The Best Metal Detectors can make a world of difference in your selection of favorite hobbies. The right tool makes a major impact in everything and it is no different for hobbies.

Picking a hobby can be one daunting task. Even though it may look like an easy task, most times we tend to pick on spare-time activities that do not really benefit us. Plus, nowadays no one really knows what to go for with the wake of internet, console games, texting, social media, and many other activities that really don’t get us out there to explore the world. Well, here’s a newsflash for you; all these are not really hobbies, they are just stuff meant to break monotony and boredom and really cannot be classified as hobbies. However, many of us are overdoing it when we engage in these activities that we actually tend to forget what they are meant for.

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However, there’s still hope for those who are looking to have a real hobby that is adventurous. Don’t worry about your phone anymore, just get out there and have some treasure hunting fun. You may argue that treasure hunting is a thing of the past, but with modern treasure hunting tools—metal detectors—there’s more fun to this activity like never before.

Fisher F75 Multi-Purpose Metal Detector is among the best metal detectors

The best metal detectors can make a huge difference in your treasure hunting

So, what are metal detectors? Are there metal detectors for beginners out there? And what is the best metal detector for a beginner? If these questions can’t stop ringing in your head, then you just landed at the right place. We will be answering all your questions concerning best metal detectors for beginners.

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How to get started with a metal detector

Treasure hunting is a fun activity like no other. If you think I’m kidding then you only need to look at treasure hunting movies—Indiana Jones’s “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “The Goonies” are a good example—and you’ll see just how amazing it can be to engage in such activity. As parents, we can teach our children to engage in helpful hands-on activities that include the use of metal detectors. It’s important to nurture some kind of uprightness in your children, and what a better way it could be if they learned the art of treasure hunting using metal detectors.

Treasure hunting with metal detectors activates your child’s imagination as well as teach them methods of problem solving, how to be patient and also persevere when faced with a quagmire. These skills are very crucial even as the child enters adulthood. So, how do you get started with metal detectors? It requires a little knowledge of where you are going to hunt the precious metals. Beginners can research this information from libraries and even localized internet searches. You could search for information on the history of your locality to find some prospective treasure sites. You can also participate in camping activities where you are likely to find buried treasure. Let’s now look at some metal detecting tips for beginners.

Metal detecting tips for beginner

If you are a novice in the treasure hunting fun activities there’s just so much you should know and there’s so much you can learn. Let me tell you that the hobby is so much fun and earns more than just the treasure found beneath. Things you need to know include the best starter metal detector, the best location to search for treasure, the metal detecting laws,–if any—how to swing your metal detector and also how to prepare or dig the ground for metal detecting activities. Since there’s so much similar information in beginner metal detector reviews, I’ll try to be as brief and as close to the subject as possible.

First things first; how do you metal detect? This is the most obvious yet fundamental question that every detectorist—including beginners by the way– need to ask themselves. The most crucial thing in metal detecting is knowing your metal detector as well as the location for the activity. This might sound transpicuous but it’s crucial to learn and master your metal detector’s capabilities, the technology behind it, and the proper settings required for perfect metal detecting activity. This article has listed some of the best beginner metal detectors and some of the features that you can expect to help you find the best treasure hidden underneath. I have also directed where to find prices and best deals.

Now, the best way to learn metal detecting is to first of all read the manual that comes with your unit. This way you get first-hand information on how a particular metal detector works. Get to YouTube and watch metal detecting videos. However, you can only get so much information from reading, the wisest thing to do would be to take out your metal detector and start practicing. You can also join online forums that talk about metal detecting for beginners where you can learn and share your treasure hunting experience with similar minded people.

Now there are so many metal detecting tips that you need to learn as a beginner. However, let’s have a look at the most crucial tips that you’ll probably want to take with you to the field for treasure hunting. First you need to get the best entry level metal detector. There are many out there but you’ll benefit from the reviews given below they are the best for you as a beginner. Another important metal detecting tip for a beginner is to carry with you the appropriate metal hunting tools. You shouldn’t excavate the ground but rather learn safe digging habits for the metal detecting hobby.

You can watch videos on how to appropriately dig the ground to find the metal you just detected. You should also know how to swing your detector for the best finds. The best way to learn this is watch YouTube videos that are related to metal detecting. We could spend the whole day talking about the best tips you can learn as a beginner before venturing into metal detecting for the first time. However, let’s cut the long story short. What’s more important is that you learn your chosen metal detector and also find the perfect spot for your very first treasure hunting adventure.

Metal detectors for Beginners Reviews

This article, as promised is going to give you the best of the best in the market in terms of best starter metal detector.

Garrett Ace 350 Handheld Metal Detector review

Now here’s a beginner metal detector that’s going to make your introduction to the hobby a success. You do not need to struggle with something more complicated. The Garrett ace 350 metal detector offers everything a novice metal detectorist would love. It has some really amazing features and perfect fittings that are meant to make first-time treasure hunting a walk in the park. It’s one of the Garrett detectors that has been offering great services to hobbyists for quite some time now. Below are some of the features that you can expect from the Garrett 350 metal detector.

Garrett Ace 350 Handheld Metal Detector

The Garrett Ace 350 Handheld Metal Detector came in first on our list of the best metal detectors.

Now, Garrett ace 350 metal detector is an improvement of the ace 250 metal detector. It means that everything that came with the former has been greatly improved. One major improvement with this latest version of the Garrett detectors is the standard 11-inch DD Pro-formance search coil. The large coin really does you a huge favor as you can get a much higher depth and lateral detection. This means that you actually discover metals buried too deep into the soil as well as sweep over a large area to detect metals.

With the Garrett 350 metal detector, you also get a higher frequency—8.5KHZ—enabling you to detect less conductive metal items like foil, nickel, and even gold. The Garrett 350 metal detector makes use of 12 target identification sections and incorporates 4 Iron discrimination segments—an improvement from the Garrett ace250 which only had 2. This beginner metal detector still comes in a strong lightweight design and salt water capabilities.

Some additional features of the Garrett ace 350 metal detector include its enhanced Iron resolution that allows for better control of Iron discrimination thus higher treasure found and less junk discovered. It also comes with a battery indicator that comes in handy when you need to know the battery level for stress-free treasure and metal detecting experience. With this metal detector, it’s also very easy to speed up target recovery by use of the electronic pinpointing feature. If you wanted to modify discrimination patterns, all you have to do is make use of the accept/reject discrimination feature. Find the best price, check customer reviews and more at

Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector Review

Tesoro metal detectors are made with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. They are practically designed to be used by all users and cover all ages. This Tesoro compadre metal detector review will cover its features as well as the advantages that come with the amazing features. You’ll be able to make out if it’s worth your time and also if it’s one of the best beginner metal detector. One thing is for sure though, this Tesoro metal detector will not disappoint if you chose it as your beginner metal detector.

Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector

The Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector is second on our list of the best metal detectors

Here’s how it comes;

First things first. The Tesoro compadre metal detector is a simplicity yet effective device. It comes with just one knob and doesn’t have visual meters. It has a permanently fixed search coil unlike the other units that the company makes. All in all, all Tesoro does is create metal detectors that are simple but effective. Their units—apart from a few models—have no visual meters or multi-tone audio but rather concentrate on producing “beep-dig” units. However, they are the best in what they do. This particular unit is one of their simplest unit.

The Tesoro compadre metal detector comes with a 3-piece knockdown pole that gives you an easy time when hovering the ground for the best you can get. It comes at a very light and simple design. As a matter of fact, it might just be the simplest and the most lightweight unit you’ll ever get in the market. The metal detecting is silent and very effective. It comes at a very affordable price and makes for quite an awesome unit if you are willing to trust it in your metal hunting escapades. Find the best price, check customer reviews and more at

White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector – 800-0325 Review

Well, here’s an honest white’s metal detector review aimed at helping you shop for the best starter metal detector. It doesn’t rack up as the best of the best in terms of how much it can offer a beginner in this sector, but it surely comes with astounding features that make it worth considering. Whites metal detectors always do well if the many positive reviews online are anything to go by. This particular whites metal detector—the whites coinmaster metal detector—was packed with great features that will attract even the veterans looking for an affordable upgrade.

White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector – 800-0325

The White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector – 800-0325 is 3rd on our list of the Best Metal Detectors

It comes of how it looks like, the whites coinmaster metal detector assumes an s-frame design that is lightweight, simple, and classic. It has a small control box mounted just beneath the S-shaped frame and an adjustable shaft that snugly fits into place. The entire weight of the Whites coinmaster metal detector is a meager 2.5lbs, making it one of the lightest detectors in the market today. It comes in a smooth finish as well as well curved edges that give you an easy time even after long working hours.

Whites metal detectors are always packed with a number of features and this device was not left behind. It comes with an easy-read depth ID that will enable you to effectively metal detect even if it’s your first time with it. It also comes with an 8-segment target ID complete with variable discrimination and custom notching—get only the metals you wish to take home with you. The coinmaster detector also comes with a 3-tone audio and adjustable sensitivity to round off its rather impressive appearance. The adjustable ground balance feature isn’t supported but one can utilize its sensitivity control settings to weed out disturbance from highly mineralized soils.

However, as much as this metal detector promises a lot for a beginner, it may not come in handy to a somewhat experienced detectorist because of its slow recovery. When you pass this detector over junk metals, it takes 2-3 seconds before it can go on to discover something else. This might not be a pressing concern if you are detecting in a fairly open and clean field. However, in trashy areas, a detector with a slow recovery time only makes the process tedious. Find the best price, check customer reviews and more at

Fisher F22 Metal Detector Review

The Fisher F22 metal detector combines awesomeness with a pack of features that would suit any beginner as well as a veteran dectorist. It’s imperative that a good beginner metal detector is easy to use and also offers great performance. With the F22 metal detector that’s all you are getting as well as other great benefits. The F22 Fisher metal detector comes in a standard mode with an 8-inch waterproof concentric searching coil that allows you to work on either land or at the beach. This Fisher F22 metal detector review will give you the detector’s specs as well as the advantages associated with them.

Fisher F22 Metal Detector

The Fisher F22 Metal Detector is 4th on our list of the best metal detectors

The Fisher F22 comes with a range of optional search coils that can be used to hunt for different metals. Additionally, it operates at 7.8 KHZ frequency which is very easy to use as a novice metal detectorist. Also, the easy to use frequency allows for a rapid and up to the point target response. It also has a frequency shift that eliminates electrical interference. The F22 metal detector can find targets hidden 10 inches deep and in case you need to hone in on the target, you can easily use the pinponter.

Now, there’s always a problem when metal detecting in areas full of trash. This can be very frustrating especially for a beginner. The F22 Fisher metal detector manufacturers ensured that this is never a problem as they equipped the device with a powerful discrimination feature that allows the detector to work in areas full of trash. The control panel also plays a major role as it displays large details for the user to easily work with it. The 8-segment visual target identification and 4 tone audio ID with a variable peach also helps in making your metal detecting easy. It also comes with an external headphones jack that allows your battery to last longer, eliminate outside noise, as well as help you listen keenly to deep targets.

Other features that come with this metal detector include an ergonomic S-Handle design that makes it a very convenient and easy to use detector. It also comes with a coin depth indicator in motion search mode. The F22 detector only weighs in at about 2.6lbs and can be very easy to handle. Also, the 9-volt alkaline batteries are a bonus to beginner metal detectorists. Find the best price, check customer reviews and more at

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector Review

The Bounty hunter TK4 metal detector is one amazing device for both novices as well as established hobbyists. It comes at a very affordable price while at the same time staying as close as possible to the excitement of metal detecting. It’s a very appropriate metal detector—actually the best entry level metal detector—for those who are looking to test their luck at treasure hunting for the very first time. It doesn’t just come cheaply it also doesn’t compromise on effectiveness and quality. In case you were wondering if this bounty hunter metal detector has anything special that separates it from the rest, then sit and relax as this bounty hunter TK4 metal detector review seeks to address its features.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector is 5th on our list of the best metal detectors

The bounty hunter metal detectors are meant to offer the user a very convenient adventure. However, some of them are sophisticated and require some minimum experience with metal detectors in order to effectively use them. The best starter metal detector needs to be reliable as well as easily understandable—which is exactly what this metal detector bounty hunter device offers you. With the 8-inch Bounty D-tech search coil and three different operating modes, you easily get to discover that deeply hidden piece of precious metal.

One thing you’ll also notice with this metal detector and probably features—or should feature—in any bounty hunter metal detector review, is the fact that the TK4 bounty hunter doesn’t come with an LCD display. Instead, it has a large sensitivity meter that illustrates how deep the treasure is hidden and what needs to be adjusted appropriately. A bonus point for this detector is the ground tracking feature that automatically balances the detector against prevailing ground conditions. This detector will find all types of metals for you and if you wanted, you can use the progressive discrimination control to eliminate iron and other unwanted metals.

Other features of the bounty hunter TK4 metal detector include its ergonomic and lightweight design that allows for hours of comfortable detecting. Although it doesn’t have the batteries included as a package, this unit uses the 9-volt alkaline batteries in its operation. It has three position mode switch, a headphone jack, and the manufacturer allows a 5-year warranty for buyers who purchase the product from recommended places. Find the best price, check customer reviews and more at


There you have it, a few of the best metal detectors for beginners. These are meant to give you a clue of what you need to look for when shopping for your very first metal detector. It’s always important to take not of the metal detecting tips for beginners. You are also advised to go through metal detectors for beginners reviews in order to identify the many options to choose from. This article has taken you through a guide that I hope has been helpful and will be crucial in your decision to start metal detecting as your new hobby. The best deals are always found online but there’s no harm if you can get a unit from your local dealer—for what it’s worth it may just be the best way you can shop for one. Get the best deals from Amazon and the best affordable prices.