Best Gas Clothes Dryers

One of the modern conveniences many of us take for granted is the clothes dryer. We throw wet clothes in it, turn the dial and press a button, and in about an hour, they’re dry. Most of us probably never stop and think about what exactly is causing our clothes to go from soggy to dry, but perhaps we should. Natural gas clothes dryers are an excellent alternative to more commonly-used electric dryers.

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image of gas clothes dryer

Gas dryers work in the same general way as electric dryers; that is, by using an electric motor to operate a drum that cycles the wet clothing among hot air circulated by a fan. The difference between the two is that the gas dryers use a gas burner to generate this clothes-drying heat, while electric dryers use electricity to fuel heating coils that generate the hot air.

There are a couple of advantages of selecting a gas-operated clothes dryer. First, natural gas dryers dry clothes more quickly than electric dryers. This will result in less time spent doing each load of laundry and will help you finish your Sunday afternoon laundry chore faster.

Gas dryers are also more gentle on clothes and do not put as much wear and tear on them as electric dryers can, due to the reduced drying time required for each dry cycle. Finally, while natural gas-powered dryers are more expensive than electric dryers, they require less energy to operate and end up saving the consumer money in the long run on reduced energy costs.

When shopping for a gas clothes dryer, you should consider a few things. First, does the dryer have moisture-sensing shut-off or a traditional thermostat? Moisture-sensing shut-offs are highly preferable, as they minimize the possibility of over-drying and damaging your clothes, yet still ensure the items are fully dried before ending the cycle. Another very convenient feature available on gas dryers is automatic cool-down: this keeps the clothes circulating without any heat to minimize wrinkling.

Gas dryers can be purchased both online and in home appliance and home improvement stores. Once you have narrowed down the selection to a few models, it would be wise to check consumer reports to make sure you are getting the model that best fits your needs.

By spending some time researching gas dryers, you will end up with a model that will preserve the quality of your clothes, as well as save you money and cut down on your electricity consumption.