The Caféjo My French Press is a bizarre espresso creator. It’s a manual espresso creator, instead of an electric espresso pot, yet it doesn’t take a gander at all like a customary French press.


The My French Press obliges ground espresso, espresso units and K-Cups.  You may think about this little espresso creator as an Aeropress intended for K-Cups. It can even mix utilizing warm drain for hot chocolate, cappuccino or lattes.

This model was named on our list as one of the Best Single Serve Coffee Makers around.

What’s in the Box

The Caféjo My French Press incorporates a microwaveable 10-ounce pitcher and plunger, a little carafe, a container holder, case connector, and a ground espresso channel mug. All parts of the Caféjo My French Press are made of without bpa plastic.

Since the My French Press doesn’t take up a considerable measure of space, it’s optimal for the dormitory, office, RV, or even an outdoors trip.  It’s likewise a decent choice for organization in case you’re not an espresso consumer yourself; you can tuck the creator and K-Cups away for visitors. While you needn’t bother with counter space, you do require a down to earth approach to warm up water; that can be a microwave, a water cooler, or a tea kettle.

This isn’t a lovely espresso pot; there aren’t any laces to the My French Press. The carafe is clear plastic, and the glass connector and pitcher/plunger come in various hues, with a bronze-cocoa shading being the most common.

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Using the My French Press

To utilize the My French Press, you’ll fill the microwaveable pitcher with water and warmth to in the vicinity of 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit for the best some espresso. You can likewise pick to pour in boiling hot water from another source, on the off chance that you incline toward or don’t have a microwave available.

Place a K-glass into the container connector, or utilize the unit connector or ground espresso mug. Put the glass connector on the carafe, and empty the heated water into the My French Press. Utilize the pitcher as a plunger. You can pick your diving pace to make a more grounded or some espresso as you prefer.

While it’s not a typical approach to make a latte, you could likewise mix your espresso with hot drain rather than water to create a bistro au lait-style drink, or utilize hot drain for wealthier hot chocolate utilizing a hot chocolate-style K-Cup.

Caring for the My French Press

The sans bpa plastic parts of the My French Press are dishwasher-safe, so this is a simple clean alternative. On the off chance that you don’t have a dishwasher accessible, it takes just minutes to wash the My French Press by hand. Whether you’re washing by hand or machine, you’ll evacuate the plunger, drop the K-Cup or connector out of the container connector and wash the carafe independently. Since there aren’t any moving or electrical parts, this is probably going to be a strong decision for a some espresso. You’re additionally not going out on a limb connected with a conventional glass French press.

The Pros and Cons of the My French Press

This little espresso producer has a great deal of good things pulling out all the stops. It’s flexible—you can make espresso utilizing any of the containers available, espresso units or your own particular ground espresso. You can even utilize some other kind of K-Cup, including cocoa or tea. This is an idiot proof espresso creator, and you can even warmth the water or drain ideal in the pitcher, restricting tidy up. It’s little, and simple to tuck into a cabinet when it’s not being used. It’s anything but difficult to clean and watch over, and it’s not an issue to drop the main K-Cup out of the glass connector to blend a moment container. As far as espresso quality, the capacity to control the blending speed creates a some coffee.


As a substantial obligation espresso consumer, we’ll give you the huge disadvantage first; this exclusive mixes a 10 some espresso. That’s, obviously, identified with the constraints connected with the K-Cup style brewer. What’s more, this isn’t a beautiful espresso creator. You likely don’t need this one on the table at informal breakfast, as the style is more viable than trendy. This additionally isn’t the perfect espresso creator in the event that you jump at the chance to wake up to a container prepared to-go. There’s some work required in making your espresso in the morning.