Best Blender For Smoothies

Introduction to the Best Blender For Smoothies

If you want to make healthy smoothie recipes like the ones you see on TV or websites such as greenthickies, you will need to blend various ingredients which sometimes are just too much for normal blenders. You can imagine how long it would take to process dates, oats, and nuts into a fine texture smoothie.

Some of the best blender for smoothies
Our list reveals the best blender for smoothies.

We have some suggestions to consider when you are up to buying the best smoothie blender. You might have owned some or even many blenders before, and these blender might do the job. However, to produce such fine textured smoothie, you will need to do some extra work like adding more liquid, blend much longer and even you might have to throw in the ingredients in certain order.

All of these steps are still not promising the best textured smoothie.

What you need exactly is high speed blenders. You might get surprised to see the price, but it will be worth. You can see the result directly from the smoothie produced by high speed blender. It takes less time, less effort, and yet gives you the best result you won’t find in other blenders. Besides smoothie, you may use these blender to make other processed food like jams. So, here are our suggestions on best smoothie maker.

Recommended Reviews Of the Best Blender For Smoothies

Top Tier Blenders

There some top tier blenders we recognized as the best blender for smoothies. These blenders are nothing like normal blenders. They could process almost everything with almost no problem at all! Besides their amazing features and capabilities, these blenders also come quite pricey. Equipped with high powered motor and sophisticated features, these blenders are the best.

Vitamix CIA Professional Series Blender

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

This blender is surely one of the blenders with top capabilities. Offering high speed blending, it can even pulverize pretty much anything in such a short time. You may put various rough ingredients, choose the right mode, and start blending.

The Vitamix CIA Professional Series Blender is easily the best blender for smoothies.
The Vitamix CIA Professional Series Blender is easily the best blender for smoothies.

The result was fine in texture, given the time it needs to process the ingredients; it is amazing it could produce such smooth result. Choose the mode that suits your ingredients combination for the best result

If you need something to be done quickly, this blender has a tamper can push ingredients down towards the blade allowing all ingredients to be blended faster. No need to use much power, just let the blade do the job while you are helping the ingredients to come down.

This blender has 5 adjustable speeds for blending many different types of foods. Each speed is specially set for specific texture output. You can make smoothies, soups, jams, or whatever need a blender to be done.

Some blender needs extra care in cleaning, but it’s just not this blender. This blender is very easy to clean. You just need a drop of soap, and turn on for 30 or 60 seconds, let the blender do the work and it’s done! Very practical, isn’t it?

Blendtec Total Blender

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This blender is the great rival for Vitamix. Most people are extremely satisfied with this product not just because its price but also its use that is comparable with Vitamix. You can just try and make some mixture other than the smoothie, and it still works fine and satisfying.

The Blendtec Total Blender is rated as the second best blender for smoothies.
The Blendtec Total Blender is rated as the second best blender for smoothies.

Like Vitamix, this blender also works in high speed, makes the hardest of ingredients extremely smooth. Just put the veggies or any ingredients in and they will be blended in no time. The texture of the processed food is also almost as good as Vitamix.

Another benefit is its smaller height than a Vitamix. Its dimension makes much easier to put. Tuck in this blender in some space inside your cabinet and you won’t have any problem at all.

This blender is uniquely designed; it works without a tamper because it isn’t essential for the design. Even without a tamper, this blender works excellent. The designed makes the ingredients go more smoothly to the base and resulting in finer texture.

Sometimes you just need to scoop out something from the base of a blender, and this is annoying. But this blender uses wider base which makes it easier to get the ingredients out of it.

Waring Pro MX1000R Professional 3.5-Horsepower Blender

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Some blender peaks at 2 point something horsepower. But this blender comes with supercharged 3.5 peak horsepower motor with large blades to provide smooth blending. Larger horsepower means faster and more blade cycle (rpm), smoothness is out of question.

The Waring Pro MX1000R Professional 3.5-Horsepower Blender is third best blender for smoothies on our list.
The Waring Pro MX1000R Professional 3.5-Horsepower Blender is third best blender for smoothies on our list.

This blender has a two speed option. It is very simple to use. Based on the state of the ingredients, you should set the appropriate speed and let the blender do its work.

It comes with a large 64 ounce polycarbonate container which also has a non-slip handle. This blender could fit several servings at once and you don’t need to worry over dropping it by accident. The handle has a nice grip on it. Besides the slip of your hand muscle, there is no way you drop this blender if you hold it firmly.

The blender has a flexible lid and a central clear cap that turns and releases to open for adding food. You can put in ingredients easily from the top, and it is safer like that.

You don’t need to worry about the stability of the blender since it has a wide base and four broad legs made of non-slip material to help prevent sliding and make pick up more safely.

Omega BL630W 3-HP Variable Speed Blender, 64-Ounce

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

This is a commercial quality blender with a powerful motor. Like the others above, this blender is capable to smoothen almost every ingredients.

The Omega BL630W 3-HP Variable Speed Blender, 64-Ounce rounds out our list of the best blenders for smoothies.
The Omega BL630W 3-HP Variable Speed Blender, 64-Ounce rounds out our list of the best blenders for smoothies.

What is interesting about this blender is the use of touchpad. Easily gain access to the control and operate this with minimum effort.

Like the other blender, there are variable speeds and timer functions choose whichever suits your need, set, and leave it alone until the job done.

Automatic shut off for overload protection is also added to this product. This is great for people who are very hectic in their kitchen. You could count in this blender to provide you good result even with smallest attention.

Boasting the long lasting 10 year warranty makes everyone think that this product must have high durability.

Sometimes we just need a little more time than the ones on preset, and it gets pretty annoying to have your blender turning on and off again. There is a great infinity feature that allows you to blend as long as you want to get the smoother, finer texture. No annoying on and off again.

This product also comes in some different voltage input, so make sure to choose carefully. Different voltage input connected would result in motor breakdown. You could get your electrical system damaged too.

Mid Tier Blenders

The next is the mid-tier blenders. You can find high speed blenders in lower price. Their performance is still higher than normal blenders but still, not as good as the top tiers. Some of them offers many great features, some others just plain. You should be careful and thorough in analyzing the specs of your blender-to-be.

Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

It has high-speed blending system that allows the blender to completely pulverize almost ingredients, the results will have a smooth consistency and you can taste that all the important fiber remains after the process.

This blender can even pulverize ingredients like flax seeds and coffee beans with ease. Rather than a normal blender, the process goes more smoothly with this product and the result are fine.

The jar size itself is not so big that it could contain several servings at once. But it is actually a plus for mid-tier smoothie blender. Of course you won’t find any problems with big jar on top tier blenders. But for mid-tier blenders with lower capabilities, it is better to limit how many ingredients to process at one time.

Smaller container means it will blend more smoothly than larger ones. For a high speed blender the price is surprisingly very reasonably offered. You should not miss the sale for the price.

The cleaning is much easier than juicers, which not only waste pulp, but are difficult to fully clean properly. Rather than using a complicated one, why not using the effective one?

For beginners who want to make your own healthy smoothie but don’t know how to start, this product includes a number of tasty and healthy recipes to help you get started. So, don’t worry and just start practicing.

Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This blender can do a lot of job for you. It practically could make anything you want. It crushes, blends, purees, and does so in a controlled way. Many people use it to turn fruits and vegetables into thick juices that contain all of the nutrients. You can make cocktails, dips, sauces, smoothies, soups, juices and even homemade face masks.

The pitcher is larger than the other blenders. You can make more servings in one go and it is easier than to prep more. Really comfortable for family or party servings.

Like other high speed blenders, this blender is designed so that it is easy to clean. Practically everyone said it was very easy to clean, especially the wide based version. You just add ¾ of a cup of water and a drop of dish soap then pulse to clean the pitcher and blades.

This product comes with handy server cups. You will be able to make a small portion saves on waste, and they are great for taking to work or school because they have lids. The single serve cups seemed to blend better than the pitcher too.

The low price makes this blender even better in the class. Many people complain about the price, but it’s not for this product. The performance and the price offered matched quite reasonably.

KitchenAid KSB1575ER 5-Speed Diamond Blender

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

This item is finely designed, the jug rotates securely into the base, the lid pushes on top until it’s fit in place and the measuring cup twists in. The lid has a loop to remove it and there are no interlocking channels, which makes taking it off far easier. The jug is also fitting the spout, so there are no splashes.

This blender has the chop function that enables it to process ingredients into quite large chunks. Although it works well, but it has little consistency. You might get chunks of vegetable with different size. If you want to use this feature as complementary it is still acceptable, but for better consistency, it is better to use food processor.

It also has the Hot Food function that performed far better. It starts slowly at 2000 rpm and rising to an awesome 11,500rpm. The sound produced when it comes to top speed is rather loud, but still acceptable. The results were also smooth and fine, totally won’t disappoint you.

The Crush Ice function pulses in a slow start that transforms cubes into a fine snow without turning it to water, making it ideal for flavored slush and cocktails.

The Liquefy function to make frozen yoghurt from pre-frozen plain yoghurt and fruit. This process may took a little longer than crushing ice, but the result was smooth and still partially frozen, needing only a little time to refreeze solid.

It’s both suitable for washing by hand and dishwashing, plus the durable finish of the base means it only needs a quick wipe over to remove any residue.

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

With 600 watts blending power on tap, this one is quite powerful to process ingredients into some texture you desired. The drives are made of metals, which last much longer than plastics.

For a mid-tier blender, it surprisingly offers some flexibility with 7 different blending speeds that includes a high and low pulse. It makes your blending easier and more effective. Not just that, there are also preset blend settings that makes more options for processing ingredients.

It uses glass jar that is safe for dishwasher. No extra work for you. Besides, glass jar has strong consistency that makes it able to withstand temperature change.

The 6 blades inside makes it faster and more thorough in processing ingredients. You should not worry over the result. Also with dual direction blade technology, making it free from jam-ups.

The control buttons are clear. You can see each marks on the button clearly, making it easier to operate.

The size makes this blender superior for small houses since you have to save space as much as possible. The dimension of this smoothie blender is just fine to place at the corners of your cabinet.

Economy Tier Blenders

Want even more cheaper stuffs? There are some Economy tier blenders which capabilities are just slightly beyond normal blender. But it still possesses greater speed than the normal ones.

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This blender is quite powerful for budget blenders. It can evenly chop fresh ingredients, create creamy smoothies by blending frozen fruits and turn ice into snow in a matter of seconds. You can easily switch between the 16-ounce bowl and the 48-ounce pitcher. Easily customized for your needs.

You don’t need to worry about the container size; there is a sufficient space for ingredients after the blades have been put into place. The ingredients will get blended and chopped evenly because this blender uses blades that are set at different heights. The blades design has the huge impact for food processing speed indeed.

Like other powerful blenders, this one also offers easy cleanups. The container is actually dishwasher friendly, but be careful to not use hot water for cleaning. Or else, the plastic material will be deformed.

Although this one blends quickly, it works best with finely chopped ingredients. You can still put the rough ones in, but it will take longer than the other.

This blender is so easy and quick to use, if you need to prepare something in a hurry, then this product is your answer.

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

This blender is compact and easy to use; its material is mostly made from plastic. The ads claim this product works well as a blender, a juicer and a food processor.

It did well of blending liquids, whipping foods like eggs and grinding dry foods such as coffee beans and peppercorns, but you may need extra effort to blend hard veggies or fruits at one point. You will need to do a “shaking” on this blender to get more even textured result.

With correct usage you can produce your own smoothie with taste as great as smoothies made by professional. Its motor produce high speed food processing, this can be used for making smoothie or chopping ingredients to tiny bits.

You can easily wash the parts by doing it like other blenders; you just need to be careful when opening the jar from the base, which can be quite tricky.

You will need to rest the blender for a while after a minute use. This is to prevent any damage to the motor or gears. Since most of the parts are made from plastic, taking extra precaution is needed.

BELLA 13586 12-Piece Rocket Blender

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars

Also comes in compact size, this blender is equipped with high power base for better food processing. Making smoothies, processing hard food and even grinding coffee is all possible for this product.

This blender consumes less energy; it only needs 250 watt to operate. A rather small requirement for high speed blenders, but it is still produce excellent result.

Parts are dishwasher safe. If you are too lazy to do the cleaning, just put them all into the dishwasher and it will be done in no time.

Comes with one year warranty, you don’t need to worry about unlucky accidents. It is also including recipe book for making delicious soups, sauces, and batters as well as beverages. A perfect combination for beginners.

Its rather low cost makes this blender one of the people’s choices in economical grade blenders. But do not worry about this quality, many people have tried and it is proven to be quite durable and useful. Other benefits seems fitting this product for being the economical blender.

KitchenAid KHB2351CU 3-Speed Hand Blender

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Not the cheapest one for sure, but what you can expect for this blender is its flexibility to use in your container. It is very practical and easy to use.
The hand blender is not short on handy features and accessories.

Although it is still not specified, it appears to be powered by a 3-speed, 216 watt motor based on other similar models, and the body attaches to a stainless steel removable 3-inch blending arm that incorporates a fixed blade.  You can feel the handle is made for comfort and control, using a soft grip, non-slip material.

You can also replace the blades with the whisk for different purposes. This one is handy especially if you want to beat eggs or handling creams. You don’t need to buy a blender and a whisk if you actually could get both in one product.

The accessories are solid, the blender has good power, and the parts that matter (blades, shaft, etc.) are made of high-quality components. This is a great consideration for those who want better than average performance and quality

Hamilton Beach 58149 Blender and Chopper

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars

If you are just into these smoothie thing, that are considerations to look for something affordable. This is a cheaper alternative to a lot of the very expensive blenders that are being sold currently on the market. Although the price is not as high, this is a decent blender for most food processing.

The two separate jars, one large 40oz for blending and another smaller one for chopping makes it easier to do multitasking and perform things that some specialized more expensive blenders aren’t capable of.

This product has pretty good power and capability if you want to make various recipes all in a blender. It even comes with a chopping bowl that makes perfect salsa or chopped vegetables in a matter of just a few minutes. In other words, it can act as a juicer, food processor as well as a blender.

The control panel is simple with few buttons. You don’t need to study each of them to operate. Just one push and you are good to go. The lid is also equipped with hinges that makes it easier to pour the content into different container.

Epica Top Rated Extra Power Heavy Duty Immersion Hand Blender 4-in-1

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

This is definitely one of choices you have for economical hand blender. Despite of the lower price than the other, the performance is surprisingly good. The hand blender works well with frozen fruit and other hard ingredients. With the powerful motor, it could produce blends with fine texture and consistency.

This product also has simple design that it is easy to use. You don’t need to select a specific mode to do the job. Just turn it on and start blending.
Like other hand blenders, it comes with containers and whisk. If you feel like blending something into liquid, you can do it with the container so it won’t go everywhere in your kitchen. And if you need to work with eggs or cream, just replace the blades with whisk and get the job done in short time.

It also offers variable speed that can be adjusted from the handle. Adjustable speed means more precise handling and you can make anything you need. Grinding, puréeing, juicing, or chopping are all possible with this blender
This hand blender’s components are all dishwasher safe. After preparing such meal for your

Cuisinart CSB-79 Smart Stick 2-Speed 200-watt Immersion wired Hand Blender with Attachments

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This is the upgraded version of Smart Stick from Cuisinart, with different attachment. If you don’t have a food processor or are interested in having the latest model, you would want this option instead.

The blender has high and low button for adjusting the speed for various purposes. Despite its size, there is a powerful 200watt motor inside. The steel blending attachments are detachable for various purposes and they are stainless, the chopper and grinder attachment, comfort grip handle.

You can replace the blade with a whisk for high speed beating. This makes it a lot easier than the old-fashioned ways of beating eggs.

The perfect stick blender is used for pureeing soups since it works well with hot liquids which cannot be suitable for most blender. The steel is stainless and attractive and it is very easy to clean it up.

The benefits of immersion blender is its flexibility to use in various container. You don’t need to wash extra jar since a normal bowl or jar would suffice.

It has quite good safety precautions since you have to keep pushing the button in order to get it work. Some people think that this is a drawback, but remembering the model, this may be the safest feature.

Conair Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-75BC 200 Watt 2 Speed Hand Blender

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This is a great little blender, it excels in professional tests for blending frozen fruit and yogurt into smoothies. In the terms of making soups and smoothies, it produces a silky blend which is quite good.

So many good reviews on how well it performs making mashed potatoes, pureeing baby food and even making soaps or animal foods. If they are all you need, then maybe this is the best choice for you.

This is a very simple immersion blender with one button and two blending speeds, low or high. Like the other type, you have to push and hold the button to get the blender work. Not a very practical impact, but this is for the purpose of safety.

The Cuisinart CSB-75 is very easy to clean, just remove the shaft and blade assembly, and either hand wash it or toss in it the dishwasher.
What makes this product cheap is this product doesn’t come with any attachment like the others. It is not a drawback, but simply a choice for people with different needs. If you want an immersion blender for simple purposes, just get this one.

Conair Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor Brushed Chrome and Nickel

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

For you who have limited space in your kitchen, this model may be the most suitable answer to all your need. The products’ compact frame and elegant looks will fit in any kitchen setting. And it is equipped with powerful motor to give you the best user experience.

The control panel is easy to clean touchpad with 2-speed setting and. The base is a one-piece wide mouth work bowl with a feed tube that allows for the easy passage of whole fruits and vegetables. Just perfect to blend smoothies.

The work bowl is made from tough polycarbonate material which makes it virtually shatterproof to prevent injuries from mishandling.
Other safety features include a locking feature to prevent accidents and a nifty cord storage system underneath the unit for less clutter when your kitchen chores are done.

The removable parts are all dishwasher safe and it can process even a dough. You also get a cooking book and a guide to use product, no worries for beginners. The long warranty also excels the other products with similar price range, besides you don’t have to worry about using the product.

Oster 006706-BG3-000 Simple Blend 100 10 Speed Blender with Blend and Go Cup

  • Price: $$$
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This cool blender comes with amazingly affordable price. This blender comes in a package with a Go Cup that just fits almost all the blender’s capacity. It is pretty useful for you who want to make smoothies for take away, since you don’t need to spend more money on a container.

It comes with adjustable 10 speed presets and 450 watt motor. That is pretty powerful to crush everything. The speed presets are just suitable for daily usage.
The blades are stainless steel which is very strong and sharp. You can chop or grind hard ingredients with this blender. No need to buy other utensils.
If you need more control in blending, there is a pulse function to give you more precise results.

Although the jar is made from plastic, it is BPA free and safe for processing foods. This maybe the cheapest product in the reference, but this can blend smoothie with proper usage. This item is recommended because of its various features in such an affordable price.

The cleaning of the jar wouldn’t take serious effort. All blenders require the same process of putting some drops of dish soap, warm water, and then blend. It shouldn’t be too hard for anyone to use.

How to Choose the Best Blender for Smoothies

With all the references above, it is still hard to choose which one to make the best smoothie blender. Needless to say, each person has different taste and tolerance in healthy smoothie; therefore, the blender need is different one another. You wouldn’t want to waste every single penny you make just to buy things that will disappoint you in the end. Here are some things to consider before you buy a smoothie blender:

What is the Kind of Power You Need?

Some people want fruit smoothies, some people prefer green smoothies. What is the best smoothie blender to use? Depending on the ingredients, you will need specific kind of smoothie blender. Green smoothies are usually made from veggies, which have lower moisture than fruits.

Their high density fibers make them harder to process. Even if you blend the ingredients longer than usual, it doesn’t make sure that the fibers will be completely shredded. No wonder most low-watt blenders often meet difficulties in processing these.

The best green smoothie blender will demand a higher horse powered motor with a minimum of 500 watts or more to blend the ingredients into finer texture smoothies.

This may be the most crucial criteria you need to consider if you want to buy a blender. A high horse-powered blender can blend the toughest foods and process them quickly and smoothly. For example, it can crush and liquefy ice, frozen fruits, vegetables, frozen drinks, and so on without left-over ice particles and breaking apart tiny seeds in berries within seconds because such power can spin the blades in high speed (rpm).

The larger the number on the RPM (rounds per minute) the smoother the results will be. Just remember these things:

▪ Larger watt usually means higher rpm. But you should double check to make sure
▪ Higher rpm means smoother results, if you want to add a little bit coarse element, adjust the speed wisely
▪ Higher rpm comes with louder noise. Latest technology has improved the sound isolation, you should try the blender to make sure.
▪ More rpm means more force to produce heat. Make sure the blender will not get overheated easily

How Would You Like to Control?

Sometimes you just need to control the blender’s speed so it would deliver the best result according to your need. Well, this is possible if you use blenders with varying function and speed. But how about the others with less options? It doesn’t mean that it would be impossible; you just need to estimate the right time to shift between speed presets and the right moment to stop. It will need to be practiced over and over until you met the desired result.

Usually blenders vary in controls in a few ways. Normal blenders come with only 3 speeds like pulse, low, and high; while higher tiers will have options for puree, blend, smoothie, crushed ice, etc. The control panel regulates how the results would be. More control means more variations you can make. If you want to make smoothies with different sensation, it means you have to take e control at some points.

There are various kind of control panels provided by different brands. Some brands prefers buttons and knobs, some others uses Touchpads. If you get quite messy in using the blender, it’s best to choose the one with Touchpads. The circuits are covered with the panel pads so it won’t broke easily by spills from the blender.

Moreover, some have manual controls where you have to hold down the buttons to select a speed preset. If you want to change speeds you’ll need to hit another button or else. Alternative to manual, there are microprocessor blenders that have programmed blend cycles presets.

When you are using these kind of blenders, you could just press a button, and then do something else, getting other kitchen tasks done, while your blender goes through a variety of spins and speeds to make your desired blend.

Things to remember:

  • More control means more variations, but it doesn’t mean that without it you can’t make any variations. You just need to do more efforts.
  • Each brand has different control panel preferences. Some uses buttons and knobs, some just Touchpads. Pick ones that suits you.
  • Blenders with presets make the job even easier. Something so practical usually comes with pretty good price too.

3. What is the Jar Made of?

You may not think too far about the jar. As long as it fits many ingredients it would be enough, or so you think. Different material means different weight, thus result in the comfort while pouring or setting the jar on the base. There are three common materials for the jars:


This one is the solid choice, easy to clean, but it is heaviest material out there. Although it has good shine when displayed, remember that glass is also fragile. Once you drop them, they are as good as gone.

Polycarbonate (plastic)

There are a lot of variations in quality of plastic jars. They are much lighter than a glass jar, and some are made strong enough to survive a few knocks and drops; if you’re concerned with BPA in your plastic jar, you should buy a blender with BPA-free plastic jar.

The lightweight jar comes with a major drawback; it can absorb the odors and stains of blended ingredients with multiple uses. Consider buying blenders with multiple plastic jars or get the other materials.

Stainless Steel

This is the toughest material for the jar. It is easy to clean, and lighter than glass jars. If you are careless enough to drop something during your cooking session, this material may be the solution you are looking for. The biggest drawback from this material is that you can’t see inside while blending, forcing you to repeatedly turn off the blender and check if you need to blend anymore.

However, this kind of jar works great with immersion blender. If you are planning to get an immersion blender, consider getting this kind of jar.

How Frequent Will You Use It?

Like explained before, different person have different needs, some people may need to use the blender occasionally, while some others daily. You will want to casually drink smoothies a few times in a week, but you may also cares for your health a lot that you consume green smoothies every morning. While the fibers in veggies are harder to process, using the blender to make such a smoothie every day could be pretty rough.

The cheaper blenders are sure tempting, especially the ones with so many features. Needless to say, these blenders are working, and they are fine. It’s just their durability won’t keep up with the usage. It will be a waste to buy quite pricey blenders which won’t last because you use it too much. Just reflect on your daily habit and use it as your reference.

It’s inevitably true that more quality means you have to spend more money in it. You can buy cheap blenders just to replace them after several weeks’ use. Or you can spend a little bit more money on one blender that will last for years to come.

How Many People You Will Serve?

If we are talking about food, we will also talk about sharing with the others. Unless you are living alone, you will need to share what you make to the other family members or occupants.

You may use smaller blender for yourself only, but how if your family wants to enjoy your smoothies together? You will need the best smoothie blender with big processing jar.

Besides to save your time greatly, blenders with big jars often come with greater power. It is needed to ensure the unit blends all the ingredients evenly. There are jumbo jars of 64oz to help you prepare multiple servings at once. You won’t need to go back and forth making smoothies for your family just because the jar is too small.

How Much Budget Would You Like to Spend?

How much is your budget? Depending on your budget, you might get a top tier smoothie blender or even the economical one. If you have are willing to invest generous budget on buying a smoothie blender, a high-end blender could be a great choice.

High-end blenders are equipped with various features which allows smoothie making even easier. The widely used high-end blenders are Vitamix and Blendtec. Both of them are created for high quality and used frequently. High-end blenders will cost you around $400 or higher.

If your budget is just around $80 – $150 or higher, you might consider getting mid-tier blenders. Although these blenders are not as good as the top tier ones, but these blenders are likely to be well-equipped and also have capabilities to make smoothies on regular basis.

The models available in wide range, and they have various features to offer. Try to find one that is closest to your dream model and you will feel similar satisfaction.

Economical blenders cost around $100 or less. They are not recommended for regular use, and this is the only choice if you have super tight budget to spend on blenders.

Although they also work well, but with regular use, you will soon realize that their durability is not so good. However, what choice do you have? If it is urgent, then getting the blender faster is better. Who knows that in the future you will be able to afford the top tier ones?

Besides those crucial points, there are also small points that need attention. They are not like the main points that need immediate attention. But ignoring these would somehow make you feel that there is something off with the blender.

The design

It is inevitable that you have your own color and comfort preference. Needless to say, you might have arranged your kitchen so well that it has matching colors and combinations. In this case, you might want to consider about a stylist blender with many different colors choice that meets your preference and suitable to your kitchen theme.

However, the most important is neither the style nor the color. You can modify the blender to suit your style later. But the features and capabilities would stay the same. The specs always come first and if it is possible, choose the one that suits your style. 

The Size

Every blender has different design and size. Some of them may have similar dimension, some others are just beyond the common. And how does this relate to you?

How many of you built your own cabinet and drawers? Yes, there is no specific standard in custom made kitchen cabinets and drawers, that is why you have to see the dimension of your desired blender and where to put it after use. This may be quite tricky. Since you wouldn’t want your blender to be abandoned on the top of certain table, it is better to put them in your cabinet. Make sure to check the dimension of the blender before buying. This will help you to plan how to put them when they are not in use. Your kitchen wouldn’t look so messy and crowded.

– The stability
Stability means comfort, so recheck if you should buy a blender which has a heavy base, and also a tight lid. Having a heavy base is very crucial for high powered blenders because when a blender run at a very high speed, the vibrations from its motor may cause the blender to slowly slide along the counter as well as scratching its surface. Make sure if the base is heavy enough to stabilize the intensely rotating blender before it gets you more trouble.

– The warranty
When you are serving your relatives for smoothies, suddenly the motor stops and it won’t turn on. Deep in your heart you know that this might be when you should get another blender. But with appropriate warranty, these kinds of accidents could be avoided. If there is an offer to add a guarantee, don’t miss that chance. You wouldn’t know what will happen in the future.

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender Review

The Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender features a truly unique and efficient blade assembly. The central blade pulls the items down for crushing and chopping.

If you are not sure what you need, check out our Blender Buying Guide to learn more. Next, you want to read our Blender Reviews to help you find yourself one of the Best Countertop Blenders to meet your needs.

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

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Meanwhile, the wide, sweeping blades effectively ‘whip’ the contents for a smooth, creamy texture. The Breville is powered by a 750-Watt motor and equipped with an LCD timer, along with pre-programmed Ice Crush and Smoothie settings. The speed is automatically altered in these settings, to improve blending results.
The Breville also has illuminated 5 speed control buttons and a pulse button. In addition to blending, it also possesses fairly efficient food processing capabilities. The large 48-ounce Eastman Tritan copolyester jug is BPA-free, with a built-in Hemisphere Blade and Bowl System. The high torque motor is relatively quiet. The bowl has a contoured design for minimizing trapped food, thus making it easier to clean.

Product Specifications And Features

  • 750-Watt motor
  • Permanent Hemisphere Bowl and Blade system
  • Central blades pull the food down, sweeping blades hug the bottom.
  • Electronic 5-speed control buttons: Snow, Mix, Blend, Liquefy and Puree
  • Pulse button
  • Pre-programmed Ice Crush and Smoothie cycles
  • BPA-free, Eastman Tritan copolyester jug (48 ounces)
  • LCD timer
  • Illuminated controls
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Weight (shipping): 13 pounds

The Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender has received favorable feedback at Amazon and is currently rated 4.4/5 stars.

Margaritaville Fiji Premium Frozen Concoction Maker Review

The Margaritaville Fiji Frozen Concoction Maker DM2000 is clearly inspired by sun-baked crooner Jimmy Buffett and his 1977 hit, ” Margaritaville,” which includes the lyrics:

“But there’s booze in the blender,
And soon it will render
That frozen concoction that helps me hang on.”

Margaritaville Fiji Premium Frozen Concoction Maker

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And although Buffett doesn’t officially endorse this $350 blender, it’s no coincidence that the manufacturer uses the name Margaritaville for its different Frozen Concoction Makers and other appliances. After all, Buffett’s Web site is Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville.

If you are not sure what you need, check out our Blender Buying Guide to learn more. Next, you want to read our Blender Reviews to help you find yourself one of the Best Countertop Blenders to meet your needs.

The manufacturer’s site includes drink recipes and a party planner featuring coconut croquet, lime pitch and putt golf, and other tropically inspired activities for which imbibing a cocktail or two likely won’t be much of a hindrance. It also touts the blender’s ease of use: “Simply fill the ice hopper with ice, add ingredients to the blending jar and fire it up!”

During testing for our June 2010 review of blenders ( ratings available to subscribers) the Fiji Frozen Concoction Maker DM2000 rendered some very good virgin piña coladas, our lab stand-in for frozen drinks like margaritas. What’s more, its large ice reservoir filled multiple pitchers. But the blender costs twice as much as several models that were equally adept at making icy drinks, according to our sensory panel. The video above details our Piña Colada Showdown between the DM2000, the $400 Blendtec Total Blender (which canshred an iPad), and the $200 Breville Ikon Hemisphere LCD Blender.

Also keep in mind that at 19 pounds empty, the DM2000 weighs two to three times more than other tested models. If you’re a Parrothead, keep that weight in mind if you intend to take the DM2000 to a preshow tailgate party.

Even with the $40 canvas travel bag available for the blender, that’s a hefty machine to schlep around.

Blendtec Total Blender Review

What we eat is the most important factor in determining whether we are in good health or not. People spend huge amounts of money on gym memberships, home fitness equipment, and the latest craze in exercise DVDs. To do that and then go cheap on the most important part of staying healthy is crazy.

If you are not sure what you need, check out our Blender Buying Guide to learn more. Next, you want to read our Blender Reviews to help you find yourself one of the Best Countertop Blenders to meet your needs.

Blendtec Total Blender

Let’s face it, eating healthy usually means eating bland food, or worse. No matter how good for you it is, the thought of eating a steamed kale leaf with lemon juice is horrifying to most people. And if you make a green smoothie in a normal blender, you’re going to be picking bits of fruit and leaves out of your teeth.

But more importantly than taste is digestion. Unlike meat, all plant cells have cell walls. If you don’t chew veggies thoroughly, some of the nutrient-rich fiberous matter will simply pass through your digestive system without being fully absorbed.

Hence, you can chew like cow all day… or simply blend instead.

This is where high-performance blenders show their value. Your superfood smoothie will always be totally blended, your protein shakes will never have those gross clumps of un-blended protein powder. It’s so convenient to just throw everything in rather than having to chop and prepare your ingredients. With a high performance blender, eating healthy is actually the easier option. Junk food will be the choice with the most hassle.

A truly Total Blender

The Blendtec Total Blender really does it all. You’ve probably seen the unique square jar design before, but until you use it you won’t know the power of the blending vortex that the shape creates. The four inch blade and industry leading 1560 watt motor make any blending job a cinch. The three quart BPA-free jar is large enough for nearly any job; even soup for a large dinner party is no problem for this blender.

Maybe the best way to think about a high-performance blender is to not think about it as a blender at all. With all of the different tasks it can handle, it really is so much more. The Blendtec Total Blender ticks all the boxes of what a high-performance blender should be. It’s more of a counter-top appliance replacement than just a mere blender.

If you make bread or bake, the Total Blender can replace your mixing bowl for making dough. Your soups will be creamier than ever. Turn ice into snow and wow your friends with incredible margaritas. When fruit is at peak ripeness, make it into creamy ice cream and you can savor it then, or save it for another time. The BPA-free jar means you can make delicious food for your baby, worry-free. The list goes on and on; dressings, sauces, salsas, cappuccinos, hummus, nut butter, you’ll never run out of uses for a high performance blender.

Culinary convenience

The best thing about having a high-performance blender in your kitchen is the convenience. Quite simply, having one means that healthy, delicious meals can be prepared in no time at all. A number of features make most high-performance blenders hassle-free, and the Total Blender delivers on all counts.

It’s small enough to stay on your kitchen counter beneath the cupboards, or store below in the cabinets. The fixed blade makes the blender safe, but also means no more dealing with screwing on loose parts. The Blendtec is always assembled.

Once you have it out, just add your ingredients and select one of the pre-programmed blend cycles. The blender will slow down, speed up and stop on it’s own giving you the exact result every time whether you’re making a smoothie or baby food. It’s a great time saver that let’s you get other things done while the blender does its thing.

Cleanup is always the dreaded part of hauling out the blender, but with the Total Blender it’s a breeze. Just add water and a little dish soap, blend it for a few seconds, then take it over to the sink and rinse it. It really couldn’t be easier. The flat panel design is easy to wipe off when there are any spills on the base. There are no buttons for small scraps to lodge under.


By far the biggest issue consumers have with the Blendtec Total Blender is that it is loud. Of course with all of the power it has, it’s essentially unavoidable, still, it’s important to be aware of this before buying. Also, the base is heavy if you’re used to a conventional blender. This is also unavoidable, to house such a powerful motor, and be safe to use, the 5.6 pound base is a necessity.

One other thing that some purchasers notice is the inevitable scratching inside the jar. Because it’s plastic, this will happen. The scratches won’t be deep, and the jar will still clean just fine, it’s mostly an aesthetic consideration. The only way to avoid this is with a glass jar, but glass is actually less durable and there are no good high-performance blenders that offer it.

Weigh these negative customer reviews against positive

In the box

The Total Blender comes with the WildSide Jar which gives it its unique blending vortex. It also includes the Twister jar which allows you to scrape the sides with a twist of the lid while blending – an important feature when making something sticky like homemade peanut butter. It’s also great for individual servings. For sticking in the WildSide Jar, the included Spectacula Spatula is designed especially for the Total Blender.

The Fresh Blends Cookbook features over 200 pages of recipes so you’ll never run out of ideas for great, healthy meals and snacks. And of course, the Blendtec comes standard with a manufacturer 8 year limited warranty, a welcome reassurance after making a significant investment in a high-performance blender.


The Total Blender has been around for years in professional kitchens, juice bars, gyms and coffee shops. There’s no reason why only the pros should get great results. When you own a high-performance blender, making green smoothies, superfood smoothies, protein shakes or anything else becomes so easy you want to do it. Junk food becomes the harder option.

If you’re sick of buying cheap blenders that just break down and you’re ready to invest in your health with a premium model, then the Blendtec Total Blender is a very solid option in a competitive industry.

Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Blender Review

Buying the right blender is an investment. You want an item that can give you the bang for your buck that you deserve. Many items on the market these days simply cost a lot of money but lack in the quality that you seek. This is particularly true for kitchen appliances.

If you are not sure what you need, check out our Blender Buying Guide to learn more. Next, you want to read our Blender Reviews to help you find yourself one of the Best Countertop Blenders to meet your needs.

However, one kitchen appliance that has stood out among consumers and has truly made a positive name for itself is the Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series. This blender is a powerful machine that truly is able to get the job done. Below you will find the Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series review so that you can make a sound decision about the product that you are buying.

Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Blender

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The first factor that any appliance buyer should look at is the product’s capabilities. You want to buy a product that is going to fit your kitchen needs and provide you with the capabilities that you are looking for. In terms of the Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series review, this product has many excellent capabilities. With this product you can essentially blend anything. It can make smoothies, hot soup, and even frozen desserts. The powerful motor can chop, cream, blend, heat, grind, and churn the food that you need to process.

To further help you with creating quick and easy dishes, this blender comes with a recipe guide that includes over 300 restaurant-style recipes with contributions from professional chefs. To make things even easier, there is a DVD that features a step-by-step guide to using the product and special techniques. Lastly, for those looking for a product that can juice, you’ll find that this blender is also an excellent juicer. Therefore, you can make healthy drinks quickly and without the trouble of a conventional juicing machine.


The next important factor in the Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series Review is the overview of the blender’s components. The most important part is the motor because it is what essentially indicates the power of the blender to process nearly anything. The blender features a 2+ Peak Horsepower Motor, which can blend through even the toughest foods. Next, are the containers of the blender. This product features a large-capacity 64-ounce BPA free Eastman Tritan co-polyester container. This is especially useful if you need to blend large quantities for dinner parties or family gatherings.

In addition, the BPA-free component is fantastic, as it only makes the food safer to eat. The blender’s equipment is easy to use, and is very fuss free. The lid is spill proof for those worried about unnecessary messes, while the plug is also removable, making the product an absolute breeze to clean. Furthermore for those that are worried that this product cannot handle large batches, there even is a tamper for processing thicker mixes. Lastly, the handle on this section of the Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series review is that this blender also has a soft-grip, the blades are made of stainless steel and are laser cut, and there is a tamper collar to prevent the tool from hitting the blades.


The final portion of the Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series Review is the issue of maintenance. An appliance that is difficult to clean is never worth the money. Luckily, the Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series Review has done the research, and this product is very easy to clean. All you need to do is add a drop of dish soap and a bit of warm water and run for 30 seconds.

The product will thoroughly clean itself from the inside, while all you need to do is rinse it out and wipe the outside with a damp cloth. Lastly, in terms of maneuverability, it only weighs 10 pounds and 6 ounces, and it fits well in any kitchen. The contemporary style truly stands out, while the silver and black colors provide a sleek look.

Advantages: Easy to use, simple cleaning process, can blend nearly anything, most customers that have bought the product have been extremely pleased – considering it the best on the market, quick cooking, made in the USA, and it comes with a cookbook

Disadvantages: very loud, plastic container (not glass)


This Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series blender is definitely worth buying if you are looking for one of the best on the market. While many have complained that the container is plastic or that it is a loud appliance, every product has its drawbacks. This one simply fulfills an array of needs through one great appliance.

Ninja Blender Review

Read through any number of Ninja Blender reviews and one thing becomes very clear: it is consistently rated one of the best blenders on the market for its price.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System
Ninja Kitchen System
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Widely considered an entry-level blender that performs well above the rest of the similarly priced blenders, the Ninja Blender line is preferred by many home chefs and cooks because of the low price and high-performance.

If you are not sure what you need, check out our Blender Buying Guide to learn more. Next, you want to read our Blender Reviews to help you find yourself one of the Best Countertop Blenders to meet your needs.

The Ninja Blender Review

When it comes to getting performance in your kitchen that you can rely on without breaking the bank, the Ninja Blender is the go to appliance.  With a wide line of powerful blenders that have strong warranties and extremely affordable prices, it’s clear to see why so many people choose the Ninja Blender for their cooking and preparation needs.

Ninja Professional Blender and Nutri Ninja Cups
Ninja Professional Blender and Nutri Ninja Cups

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Whether this is your first blender or your fifth, there’s just no getting around the fact that economical times call for economical measures.  Unless you have five or six hundred dollars on hand, you’re going to have to look for the most cost-effective choice for blenders—The Ninja Blender is that choice.

Because it performs just like a top quality blender but comes at half the price, you get a whole lot more bang for your buck with the Ninja Blender.

Specifications of the Ninja Blender

Almost all models of the Ninja Blender are similar in size. Most stand about 17 inches tall and 9 ¼ inches wide.  The blender is about 14 ½ inches deep and weighs around 10 pounds.  The containers on all Ninja Blenders is standard at 72 ounces, which is anything but standard compared to other blenders.  Most other blenders in this price range only hold about half of that amount.

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse
Ninja Kitchen System Pulse

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The Ninja Blender Container Advantage

Plus, all of the blending containers on the Ninja Blender models are made of BPA-free SAN plastic.  Not only does this make it food grade safe to ensure you and your loved ones stay healthy, it also makes the container dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.  With its four sides, the container is extremely sturdy, despite its rather tall and thin design.  The taller purposing of the container is made with the six stacked blades in mind.

Nutri Ninja Pro
Nutri Ninja Pro

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A Powerful Motor for Powerful Blending

With a whopping 2.5 Peak Horsepower in the motor, the six stainless steel blades whir around at a mind-numbing 24,000 RPM.  That’s enough to completely crush, pulverize or juice just about anything you throw in it.  Plus, with its ergonomic footprint and two foot storage cord that wraps up right behind the blender’s base, it’s the perfect blender for kitchens with limited counter space or storage problems.

has a two foot long cord that can be wound up and stored behind the blender base.

Nutri Ninja Auto iQ
Nutri Ninja Auto iQ

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The only drawback here is that the unit is a little noisy.  Still, for this price, it really gets the job done and that’s the main goal here in the end.  Powerful enough to crush ice but also gentle enough to blend fresh veggies and fruits, the Ninja Blenders make a perfect gift for friends, family or even yourself.

Other Features of the Ninja Blender

Depending on which Ninja Blender reviews you read through, you’re likely to see a number of different features touted as “the best thing about Ninjas.”  Well, the truth of the matter is that there are a number of features that really makes the Ninja Blender stand out from its competition, not just the price:

Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ
Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ

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  • Professional Locking Lid.  Safety is super important when it comes to kitchen appliances, cooking and blenders and that’s why the Ninja Blenders won’t operate unless the lid is safely locked into place.  This prevents spills, leaks and most of all, accidents with fingers.  To unlock the lid, simply hit the “Release” button.
  • Easy to Clean.  While it stops one step short of being officially “self cleaning,” essentially it is. All you have to do to clean your Ninja Blender is fill the container ½ to ¾ full with warm water, drop in some dish soap and then turn it on high for three minutes.  Alternatively, the lid, blade and container are all dishwasher safe.
  • PRO Variable Speed.  You can easily adjust the speed on the Ninja Blenders depending on the model.  Some models in the lower price range will only have 3 speeds while others that are mid to moderately priced (which is still hundreds of dollars cheaper than a Vitamix) will do everything from lightly blend the most delicate ingredients to completely crushing ice.

Ninja Blender Pros and Cons

We went through some of the most helpful and highly rated Ninja Blender reviews and looked at what other customers are saying about the pros and cons of this blender brand.  When we compared them to our list, here’s what we found similar:

Pros of the Ninja Blender

  • Super affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to adjust speeds
  • Locking safety feature makes it safe for all ages
  • High performance at low price
  • Great warranty
  • Able to crush ice into snow
  • Able to gently blend
  • Works quickly and efficiently

Cons of the Ninja Blender

  • A bit on the noisy side
  • Blades are very sharp so while it blends great, you can cut yourself washing
  • Not the best quality in blenders, but definitely the best quality in this price range

 Ninja Blender Reviews: Conclusion

The bottom line is that ten thousand Ninja Blender reviews from satisfied customers can’t be wrong.  When you want affordable top quality performance in your kitchen appliances, click the link below right now to find out just how great the Ninja Blender line is.

Check out the entire line of Ninja Blenders.

Best Specialty Blenders

Blenders can be purchased in several shapes and sizes; you might learn that you need to own more than just one to suit your personal needs. Below, you will find our list of the Best Specialty Blenders and a description as to what purpose each specialty blender serves.

Note: If you are not sure what you need, check out our Blender Buying Guide to learn more. That is the first step to getting one of the Best Blenders for your needs. If this is not the type that you need, you can opt to find one of the Best Immersion Blenders, one of the Best All in One Blenders, one of the Best Countertop Blenders, or one of the Best Personal Blenders as alternatives.

specialty blendersSingle-Serve Blenders

These 8- to 20-oz. personal blenders work great if you want a smoothie for breakfast every morning. Some models blend directly in a portable cup, making it easy to take your beverage on the road. Some models feature multiple cups, lids and blades for versatility.

Full-Size Blenders

Blenders with larger pitchers (usually 48- to 72-oz.) come in handy if you’re blending drinks for more than one person or making soups, salsas, puddings and other delights. A high-performance blender with an ultra-powerful motor can liquefy even hard foods, make ice cream in seconds, and even shred meat. Powerful motors can mean powerful noise, though. Be prepared to wake the household.

Hand Blenders

Hand or immersion blenders allow you to mix directly in a pan or bowl; you don’t have to dump hot ingredients (like soup) into a separate pitcher. Lightweight and easy-to-store, these flexible devices can replace your mixer or food processor when you want to combine smaller quantities of food or when you don’t want to transfer awkward ingredients to your traditional blender.

Frozen Drink Makers

These specialized, powerful machines will crush and incorporate ice evenly into your specialty drinks, smoothies, snow cones and more. Look for a machine with a large, insulated ice reservoir and a powerful motor. Some models even include multiple pitchers for versatility.


If you don’t have a lot of counter space or just want to consolidate your small appliances, find a blender with multiple attachments, including a standard pitcher, a food-processing bowl, chopper, or a to-go cup, so you can make the most out of just one machine.

What About Food Processors?

If you need to chop nuts, vegetables and other ingredients for recipes, consider a food processor. Blenders work best to liquefy ingredients while food processors are more suited for dry ingredients.

Best All-In-One Blenders

Discover the Best All-in-One Blender

In kitchens where cabinet and counter top space is at a premium, multi-purpose kitchen appliances like multi-cookers and soup makers (also known as blenders that cook) can make a real difference. Below, we take a look at a new space-saving kitchen appliance ideal for those who like to drink their vitamins: the all-in-one blender!

Note: If you are not sure what you need, check out our Blender Buying Guide to learn more. That is the first step to getting one of the Best Blenders for your needs. If this is not the type that you need, you can opt to find one of the Best Immersion Blenders, one of the Best Specialty Blenders, one of the Best Countertop Blenders, or one of the Best Personal Blenders as alternatives.

all-in-one blenders

Juicer That Doubles as a Multi-Purpose Blender

Do you love to make smoothies and fresh fruit juices but feel a little cramped in the kitchen? Here’s a solution: replace your bulky juicers and smoothie makers with a single, all-in-one juicer-blender! With this multi-functional kitchen workhorse, you’ll be creating everything from smoothies, juice drinks and shakes to sauces, dips and cold soups in no time.

These ingenious new gadgets come with a single base and two interchangeable heads: one for juicing and one for blending. All you have to do is change the head and your multi-purpose kitchen companion is ready to whip up your favorite healthy drink, whether it’s an invigorating fruit smoothie, a refreshing juice drink or a filling protein shake.

Save Money by Buying One Appliance Instead of Two (or More)

Not only do 2-in-1 appliances and other multi-purpose gadgets save you valuable countertop and cabinet space, they may also help you save some hard-earned cash as you only need to buy one appliance instead of two (or more). Of course, how much – or little – you can save depends largely on which juicer-blender combo you decide to buy – high-end all-in-one juicer-blender combos such as the Breville BJB840XL combo, typically have more power and more features, which usually translates into a higher price tag.

If you’re only getting started with juicing and smoothie making, and aren’t ready to shell out a lot of cash for a blender-juicer, you might want to look for a cheaper model first and then upgrade later once you know you can keep up the smoothie making/juicing habit (many reviews on Amazon praise the Oster juicer blender as a good juicer-blender for beginners who want to start with a relatively inexpensive model).

Comparison of Popular All-in-One Juicer Blenders

If you have trouble finding a 2-in-1 juicer and smoothie maker in the shops near you, don’t worry – you can always buy one online. Below, we provide a side by side comparison of three all-in-one juicer blenders available through the online retailer Amazon: the Oster Juicer Blender 2 Go (also known as Oster FPSTJE3166-022), Breville BJB840XL and Nesco American Harvest JB-50 2-in-1 Juicer/Blender.

Best Personal Blenders

What are personal blenders?

The best personal blender that you eventually decide to go with will be the one that best suits what you plan on using it for at home. There are all manner of different models available on the market, so it’s really important that you know what you will be using it for if you are to pick the right one.

Note: If you are not sure what you need, check out our Blender Buying Guide to learn more. That is the first step to getting one of the Best Blenders for your needs. If this is not the type that you need, you can opt to find one of the Best Immersion Blenders, one of the Best All in One Blenders, one of the Best Countertop Blenders, or one of the Best Specialty Blenders as alternatives.

personal blenders

The stores that carry the personal blender tend to stick with the more common models on the market, all of which tend to have a steady base, topped by a pitcher-like container. Traditionally, these types are used for milkshakes or your favorite blended beverage. Most of these models come with several different speed options which help you better control how you want your blended items to turn out.

These aren’t the only types of blenders. There are models that can offer many of these same options, but delivered in a different way. These are known as immersion blenders, and they differ from the other variety by being hand operated.

It is very likely that one of the most beneficial kitchen tools you can own is the personal blender. This is one of the most versatile items you can have in your kitchen. It is a machine that is intended to create mouth-watering fruit smoothies and milkshakes. These machines are sold in a large selection so that you will buy exactly what you need for your own needs. They only require the addition of fruits and veggies and ice to begin your creation. With these items, the appliance will get working, creating for you the most amazing sweet drinks. You’ll be pleased at how efficiently it operates!

The options are endless. You will rarely run out of inspiration of drinks that you can create and you won’t run out of things to do with it. You can create sweet treats. Or you can make alcoholic drinks. You can make beverages for kids. And you can make relaxing blended cocktails for adults. What you do with it is up to your imagination.

Taking care of your appliance is extremely easy. You just need to do a quick wash after you use it. Cheap personal blenders break down easy and rust. That’s why you need a professional model. Higher end models have an elaborate instruction manual on how to easily take care of it. If taken care of, they will last a long time.

You can find them on the internet for a bargain. There are many sources online that provide amazing discounted prices on blenders, and most will offer free shipping too. If you have a hard time selecting a brand online, head down to a nearby retailer and take a look at the blenders and see how they function in person. Then, you’ll have made your mind and can enjoy fun evenings with tasty, chilled, blended drinks.

How to choose a blender?

In determining how to choose a blender, you may have to give some thought to how you plan to put it to use. There are so many options when choosing, which is why it is vital to know how to plan to put it to use so you won’t regret making the incorrect choice. A lot of stores will offer the frequently used brands. These kinds of regular blenders consist of a container that functions as a pitcher and a base with a motor that propels the blades underneath the jar.

Blenders like these that have a pitcher-like jar are appropriate for mixing smoothies and shakes. They will have the option of many speeds or pre programmed series. A particular kind of blender also exists that has a special feature. Basically, it operates a lot the same way as a typical one, but with one variation. It’s generally known as an immersion blender.

Rather than placing items in a pitcher-like container to be mixed up, they are handheld devices. As opposed to a common type, also known as the tabletop blender, this model does not call for a matching jar to fit on a base. The immersion blender is kept in your hand and has a blade whirling on the other end, which does all of the blending and grinding work for you. These immersion blenders are well enough able to blend purees, sauces and can even be used to chop up vegetables and fruit. They usually are not as powerful as the tabletop types, but the plus point is that they are easy to store and are easily transportable.

Why do we need to get the best personal blender?

More effective yet than a personal blender is a food processor that will meet almost every one of if not all your requirements in the kitchen. They go past the range of only mixing substances for beverages and are stronger, based upon on how heavy-duty you need them to be. A food processor is normally very much utilized by food specialists or serious cooks for the reason that they are a marvelous assistance in saving a lot of time with the basic kitchen chores such as chopping, cutting, mincing, or crushing the numerous cooking contents. Common blenders might not be capable to do these more heavy-duty chores. That being said, you must establish which chores you would like your appliance to be able to perform. Nowadays you can also find even blender and food processor hybrids that crush ice effortlessly but also are great for cooking soups and grinding spices.

An additional point to think through on how to select one is the number of abilities you need. Just picture having bought the most sophisticated all-around appliance, only to end up only preparing smoothies. You could have saved yourself a lot of money if you had simply purchased one suitable for the activities you really intended to do.

On the other side, you may find yourself grabbing a model with too limited capabilities and may have wished you spent a few more dollars in a more all-around machine. Comprehending how to choose a model that precisely meets your requirements can be a tricky skill. The great news is, it’s really not required to order the premiere blender on the planet. The most important message in this article is that you stay with the appliance that best meets your personal needs, whether it is a table top model, food processor, or immersion blender. It may be that even a very low-cost model is going to suit your requirements wonderfully, then you have made the best buy.

However, if you buy a very high priced product that is too hi-tech or in the worst case under performs, then you will feel like you caught a cat in the bag. In conclusion, it’s essential to be satisfied with the way it acts depending on your kitchen needs instead of focusing on the price. Hopefully you’ve now attained some understanding in how to choose one and are now prepared to buy.

Having the best personal blender in the kitchen is a must in today’s society where everyone is on the move and time is at a premium. It can help you in so many ways, including saving you time when you want to produce foods and drinks quickly.

Blenders have evolved significantly in the 80 odd years they have been around, but the shape and design have mostly stayed the same. If the original inventor, Stephen Poplawski were alive today he would most probably be pleased with today’s personal blenders and the way they have been incorporated into everyone’s lives.

Time saving

As we race along into the 21st century our lives have taken a different path to the way we went about our lives in the previous century. Nowadays we all seem to be in a rush and expect everything to be completed yesterday, whether its work or food, the appliance has taken care of that by giving people a chance to create foods and drinks quickly and more efficiently than doing things by hand.

It has opened our bodies to the smoothie and other healthy drinks, soups and foods these appliances can produce. The vast range of uses and recipes available for personal blenders is staggering and the multitude of great tasting things you can create is only limited by your imagination.

Creates the perfect food and drink

Making short-work of everything from smoothies to crushed ice cubes is quick and easy, as is grinding coffee and pulping fruits to make excellent smoothies.

It provides the option of healthy food for the entire family, the baby included, as you can easily blend baby food using fresh ingredients which can mash. In just seconds you’ll be able to serve the perfect baby food complete with no artificial additives and no unwanted ingredients.

If you love French pates, then the best personal blender can blend the meat and the liver perfectly so you can bake wonderful pates. All you need is a little blended meat, a slight taste of brandy and some spices. Bake in the oven until your ingredients are cooked and your pate is ready.

You could even put it to good use to mix the perfect pastry before rolling it out to form a pie crust or flan casing. Your blender can even help you create the ideal smooth, creamy filling for your creation too.

As you can see there are a broad variety of options you have with using it.

Small enough to hide away

With today’s best personal blender, you can safely store them away just about anywhere in the kitchen if you want to. If not, they are designed in a way that allows them to be kept under cabinets safely out of the way and will not take up much room. With their sleek designs, they will complement almost every kitchen style easily.


The ideal appliance in today’s world is a multipurpose blender that can perform a whole host of different tasks. This is perfect for the person or family who wants or needs one utility to do more than one thing in the kitchen which in turn reduces the need for other utilities and freeing up the kitchen.

Blending, whisking, pulping, shredding, chopping, mixing, crushing and grinding are just a few of the things today’s blenders can do and handle reducing the time taken in preparing food and drinks.

Variety of blenders and prices, a model and price for everyone

No matter what budget you have, you are bound to find one that suits you and what you can afford. Different models and prices allow even those on a budget to purchase one and start benefiting from the different things these appliances can do. Shop around as there are many places you can get one including magazines and even online, where there are hundreds of websites all clamoring to have your custom with great deals.


Such is the need for foods and other things to be shredded, whisked, ground and pulped to create healthy drinks and meals that the blender is no longer classed as a luxury appliance. Instead the best personal blender in today’s society is now considered a necessity and you will find one in almost every kitchen.

With the ability to do more than one job, these appliances can reduce the utilities you have in and around your kitchen which then frees up more space for you to cook and prepare foods more and to prepare them safely.

Your personal needs will dictate the appliance you need rather than price or brand. The important thing is selecting the model that offers all the options you plan on using. That’s much better than spending a bunch of money on a big ticket blender, only to find that it doesn’t deliver exactly what you need. It’s the performance of the model you buy that counts as opposed to the amount of money you invest.

Best Immersion Blenders

So you’ve decided to purchase the best immersion blender right? Well, you couldn’t have made a wiser decision. When countertop blenders become too cumbersome or frustrating to use (you know how it feels when they leave chunks in your soup), your only recourse is an immersion blender.

Note: If you are not sure what you need, check out our Blender Buying Guide to learn more. That is the first step to getting one of the Best Blenders for your needs. If this is not the type that you need, you can opt to find one of the Best Specialty Blenders, one of the Best All in One Blenders, one of the Best Countertop Blenders, or one of the Best Personal Blenders as alternatives.

Immersion Blenders

There are many reasons why immersion blenders (also known as hand blenders or stick blenders) are so attractive to consumers these days. They are light, easy to use, and maneuver. You don’t have to go through the strain of dragging out a cumbersome food mixer or blender along with their accessories whenever you want to puree food. Additionally, cleaning them is easy. They are also versatile. You can make smoothies, pesto, whipped cream and more with them alone.

Top 5 Immersion Blenders For The Money

These are the best rated immersion blenders on Amazon. The blenders below have been rated by people who have actually bought them and used them. Click on the link next to each blender to read a full review of it and get it at the best price. The immersion blenders in the table below have never failed us. They are truly the best.

What Can You Do With an Immersion Blender?

Just in case you were wondering about how useful an immersion blender can be in your home or kitchen, here’s a few of the many things you can do with one:

  • Purée vegetables for soup
  • Purée chicken bouillon
  • Blend yoghurt for smoothies
  • Chop garlic
  • Blend frozen fruit
  • Grate cheese

What to Look For Before Purchasing

1. Ignore price: In a test conducted by, a $50 Miallegro blender grated cheese better than a $180 Bamix blender.

2. Faster is not always better: Just as not all that glitters is gold, the fastest blender doesn’t always come out as the best in a comparison or test.

3. Evaluate by features: Often overlooked, but very obvious. The features you should look for are chopper assembly, auxiliary mixing beaker, and whisk among others. Detachable metal parts is a plus because it makes washing easier and reduces the risk of water coming in contact with the electrical parts.

4. Pro WTH?: Immersion blenders that carry the title ‘professional’ behind them are not always the best performers in real life tests, so don’t trust that ‘pro’ title too much.


Hand blenders aren’t supposed to replace your countertop blenders. They are intended to serve as a complement to them. Nevertheless, you and your kitchen need at least one. Consider our recommendations above if you are really serious about purchasing the very best.

Best Countertop Blenders

You cannot underestimate the reliability of having one of the best countertop blenders. This is easily done when you read our Countertop Blender Review.

Blenders are the most-often used household item in the kitchen, it is really necessary to pick the best countertop blender for your kitchen.

Note: If you are not sure what you need, check out our Blender Buying Guide to learn more. That is the first step to getting one of the Best Blenders for your needs. If this is not the type that you need, you can opt to find one of the Best Immersion Blenders, one of the Best All in One Blenders, one of the Best Specialty Blenders, or one of the Best Personal Blenders as alternatives.

One of the Best Countertop Blenders

Countertop blenders are an essential and important machine used for several purposes such as mixing, blending, emulsifying or combining more than one element.

These blenders have a base that contains a motor for turning the blade and the controls are on the surface. As they are used regularly, therefore it is very important to have the best countertop blender, which has all the good features and a reasonable price.

The below mentioned Blenders are the top-rated blenders for your kitchen counter. Hope they will help you out to find durable and most effective countertop blender.

We present you with our list of the best countertop blenders for your kitchen.

Best Countertop Blenders

Below you will find an overview of what we found to be the Best Countertop Blenders available on the market today.

Ninja Blenders

Read through any number of Ninja Blender reviews and one thing becomes very clear: it is consistently rated one of the best blenders on the market for its price.

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse
Ninja Kitchen System Pulse

Learn More

Widely considered an entry-level blender that performs well above the rest of the similarly priced blenders, the Ninja Blender line is preferred by many home chefs and cooks because of the low price and high-performance. Read Our Full Ninja Blender Review.

Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Blender

All Vitamix blenders are manufactured in USA. Vitamix blenders have very large capacity; big and huge container of 64 ounce to create smooth and delicious soups, along with frozen desserts in one machine. It provides chef with 2 cookbooks, which includes different appetizing recipes for your help.

Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Blender

Moreover, Vitamix features are really good and attractive. It is really easy to use. Its works uniquely and is versatile with ability to chop, mix, heat, cream, grind, shake and many more. It has full 7 years of warranty. Read our full Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Blender Review.

Blendtec Total Blender

Blendtec Total Blender is the best of all the blenders. It comes with a big powerful motor of 1560 watt. Although it’s one blender with several functions in one single machine like smoothing soup, salads dressings, juices, sauces, cappuccinos, shakes, ice-cream and many more. It is very easy to use.

Blendtec Total Blender

Company itself gives 3 years of warrant of motor, 1 year warranty of container and lifespan warranty of blade. Read our full Blendtec Blender Review.

Margaritaville Fiji Premium Frozen Concoction Maker

Margaritaville blender is one of the most used blenders in last many years. The majority Margaritaville blenders are very sturdy; thus they are durable. They have powerful motor of 550 watts.

Margaritaville Fiji Premium Frozen Concoction Maker

It offers a unique feature of automatically mixing the ice at the right portion with the other elements or ingredients. There are many buttons on front, which helps to control the speed. It gives 1 year warranty. Read the full Margaritaville Fiji Premium Frozen Concoction Maker Review.

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

The Breville Hemisphere control blender is very well known blender in top most blenders of the 2015. Breville Hemisphere blender is brilliant in its performance and work. Its motor is 750 watt. It has big hemisphere shaped 48 ounce container.

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

It is one of the versatile blenders which come with various functions like blending, ice crushing, grinding and many more. Hemisphere blenders are very easy to use and cleaning is done much faster. Read the full Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender Review.