Best All-In-One Blenders

Discover the Best All-in-One Blender

In kitchens where cabinet and counter top space is at a premium, multi-purpose kitchen appliances like multi-cookers and soup makers (also known as blenders that cook) can make a real difference. Below, we take a look at a new space-saving kitchen appliance ideal for those who like to drink their vitamins: the all-in-one blender!

Note: If you are not sure what you need, check out our Blender Buying Guide to learn more. That is the first step to getting one of the Best Blenders for your needs. If this is not the type that you need, you can opt to find one of the Best Immersion Blenders, one of the Best Specialty Blenders, one of the Best Countertop Blenders, or one of the Best Personal Blenders as alternatives.

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Juicer That Doubles as a Multi-Purpose Blender

Do you love to make smoothies and fresh fruit juices but feel a little cramped in the kitchen? Here’s a solution: replace your bulky juicers and smoothie makers with a single, all-in-one juicer-blender! With this multi-functional kitchen workhorse, you’ll be creating everything from smoothies, juice drinks and shakes to sauces, dips and cold soups in no time.

These ingenious new gadgets come with a single base and two interchangeable heads: one for juicing and one for blending. All you have to do is change the head and your multi-purpose kitchen companion is ready to whip up your favorite healthy drink, whether it’s an invigorating fruit smoothie, a refreshing juice drink or a filling protein shake.

Save Money by Buying One Appliance Instead of Two (or More)

Not only do 2-in-1 appliances and other multi-purpose gadgets save you valuable countertop and cabinet space, they may also help you save some hard-earned cash as you only need to buy one appliance instead of two (or more). Of course, how much – or little – you can save depends largely on which juicer-blender combo you decide to buy – high-end all-in-one juicer-blender combos such as the Breville BJB840XL combo, typically have more power and more features, which usually translates into a higher price tag.

If you’re only getting started with juicing and smoothie making, and aren’t ready to shell out a lot of cash for a blender-juicer, you might want to look for a cheaper model first and then upgrade later once you know you can keep up the smoothie making/juicing habit (many reviews on Amazon praise the Oster juicer blender as a good juicer-blender for beginners who want to start with a relatively inexpensive model).

Comparison of Popular All-in-One Juicer Blenders

If you have trouble finding a 2-in-1 juicer and smoothie maker in the shops near you, don’t worry – you can always buy one online. Below, we provide a side by side comparison of three all-in-one juicer blenders available through the online retailer Amazon: the Oster Juicer Blender 2 Go (also known as Oster FPSTJE3166-022), Breville BJB840XL and Nesco American Harvest JB-50 2-in-1 Juicer/Blender.