Best Makeup Brushes

How to Find the Best Makeup Brushes

To find the best makeup brushes in the market, knowing what brush to use is a great way to start. This will also help in knowing which brush to buy.


This kind of brush should have tightly packed bristles to deliver a smooth and flawless finish.

Best Makeup Brushes
Best Makeup Brushes

How to use: To achieve an even foundation distribution, use warm water to dampen the product. Get a towel or a piece of tissue paper to squeeze out excess water. Apply foundation from the center of the face and sweep toward the hairline.


A concealer brush is a flat brush with a pointed tip, soft bristles, and a wider base. This is normally used to apply concealer to hide the discoloration under the eyes and to lighten dark spots on the face.

How to use: For cream or liquid concealers, use the brush to pat concealer onto the dark spots and blemishes under the eyes. Creating an inverted triangle with downward strokes also helps to highlight the area. To reach the nooks around your eyes and nose, use the rounded tip.


This kind of brush usually has soft, full, and rounded bristles. This form is perfect as the bristles could pick up just the right amount of color. It can be used for both compact powder and bronzer.

How to use: Dust the brush with powder and lightly blow on it to shake away any excess. Sweep gently and evenly onto the skin to evenly diffuse extra powder.


Perfect with loose powder users, the fanned bristles help remove excess powder from the face, especially after putting on eye shadow. It can also be used with highlighter, bronzer, or blush.

How to use: Sweep the fan lightly to dust powder onto the skin. Aim for a soft velvety effect to avoid heavy coverage.


The blusher brush has a rounded head made of soft, fine bristles. They are for giving the cheeks a pop of color.

How to use: With strokes depending on your face shape, sweep and blend the blush up into your hairline. The general rule is to smile and find the apple of the cheeks and start there and work towards the temple.


This brush can be used with gel, cream, or powder. This belongs to the best makeup brushes as its slanted and rounded shape is perfect for highlighting, contouring, and shading. It is mostly used to create a defined, more dramatic look.

How to use: Take a small amount of the highlighter and pat it onto the face. Highlight the area under the eyes then create a line from each side of the nose to each temple. Create two triangles on each side of the forehead. Draw an exclamation point on the bridge of the nose with the dot on its tip. Use the makeup blender to blend without smudging the contour lines.


The eye shadow brush is a large, flat, brush with soft tip bristles. Its bevelled edge is perfect for smooth application and excellent coverage without dragging the eyelids.

How to use: Swipe in a windshield-wiper motion to apply color across the eyelids. Blend back and forth to build up color gently following the eyelid’s natural crease.


The blending eye shadow brush is used for blending eye colors and for highlighting the brow bone.

How to use: Hold the handle tip along the eye crease and swirl in a circular motion to create a soft, blended look.


This brush is used to apply liquid and gel eyeliner. Its extra fine tip delivers a precise application.

How to use: Using just one stroke, draw a line from the inner corner of the eyelid towards the other end. For a cat’s-eye, finish with a winged tip, or if a more subtle effect is preferred, use the pointed tip to create dots in between lashes.


For a richer and more distinct eyeliner, use this brush to apply eyeliner deep into the lash line.

How to use: Hold the brush at an angle completely level with the lash line, then gently brush upwards and blend, dragging along the lash line.


This brush is definitely one of the best makeup brushes and it usually comes with the eye shadow palette or along with an eye pencil. The foam tip is for softening the sharp line of the pencil.

How to use: Line the lashes with kohl liner. Lightly sweep the smudger brush from side to side over the kohl liner to create a smoky, sultry finish.