Best Electric Clothes Dryers

For most American families, the electric clothes dryer is a necessary appliance. Gas-electric dryers are also common, but whereas some states have the infrastructure to supply gas, all american homes have access to electricity. Electric clothes dryers require 220 power and use the large three pronged plug and special outlet.

Note: If you are not sure what you need, check out our Clothes Dryer Buying Guide to learn more. That is the first step to getting one of the Best Clothes Dryers for your needs. If this is not the type that you need, you can opt to find one of the Best Cheap Clothes Dryers, one of the Best Large Capacity Clothes Dryers, or one of the Best Gas Clothes Dryers as alternatives.

image of samsung electric clothes dryer

This most ubiquitous appliance in the American home actually originated in Europe and became popular in North America in the mid-20th century. After its introduction, Americans became accustomed to the convenience as opposed to the traditional clothesline and clothes pegs system. The extra power required does impact the average Americans energy consumption and results in a more expensive power bill, but the time saved makes up for it.

How to Choose an Electric Clothes Dryer:

1. Power Source. Where is the nearest 220 outlet to where you want your dryer to go? First thing to do is find your power source. If you aren’t wired for 220, call an electrician and have an outlet put in place. If you live in an apartment and the landlord won’t do this – look for a small 110 power electric dryer that you can plug into an ordinary outlet.

2. Drum Size. How many people in your household? For a single person, a smaller drum size is probably fine. For families – you will need to invest in a bigger dryer with a bigger drum to hold a bigger load. What does all this “bigger” mean? It means you will need a more expensive unit and expect higher energy bills month-to-month.

3. Top-load vs. Front-load. what is your space like? Do you have a top load or a front loading washer? Consider how much space you have and if your dryer door has ample room to open and allows you to work efficiently. If you have a front loading washer – maybe you can consider a stackable front loading dryer.

Electricity Usage
Despite of some drawbacks, electricity is readily available to anyone living on the power grid. Thus it is quite reasonable to say that famillies will enjoy the convenience when using the electric clothes dryer as compared to gas electric dryers. It is fairly simple to calculate your energy consumption by visiting your local power company’s website and checking their energy consumption tables.

Electric Dryers more “Green” than Gas-Electric?
Electric dryers use the coil much like a hair dryer. The coil is heated by electric power and super heats air which is circulated by a fan. Gas-electric clothes dryers consume fossil fuels in order to get the job done – in addition to electricity and are consider less “green” by some. Of course, neither compares to the old-fashioned clothesline, but how many of use have the time to go back to that?

Setup, Operation, and Maintenance
There is little or no setup and installation required when first setting upi you electric dryer. Simply level your machine, connect the dryer hose to an outside vent (important) and plug in. You will need to clean the filter every few loads, but other than that – not much is required.

Companies you can trust
Maytag, LG, Bosch, Electrolux and GE are all trusted companies with a high level of reliability. Consider purchasing an extended warranty for your new electric clothes dryer. A burnt out motor is more expensive and a bigger hassle than its worth if you can get a reasonably priced maintenance program. If you already own appliances from one of these companies and have had success – stick with them when you go shopping!