Jura-Capresso Impressa J6 Automatic Coffee and Espresso Center Review

The Impressa J6 coffee center is another best seller from Jura-Capresso. Coming in a beautiful piano black housing, it has a very classy look about it for an automatic coffee machine. But does it measure up in terms of performance?

In this review of the Jura Impressa J6 we look at all the main pros and cons, buyers feeback about their experience using the Jura J6, coffee center think the pros and cons are and full specifications along with our final conclusion about if it offers good value.

jura impressa j6 review

The first thing you notice about the Jura Impressa J6 is that its very compact looking along with a touch of elagance, the black external finishing gives it sophistication and style many will like to have in their kitchen.

This machine is fully automatic making both coffee and espressos. The Jura J6 has been specifically designed to enure thats its going to be easy in operation. It has a very ease to use control panel that requires just a one-touch with up to 6 pre-programmed beverage buttons.

This includes one espresso, one coffee, two coffees, hot water and steam.  Integrated is a rotary button which permits another 11 sub choices.

The Jura-Capresso Impressa J6 is suprisingly quiet even though it has a total steel conical burr grinder while it also has 6 coffee bean fineness settings.

Its also equiped with a 15-Bar pump that allows perfect crema and high pressure brew process. Whats also great about  the  Impressa J6 is its water heating system.

Its very fast in heating at 150 watts which can make multiple cups of coffee with no lag time period between serves.

In addition, the Jura J6 that can make endless amounts of steam to heat and froth milk.  To add a note about the frothing on this machine, its very advanced and pretty much does everything.

The Jura J6 coffee center has actually 2 interchangeable froth systems. The first one being the Dual Frother Plus which made for manual frothing or steaming has 2 settings for either steaming (i.e lattes) or frothing (cappuccino).

The second one being system called the  frothXpress automatic frothing system.  This siphons cold milk and combine with steam, and then deliver any amount of frothed/steamed milk directly into the cup.

The water storage tank is quite large at 71 onces which allows up to 45 espressos on one tank.  The 9-ounce bean storage container has a an impressive feature of an electronic sensor that prevents the coffee beans from running out entirely.

features on the jura impressa j6:

  • Grinds, tamps, and brews in under 60 seconds.
  • A conical burr grinder that comes with 6 bean fineness settings
  • Six programmed (pre-set) beverage buttons
  • 11 sub-program options with easy to read LED display interface
  • 15-bar pump and 1450-watt Thermoblock system lined with stainless steel
  • 71-ounce removable water tank as well as water filter
  •  9-ounce bean container with empty warning sensor
  • pre-ground coffee funnel, dual coffee spouts

pros: whats really good on the jura impressa j6?:

  • One touch button beverage pre-sets with flexibility in customising the 6 programs to different strengths, temperatures, cup sizes
  • Quiet: it has a low noise design for the burr grinder which can be an issue on other  machines
  • Can use pre-grounded coffee which is great for decaf or special flavour coffee.
  • Great choice range in froth settings with 2 frother system
  • Outstanding water heating system allow new fresh cold water for every brew cup with no waiting
  • Can do 45 espressos on 1 water tank fill

cons: bad things to be aware of:

  • Coffee bean container is a little small considering the size of the water tank. Fortunately there is an early warning sensor so you never run out.
  • Big clean up could take some time.
  • Machine has mostly plastic parts.

what are buyers saying about the jura j6?

The Jura J6 gets plenty of good reviews on most online product  review websites/blogs as well as online retail including Amazon.

Overall there isn’t a great deal of negative feedback other than the odd faulty machine parts which Jura customer service deal with pretty swiftly.

Below is a quick summary on what most buyers are saying about the Jura Impressa J6:


– Extremely easy to set up, there is no complicated installations
– Very easy to operate, overide pre-set programs to customise to your liking
– Produces very good quality tasting coffee to a persons taste or preferences
– Filling up the water and bean tanks is very easy without having to move the machine around cabinets.
– Great diversity as you can make tea and hot soup with the hot water feature.


– A lot of comments about how small the bean storage tank is.
– Program buttons at the top of the machine take getting used to as they are hard to navigate throught the options.

our final say on the jura impressa j6

Some automatic coffee centers can be over priced when you look at the overall capabilities. We can say for the Jura J6 its unual to see a lower price which is what your paying for the Impressa J6 (your looking at half the normal price expected to pay for a automatic coffee center which usually are over 3,000 dolllars).

We can conclude what your going to get incredible value on this good looking unit. This is after you consider the overall quality, features and performance as well as the fact you can create espresso as well as normal coffee with an amazing range of settings and options.