Best Vacuum Cleaners

The Best Vacuum Cleaners are necessary in order to clean your work space or home from dust everywhere. Cleaning your home with bare heads would be real hard and really tiring. Then going for a top-flight Vacuum Cleaner comes in handy as it reduces your work load and cleans the house in quick span of time.

best vacuum cleaners

Well you need to move the vacuum cleaner to different places of your home and it would clean automatically. Do you know the best part? there are Robotic vacuum cleaners which just need a push of a button and cleans all your floor itself.

Vacuum Cleaners have a whole different world which makes it hard for an individual to choose a good one. There are different types of cleaners which we have to learn before choosing the right one.

Types of Vacuums That Make Our List of the Best Vacuum Cleaners

1. Upright Vacuums

Upright VacuumsThese vacuum cleaners have a stick supporting handle and bag(recipient) collecting the dust with the help of rotating brush roll. They are mostly preferred in the US and UK regions because of their ease of use mostly. I prefer to use a Upright Vacuum because it has a stable stick which we can hold onto and move the cleaner from one end to other.

There are two types of Upright Cleaners which are direct fan and fan bypass. The only difference is Direct Fan uses less power and cleans really well, while Fan Bypass uses twice the power and is more effective in cleaning. Click here to read our reviews of the best upright vacuum cleaners.

2. Canister Vacuum

Canister VacuumThese models are mostly used in the Europe, China and South Asian countries for their effective features. They are mounted on two wheels along with a head port to attach any dust bag to it. Click here to read our reviews of the best canister vacuum cleaners.

3. Handheld Vacuums

Handheld VacuumsCanister and Upright cleaners are quite enough for every day use but handheld are for small purpose. Like cleaning your car, furniture pieces and corners of the house where other cleaners cannot reach. Click here to read our reviews of the best handheld vacuum cleaners.

4. Robotic Vacuums

Robotic VacuumsThey come with Dock station for timely recharge and capacity to clean the floor on their own. The best part about them is you can jut set and forget the cleaner to do the whole job. They have a moving algorithm based on Q learning helping the robot to dock off and come back after the clean is done. Click here to read our reviews of the best robotic vacuum cleaners.

5. Wet-Dry Vacuums

Wet-Dry VacuumsThese are used to clean liquid and water from indoor and outdoor facilities easily. They come in handy because you can control the air flow which throw the water right away or keep at a corner.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

There are tons of Vacuum Cleaners in the market and you might be really confused to choose the best one. But don’t worry guys, because Ive posted the things you must consider before buying a new cleaner.

  • Suction Power

Suction power of a cleaner depends upon the air wattage which tells us the effectiveness of it. It means the rate at which dust is sucked into the dust collector recipient.

  • Input power

Input power isnt really a big thing to consider because all cleaners take same amount of electric power. So, dont really thing about the input power you have to allot for the cleaner.

  • Dust capacity

Some Vacuum cleaners have big pouches which can collect more dust whereas Robotic and small cleaners have less dust capacity. If you have a bug house hen I advise you to go for the ones with more dust capacity.

So thank you guys for reading our list of the Best Vacuum Cleaners for your home.