Best Hair Dryers

Because we are committed to giving the best to prospective buyers, we’ve gathered a lot of info in regards to the best hair dryers of this year. We’ve done our research by analyzing the owner feedback, the value offered for the cost, and the actual price of the units that were taken into study.

Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 is one of the best hair dryers
Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 is one of the best hair dryers.

What’s more, we did our best to estimate the sales figures of every unit we’ve examined and even took to social media and determined how the general public feels about certain models. Overall item and brand quality are sometimes crucial, particularly for buyers who run into any sort of trouble with operating the unit, so we considered them as well. Out of all the products we have looked at, the one that stood out was the Babyliss Pro BABNT5548, which is the best hair dryer for the money.

It’s widely acclaimed amongst buyers from the United States of America, and that doesn’t come as a surprise considering that the model has all the power one might ever require: 2000 watts. Plus, the six power settings make it versatile enough to be used on virtually all types of hair. The second best unit is the Rusk W8less, so be sure to check it out if you can’t consider the Babyliss Pro option.

Find the best hair dryers

One of the most important hair styling tools, the common hair dryer is now capable of doing a lot more than just drying your hair. Using advanced technology, powerful fan engines and specially designed heating elements, today’s hair dryers deliver incredible efficiency and flexibility.

Technology used

The two top technologies used today by the best hair dryers are tourmaline and ceramic. Using a tourmaline dryer will greatly increase your hair health on the long run. The tourmaline will split the water molecules into smaller parts that become easier to evaporate by the heat or blow away produced by the dryer’s fan. Without using too much heat these advanced models are capable of drying your hair fast and efficiently, while keeping it healthy and natural in the same time.

The ceramic technology is another consumers’ favorite. Cheaper and more reliable than the new tourmaline, a ceramic hair dryer will keep the heat evenly distributed, drying your entire hair uniformly and will not create any hot spots that may damage your strands. Remember that regardless of the technology used, you must always move the hair dryer from spot to spot in order to protect your hair from overheating and burning.

Fan power

Comparing all hair dryers is not easy. With so many features and models, each seems good in its own way, and deciding on which one is the better among all can be a real hustle. All the hair dryer reviews point out the importance of the internal fan power.

A good hair dryer is able to dry your hair fast and efficiently each time. Using its internal blowing fan and heating elements, it will create the perfect drying conditions and it will evaporate all the moisture in no time.

With good airflow and a powerful fan, a hair dryer is capable of drying your hair even without using any heat, preserving its natural look and healthy structure.

Heat control and power

When it comes to heating, the top hair dryers for 2016 use specially designed ceramic parts and electric elements that create perfect heat distribution. Strong heating power is not enough; a good hair dryer must come with a good heat control system that can manage the heat and bring it to the desired temperature.

Professional hair dryers use advanced sensors that constantly monitor the internal and external heat and adjust it for the optimal desired effect. Variable heat controls enhance the utility of the hair dryer making it an indispensable styling tool.


There are plenty of accessories that you may want to get together with your new hair dryer. From the classic concentrator to the diffuser, each accessory will give you a bit more control over your hair style and make your investment worth a bit more.

The best hair dryer in 2016 comes with plenty of accessories that make it the perfect hair styling tool. In order to get the best for your money, look for the hair dryer with the most accessories available. Remember that most hair dryers use proprietary accessories and that the best choice is to buy them together with the product.

Best rated models

A blow dryer can do more than dry your hair it can also improve its health and appearance. Todays hair dryers are designed to be easy and convenient to use, and can include several functions that can help you achieve the style you want.

To help you narrow down your choices and choose the right model for you we have included brief reviews of the best hair dryers in 2016.

Babyliss Pro BABNT5548

This is one of the most popular models for sale, and it features a lightweight design that is comfortable to handle. You will appreciate having 2000 watts of power for an incredibly quick drying time, and the ionic heat wont damage your hair.

The negative ions will safely dry all hair types, and with 6 settings for speed and heat you can easily achieve the style you want. This hair dryer also includes a concentrator for even more styling options.

Rusk W8less

Rusk W8less
Rusk W8less

You will appreciate the powerful 2000 watt motor and ion generator that will safely and quickly dry all types of hair. The ceramic plated grill is combined with tourmaline so hair is healthy and shiny without frizz or damage.

There are 7 settings for heat and speed, and this hair dryer also includes a convenient cool shot function. This lets you set your style without over-drying or damaging your hair. The 8 foot power cord wont restrict your movements, and you will also appreciate the included concentrator for more versatile styles.

Conair 1875

Conair 1875
Conair 1875

Featuring a powerful motor for a faster drying time and a lightweight design, there is very little not to like about this hair dryer. It features a comfortable non slip design that is also easy to clean, and you will also appreciate the twist free power cord.

This model uses tourmaline and ceramic heat to safely dry your hair, and the negative ions will also improve its health and appearance. The hair dryer is capable of reducing frizz by up to 75 percent, and there are plenty of speed and heat setting so you can achieve the style you want.

Xtava Allure XT49

Using tourmaline and ceramic heating technology it will safely dry and style your hair, without causing any damage. There are 3 settings for heat and 2 for speed which makes it easy for you to find the perfect combination for your hair.

The hair dryer also features a powerful 2200 watt motor, and a lightweight design that is easy to handle. The included concentrator makes it easy to achieve a variety of styles, and you will love being able to add shine and volume to your hair.

Remington AC2015

Remington AC2015
Remington AC2015

This patent pending hair dryer will improve the health and appearance of your hair with its ceramic pearl technology. The ceramic heat safely dries your hair, while also adding lustrous shine.

The 1875 watt motor is capable of quickly drying long, thick hair, and you will also appreciate its durable construction that lasts up to 40 percent longer than similar models. There are 3 settings for heat and 2 for speed, and you have the additional advantage of the included diffuser and concentrator.