s hair has always been seen as her crowning glory. It is a manifestation of both her femininity and appeal. It is thus only fair for her to treat it with absolute care and attention and with the best hair care tools there are.

A woman’s hair needs to be free from knots and tangles so using the right brush is a must.

Best Hair Care Tools
Best Hair Care Tools

Natural Bristle Brush

The bristles of this brush are usually made from boar bristles, making the brush super soft. This kind is best in distributing the hair’s natural oils from root to tip. It is one of the best hair care tools and although they may come out pricey, they are certainly worth it. A natural bristle brush is perfect for girls with fine, straight hair and relaxed hair.

Synthetic Bristle Brush

Brushes with synthetic bristles are the go-to brushes for women with thick hair. They do not create static as much as the natural bristled counterparts do. It also makes entangling hair so much easier.

Paddle Brush

A paddle brush is perfect for blow drying. It does not create too much volume and it flattens frizz, making it a basic everyday must-have, especially for all those potential bad hair days.

Mixed Bristle Brush

This is a combination of a boar bristle and a synthetic one: the perfect hair brush combo! It combines the shiny hair benefit of the natural bristle brush and the detangling ability of the synthetic bristle brush. Since they are suitable for everyone’s hair, this brush is the most popular among hairstylists.

Round Brush

The round brush is popular for making big volumes, messy waves, and lazy curls. For best results, partner it with a blow dryer.

Vented Brush

For those who use the blow dryer every day, the vented brush would help speed up the drying time. The vents make way for the hot air to reach most angles. Less time with hot air means less damage.

Rattail Comb

Braids are totally trendy and using the rattail comb’s long handle makes sectioning hair child’s play. Also, the comb’s fine teeth can be used for smoothing out cowlicks for a very slick look.

Wide Tooth Comb

The most essential of all the best hair care tools, the wide tooth comb detangles the knots from sopping wet hair. The usual hair brush will only pull and stretch out the strands. After showering, go for a wide tooth comb as it helps with the knots without tearing hair.