Best Motor Oil

What is the Best Motor Oil for a Car Engine?

Motor oil is important in keeping your car engine running smoothly and free of radical elements such as rust and sludge. Changing oil depends on your mileage, driving temperature and sometimes, the climate condition.

What are the factors you should remember when choosing the best motor oil for your car engine?


You may be wondering what this is. Viscosity is the resistance of the oil to flow. In other words, it refers to the thickness or thinness of the oil. Good motor oil is neither too thick nor too thin. In the container of the oil, you see numbers such as 10W-30 or 20W-40. If you find such number combination, the oil is a multi-grade. This means that the oil is suitable for either high or low temperatures. If you see SAE 30, the oil is a single grade and is only suitable for high-temperature environments.

What is the Best Motor Oil for a Car Engine
What is the Best Motor Oil for a Car Engine

The meaning of the numbers

In the motor oil industry, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) runs tests of oil made by manufacturers on a tube-like device. The Society measures how long it takes the oil to reach the other end of the tube, thus, an SAE 30 grading means that the oil takes 30 seconds to lubricate a car’s engine under certain degrees of temperature.

The type of oil

Conventional motor oil has four general groups – Groups 1 to 4. The groupings indicate the number of processes that the manufacturers do to the crude oil to make it usable. The higher the number is, the more expensive the final product is. In a non-professional’s term, these groupings refer to the synthetic, blended synthetic and the organic oil.

Conventional, standard or organic motor oil is the least expensive of the three types of oil. It undergoes a few processes to make it suitable for engines. However, it is the most volatile and the most unpredictable. Unpredictable means that the oil may not yield the same results according to the tests made during manufacturing as compared to using the oil in the car engine and everyday driving.

Synthetic oil is a more expensive type of oil. The oil undergoes a chemical process to make it perform better and less volatile to temperature changes.

Which is the best motor oil to choose?

All of them can perform the basic function – to lubricate the machine. The differences are the processes made and the additives included to make the performance better. That is where the pricing differs.

How do you determine if you are buying the right one?

To make the selection process easier, refer to the manual. The manual includes recommendations regarding the best motor oil to use. It tells you the oil viscosity that is suitable for your engine. Now, if you are not sure or do not trust the manual, you cannot go wrong with a multi-grade oil with a grading of 5W30 or 10W30.