Some point and shoot cameras are just better than others. We’re committed to helping prospective buyers make the right choice for their needs and preferences. So we’ve gone through a lot of info to find you the best point and shoot cameras.

Best Point and Shoot Cameras Comparison Table

The table below shows you the differences between the Best Point and Shoot Cameras and some cameras that are made of lesser-quality.

We’ve analyzed the owner feedback, the sales figures and even the value offered for the price of many units on the market today. What’s more, we’ve taken to social media and estimated how much impact some models have had on several networks.

Our study comprised some of the most well-known experts review sites and their analyses as well as the overall brand and item quality. Some thousands of units later, we’ve made up our minds about the best product in the line. It might come as no surprise that it’s the Sony DSC-RX100M III Cyber-Shot.

Best Point and Shoot Cameras

Best Point and Shoot Cameras

This model comes with virtually all the features one might ever be looking for, from an excellent image sensor to a 3-inch display screen that makes it easy for the user to see what they’re taking a shot of.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 is the second best alternative we’ve discovered since it comes with almost the same characteristics and is worth considering as well.

What to know before choosing a point and shoot camera

Image Quality: The best point and shoot cameras of 2017 features a lens that will capture high quality images, even in low light settings. Most photography experts recommend choosing a point and shoot camera with a larger sensor with measurements between 1 and ½.3 inches. This will let you capture high quality detailed images in almost any setting. Cameras with smaller sensors are also available, and are ideal for taking distance photographs. It should be noted that you do lose some of the image quality with the smaller sensors, which should be taken into consideration.

The majority of point and shoot camera reviews recommend choosing a model with a high quality lens, and there are two factors to consider. The aperture of the lens refers to the amount of light it can collect for the image sensor, and will let you capture detailed images in almost any setting. Lens with an extended zoom range can take vivid pictures from a distance, though these cameras might not be ideal for taking close up shots.

Speed and Light Settings

The shutter speed and ISO settings are another aspect to consider, and will affect the quality of your images. Point and shoot cameras with faster shutter speeds can minimize blurring, and are ideal for detailed action shots. Cameras with adjustable shutter speeds will give you the ability to shoot stills and action shots, and you also want to consider the ISO settings.

This refers to the amount of light that the camera can gather for the sensor, and higher ISO settings give you the ability to shoot crisp images even in low light surroundings. It should be noted that the top point and shoot cameras in 2017 feature variable settings for speed and light to ensure every photo comes out crisp and vividly detailed.

What About Design?

Design: You want to look for a point and shoot camera that is compact and easy to use. Most models are designed to fit conveniently in your pocket or shoulder bag, and feature buttons that are intuitively placed. Larger viewing screens make it easy to crop, edit, and see your photos, and some point and shoot cameras also include Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities.

Being able to connect directly to the internet lets you instantly share your photos as you take them, and some Wi-Fi enabled cameras can also be controlled by a mobile device. With the added advantage of GPS, you can quickly tag and easily find all of your photographs.


There are several features to consider that can improve your experience, and your photographs. Included timers let you get in on some of the group shots. Tripods and other types of camera stands as well. Cameras with facial recognition technology can be set to focus on a particular subject. Models that include special filters will let you add creative effects to your images. Other fun features to consider can include different modes for shooting panoramic images, along with being able to combine the best aspects of several photographs.

What is the best model for you?

Although most cell phones take pictures, some images can only be adequately captured by a digital camera. While there are models that include a range of features that will let you create professional quality photos and home movies, a more affordable point and shoot camera can also capture amazingly vivid and detailed images without breaking your wallet. To help narrow down your choices, here are some brief reviews of the best compact digital cameras in 2017

Sony DSC-RX100M III Cyber-Shot

This easy to use digital camera is designed to take amazing high definition stills and videos simply by pressing a button. You literally point the camera at your subject, and it will do the rest. The image sensor will automatically adjust to prevent blurring and to ensure the lighting is perfect for your subject.

Sony DSC-RX100M III Cyber-Shot is one of the best point and shoot cameras

The 3 inch display screen makes it easy to see the image. The LCD screen can also tilt for stunning panoramic views. Capable of taking up to 10 frames per second, it is easy to see why this is a popular model for sale.

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Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

Perfect for concerts and other events where you dont want to miss a single moment. This digital camera is also designed to be easy to use. You will love its point and shoot design that lets you pay attention to the action on stage, while still capturing all of the action.

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70 is on our list of the best point and shoot cameras

Its compact size fits easily in a purse or backpack. Its lightweight design is perfect for long video recording sessions. The 60x zoom lens ensures that you don’t miss any of the action. Also, you will love how the audio sounds with Dolbys innovative technology.

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Samsung WB1100F

With built in wifi you can instantly backup, edit and share all of your digital images. The included smart features ensure that every image turns out crisp and clear. The camera is designed to be easy to use. Its compact design is perfect for taking shots on the go.

Samsung WB1100F made our top five best point and shoot cameras list.

It is also capable of taking high definition videos. With a 35x zoom lens you never have to worry about missing any of the action.

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Canon PowerShot SX400

You have the advantage of the 24mm wide angle and 30x zoom lenses. tEnsuring you can easily capture every shot. Take stunning panoramic and group photos, along with clear images from a distance. The camera also features improved high speed auto focus capabilities, along with the ability to preset the automatic functions.

Canon PowerShot SX400 is among the best point and shoot cameras

This digital camera includes a convenient button dedicated to movies, and will even zoom in automatically for stunning close ups.

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Nikon Coolpix S2900

This point and shoot camera is perfect for beginners. Professionals too. Anyone looking to take amazing high resolution stills and movies without missing any of the action. The 5x zoom lens lets you take crisp and clear close ups. The built in wireless capabilities make it easy to edit, store, and share your stills and videos.

Nikon Coolpix are among the best point and shoot cameras

The camera is also able to shoot continuously. With a 1280 x 720 resolution you can enjoy bright colors and vivid details in all your videos.
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We are confident that we’ve provided you with the information you need to find the best point and shoot cameras.