The Bunn MCU single cup brewer brings a flexible and down to earth container by-cup preparing answer for your kitchen counter. Not at all like some coffee makers, the My Café can blend coffee from almost any of the alternatives available; a K-glass, a fermenting unit, or your own newly ground coffee.


What does this mean for you? All things considered, you can utilize a similar single mug coffee creator for a fast case or k-container when you’re on the run or for that home-cooked bean on a Saturday morning when there’s an ideal opportunity to haul out the grinder.

This model was named on our list as one of the Best Single Serve Coffee Makers around.


Bunn plans its coffee makers for mechanical and business settings. There are no shading decisions here; the machine is accessible in a single, simple perfect, modern style.

It joins an essential metal complete with dark plastic, and has a little impression, settling on it a decent decision for a littler kitchen, or empowering you to spare space in a bigger kitchen.

While little, it’s strong, and with Bunn’s name behind it, you can expect that this coffee creator will last you for a considerable length of time to come. 

With a straightforward and pragmatic appearance, it’s most likely not the machine you’ll pick if feel is your first thought, yet it offers various points of interest for any kitchen, if capacity is a key rule for you.

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Function is the place Bunn sparkles, by and large, and the My Café is no exemption. The Bunn My Café accompanies four tradable fermenting heads, called drawers.

There’s one for coffee cases, one for K-Cups, one for ground coffee, and one that lets you essentially utilize the My Café to deliver a some hot water.

To utilize the My Café, connect to the machine and it’ll start warming immediately. Bunn depends on an inner high temp water chamber to warm the water for your coffee.

This isn’t the water you’re blending with, yet rather a different chamber you’ll just need to fill once in a while, and your My Café will let you know when it needs water.

You’ll see a lit, red catch. At the point when it’s prepared to utilize, the light will change from red to green. Stack the drawer you need into the machine with a unit, glass or your own ground coffee.

The drawers for the units and K-containers essentially hold the case or glass, while a work channel holds your coffee grounds. Basically include two scoops of your most loved coffee to blend from your own ground coffee.

Fill your mug with water from the sink and empty it into the pot. The My Café doesn’t have space to store water, so you’ll fill it for each glass.

This implies there’s no sitting water to wind up distinctly stale, and gives you a chance to alter the measure of water for your mug, or your favored blending strength.

There are just two catches on the front of the machine; Brew and Pulse. Blend is the standard decision, while beat backs off the preparing procedure for a more some coffee. 

The Bunn My Café has a short expectation to absorb information; you may need to twofold check the manual to comprehend the importance of the squinting lights.

The light flickers green on the off chance that you have to include water, and squints red on the off chance that it needs to warm move down. Blazing red and green lights imply that you didn’t get your drawer clicked in properly.

There’s another huge advantage to the Bunn My Café. When you’re in a surge, this machine creates a single-glass speedier than any of alternate brewers available; it puts your 8 oz. some coffee in your grasp in a snappy 42 seconds.


In ordinary everyday utilize, the Bunn wipes down effortlessly to keep it clean, and doesn’t make much chaos.

There’s a slight danger of overspray amid the last splutter to complete your glass, yet it isn’t basic. The trickle plate and all heads are beat rack dishwasher safe.

Bunn suggests profound cleaning at regular intervals. Essentially run 14 oz. of vinegar through the machine, then flush by running three to four spins of clean water through it.

The Best of this Brewer

For the value, we cherish this coffee producer. It’s flexible, giving you a chance to utilize any of the immense coffee items available to mix a glass. You can select accommodation or for coffee quality.

What’s more, this flexibility comes at a lower value point than practically identical pots, keeping an extra $30.00 in your pocket.