Best Immersion Blenders

So you’ve decided to purchase the best immersion blender right? Well, you couldn’t have made a wiser decision. When countertop blenders become too cumbersome or frustrating to use (you know how it feels when they leave chunks in your soup), your only recourse is an immersion blender.

Note: If you are not sure what you need, check out our Blender Buying Guide to learn more. That is the first step to getting one of the Best Blenders for your needs. If this is not the type that you need, you can opt to find one of the Best Specialty Blenders, one of the Best All in One Blenders, one of the Best Countertop Blenders, or one of the Best Personal Blenders as alternatives.

Immersion Blenders

There are many reasons why immersion blenders (also known as hand blenders or stick blenders) are so attractive to consumers these days. They are light, easy to use, and maneuver. You don’t have to go through the strain of dragging out a cumbersome food mixer or blender along with their accessories whenever you want to puree food. Additionally, cleaning them is easy. They are also versatile. You can make smoothies, pesto, whipped cream and more with them alone.

Top 5 Immersion Blenders For The Money

These are the best rated immersion blenders on Amazon. The blenders below have been rated by people who have actually bought them and used them. Click on the link next to each blender to read a full review of it and get it at the best price. The immersion blenders in the table below have never failed us. They are truly the best.

What Can You Do With an Immersion Blender?

Just in case you were wondering about how useful an immersion blender can be in your home or kitchen, here’s a few of the many things you can do with one:

  • Purée vegetables for soup
  • Purée chicken bouillon
  • Blend yoghurt for smoothies
  • Chop garlic
  • Blend frozen fruit
  • Grate cheese

What to Look For Before Purchasing

1. Ignore price: In a test conducted by, a $50 Miallegro blender grated cheese better than a $180 Bamix blender.

2. Faster is not always better: Just as not all that glitters is gold, the fastest blender doesn’t always come out as the best in a comparison or test.

3. Evaluate by features: Often overlooked, but very obvious. The features you should look for are chopper assembly, auxiliary mixing beaker, and whisk among others. Detachable metal parts is a plus because it makes washing easier and reduces the risk of water coming in contact with the electrical parts.

4. Pro WTH?: Immersion blenders that carry the title ‘professional’ behind them are not always the best performers in real life tests, so don’t trust that ‘pro’ title too much.


Hand blenders aren’t supposed to replace your countertop blenders. They are intended to serve as a complement to them. Nevertheless, you and your kitchen need at least one. Consider our recommendations above if you are really serious about purchasing the very best.