DeLonghi EN680.M Nespresso Espresso Maker Review

The DeLonghi EN680.M Nespresso Single-Serve Espresso machine has plenty of style while it can still give you great tasting espressos, cappuccinos along with latte macchiatos with ease. This espresso maker is designed for using with the Nespresso coffee pods, so all you have to do is drop in a tablet, slide over the milk package and click the start button.

The quality of the actual capsules are second to none, because they are full-flavored, smooth and possess creamy levels of foam on top. This particular Nespresso Lattissima single-serve model has a double boiler program so that you can switch back and forth between hot and cold temperature ranges.

With a sliding drip tray, 40-ounce water tank along with illuminated panel, you’ll wake up every day excited knowing that you can start off with a fresh, great tasting cup of coffee.

What’s so great about the DeLonghi EN680.M?

Computerized Machine: If youve always had the ambition to be your own individual barista but still dislike measuring, tamping along with grinding, the EN680.M ideal in this regard. This machine uses Nespresso capsules so all you need to do is drop in a capsule, slide the container forward on the front, put a cup on the tray and simple press the start button. Due to the patented ‘single touch’ hot milk system, all you have to do is secure the actual milk pack, and the level of steamed milk can be modified to your liking.

Technology: This Lattissima Single Serve isnt just any common single-serve coffee machine. Instead, it possesses a lot of technological innovation built into it that keeps this espresso machine a step ahead of the rest.

A unique extraction method is what makes an ideal espresso with no real effort required on your part. Because of the 19-bars of strain, all of the scents are extracted for full-flavored servings of espresso with lots of foamy crema.

The trademarked IFD milk system is what makes the milk professional-grade just like the foam you get to experience in any coffee house. The illuminated display panel is also technically advanced which will allow any user to make choices from multiple controls like espresso coffee, long caffeine and cappuccino macchiato.

Hot Milk System: As you can enjoy standard coffee using this type of machine, many people choose to create cappuccinos, espressos and latte macchiatos. To drink these beverages, you’ll need the aid of a milking system.

The good news is for the Lattissima Single-Serve, the hot milk system is built into the machine and easy to work with, whipping up professional-style beverages. It can be ideal to keep the milk frother clean for your hottest temperatures and sustain proper functioning for the machine.

Any Cons?

Modest Drip Dish: Although the variable drip plate is a wonderful touch, this doesn’t offer you cup size alternatives as claimed. It’s hard to use taller mugs on the machine.

Should you try to press in a mug that doesn’t suit, you’ll wish to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t topple over on the machine and make a mess. You could be best off making use of smaller glasses instead of opting for the more substantial ones.

Temperature: An issue that is raised by buyers using the EB680.M is that the heat of the milk is by no means hot enough. Some actually complain about the machines temperature settings and that it ought to produce it a lot hotter when you think about the high price of this espresso maker.

Frother Maintenance: Although milk frothing method is pretty good, it requires a lot of effort to help keep it up to scratch. For instance, you’ll need to clear the frother using soap and water every time you make some cappuccinos, which for many people might be every day.

Its also advisable to not allow the frother to sit unclean in excess of a few minutes, as the milk can get caught and it will be much harder to take out.

DeLonghi recommends making use of skim milk instead and holding the milk container on its own rather than with the frother. When you are in he habit of cleaning the frothing system on a regular basis, you’ll be much more pleased with the performance of this espresso maker.

DeLonghi EN680.M specifications:

Product Dimensions: 10 ¼ by 8 a 13 ½ ins; 22.4 pounds
Strain: 19-bars
For use in conjunction with: Nespresso capsules
Capabilities: Sliding spill tray, ‘single touch’ hot milk system, illuminated cp, two whole milk selections, a couple of coffee options, double central heating boiler system, easily-removed 40-ounce water container, accommodates cappuccino cups
Includes: Sample load up Nespresso capsules

Is the EN680.M going to be a great purchase?

If you love programmed machines that use capsules, you’ll really love the EN680.M Espresso Maker. Using the selection of beverages that you could make with this machine, you’ll feel as if you are your own personal barista.

The machine sports an up to date design. Although the frother needs standard maintenance, this really is no different than other espresso machines.

If you would like simpleness, practicality as well as nice tasting espressos, the Delonghi Nespresso EN680.M is the perfect choice in that regard.