Best Oil Filters

How to Choose Among the Best Oil Filters

A car engine oil filter is just that. A filter for the particles that have been mixed into the engine oil. These particles can be anything from dirt to metal shavings carried by impure oil from first filling or on one of your regular oil changes.

If unchecked, these particles will act as abrasives to the engine parts as the oil recirculates. Essentially, sifting through undesired particles is the only real job of both the mediocre and the best oil filters alike.

Best Oil Filters
Best Oil Filters

It is a simple part, but your car won’t last long without it.

Oil filters, which are usually screwed into the engine block with an o-ring gasket, are typically made of cellulose paper, or other synthetic material, contained in a steel cylinder. Oil passes through and large particles are prevented from exiting the threaded center.

But if the filter is overused and is too congested even to allow the oil to pass through, there is a built-in pressure-relief valve, or bypass valve, that will allow the dirty oil to sidestep the filter. This prevents the oil from pressurizing the filter material too much, which will cause the material to break, mix in with the rest of the oil, and create a complete block.

Selection of an oil filter is easy enough; points needed for selecting a good one from the best oil filters can be seen in the basic design. The filter material must be contained in a strong, steel can that can withstand the high operating pressure of the oil.

It must have a working anti-drainback valve and relief valve, and a strong cap that can contain the oil under the operation pressure. As with all products, there are low-end and high-end filters, which have added functionality on top of the basic construction.

Some brands have filters that are best used with their home-brewed synthetic oils. These have been tested with each other as standards, and you can rarely go wrong with this kind of pairing. You can also look for brands catering to the trucking business, as they are mainly heavy-duty, and are designed for long drives.

In the high-end section, you will be given finer choices in terms of the density of the filter material.

It might be hard to select a good-enough filter with these many factors to consider, but just keep in mind that even having undergone strict SAE testing, the best oil filters should follow your car manual’s recommended guidelines.