Jura ENA Micro 9 Automatic Coffee Center Review

The stylish Jura ENA Micro 9 is a high-end coffee machine that caters for all who are looking for an automated coffee maker that can do single cups of espressos, latte macchiatos, cafe crema or brews by just pushing a selected button of your prefered coffee beverage.

The ENA 9 has been an ideal choice in the last few years for those who really don’t want to think about manually making coffee first thing in the morning or have no time (or patience) to mess around getting the right settings. There is hardly any effort required with making coffee or cleaning the Jura ENA Micro 9 as its a fully automated coffee machine.

Currently the world’s smallest automatic espresso coffee machine (and hence the title Micro), Jura have made this machine to be very compact in size especially in terms of height, so it fits in any kitchen space or bench top easily. It is a lot shorter than previously released Jura ENA models. Apart from that, the ENA Micro 9 consistently produces cafe quality beverages with speed which can’t be matched by even much higher priced automatic coffee machines in this class, which tend to make coffee that have a unnatural plastic taste and weaker coffee flavor.

Below are the key features on ENA Micro 9 followed by all the benefits. When it comes to cons, there isnt a great deal wrong with this high-end machine (which can still come with their share of problems), however there are still some issues to think about or least consider with the ENA Micro 9 before you dive in and buy this great automatic coffee center on offer from Jura.

Key Features on the ENA Micro 9 One Touch

  • 4 Touch button pre-sets options for brewing cappuccinos, latte macchiatos, café crème, espressos or drip.
  • Choice of 3 different cup sizes that also has the choice of 2 levels of aroma/strengths.
  • A compact dimensional sizing of 9.06 x 12.72 x 17.52 (inches)  This is the shortest ENA coffe machine on the market by 11%
  • Fully programmable options including water levels, coffee strengths, temperatures and switch-off time
  • Fast heating and steaming mechanism with Jura’s thermoblock heating system
  • Has a built in multi-level conical grinder for automated bean grinding
  • The coffee bean container is lined with Jura’s formulated silicone seal – the Aroma Preservation Seal, ensures the beans is always in air-tight environment that maximises the freshness of the bean longer
  • Has a dual spout that you can adjust the height from 2 inches up to 5.4 inches. It even has dual separated pipes for the coffee and milk that makes the unit very hygienic and clean.
  • Produces amazingly full milk foam thanks to Jura’s ‘fine foam technology’
  • Comes with cappuccino frother
  • Also come with all the other world class Jura standard technology in their Swiss designed and manufactured coffee machines. This includes the 15 bar high-performance pump, energy save mode, pre-brew aroma system, fully integrated cleaning/rinsing descale program
  • Brews with ground coffee via a Bipass Doser – which is positioned on the upper left of the coffee machine.

Main Benefits of Owning the ENA Micro 9

Easy and quick to set up – just open the box and you could be enjoying your first coffee within 12 minutes of plugging it in. There is no need to spend hours in learning how to operate or set it. In fact you could leave it with the factory settings it comes with and start enjoying a beverage that is correctly set up right from the start with just one press of the button. You still have the option of easily learning or digging deeper in how to use the advanced features and includes a very good support website with video tutorials and easy to follow instructions if you needed to. However the instructions in the manual that comes with the machines is fairly easy enough to follow.

Simple User Interface – Operating the ENA 9 is very simple. The icons and light indicators on the display are very intuitive that makes every process easy to follow. The button layout on the interface panel have high ergonomic positioning that allows easy access. This means you can select what you want without any hassle in the quickly every time The light indicators is no different to traffic lights that makes it so obvious that’s impossible not to understand (so green = ready to go , yellow/amber = in program mode, red = warning that action needs to be taken or error) the addition of a Rotary Switch allows you the level customisation that is very easy to set or do.

A large water tank – You can create a lot of drink without having to keep filling up the water tank again. This is ideal if you have a party or social gathering at your home and you need to serve up half a dozen of cappuccinos or espressos in relatively quick time without having to keep pausing to refill the tank.

Nice and Hot Steamed Milk – A common issue you’ll find with most other automated coffee machines is that they can’t heat the milk high enough. Not with the ENA 9 – you get the ideally high temperature needed that results in nice and hot steamed milk of  around the 130°F mark.

Easily to detach the water tank and refill.  Another nice feature is that the lid is also designed to open up in a way that allows you to fill it up again without even having to detach it from the actual body of the machine.

High Beverage Quality – you get a high standard beverage of your choice with the Micro 9.  What’s great about it, is that not only are all your drinks made so that they are nice and hot with fully rich flavors, you get the feeling a really talented real-life barista has prepared it. You get this impression just by the great full taste and the way it does the finishing touches. So single shots have full crema on the surface, the latte macchiatos will have those color patterns going all the way down the glass. The cappuccinos look and taste no different to any modern café. Overall the output quality is exceptional and you won’t find one coffee ground in your cup and precision in automatic water temperatures delivers

Storage Keeps Beans Fresh For Longer – As we mentioned in the key features section, the Micro 9’s storage container has a silicone seal that has been formulated to keep the beans fresh, sustains the flavour and keeps the full aroma at a very high intense level.

Speed –  Jura have made the ENA Micro 9 so it’s simple to pump out beverages really quick. If you’re a busy person that is short on time either to rush off to work in the morning or need to serve up  café quality beverages to guests quickly, there is no doubt you will benefit having a Micro 9 in your kitchen.

Outstanding customer support – Like with any other highly priced kitchen appliance, you’d expect excellent service when you need it. With Jura’s phone support you get a world class service that is very responsive. This is something that is re-assuring when you pay for something like the Micro 9 which is not cheap.

Very Compact – As noted before, this machine is designed with smaller spaced kitchens in mind. You can fit this machine easily onto any smaller sized counter, bench top or underneath your kitchen cabinets.

Very flexible pour spout – You get a great range of adjustments for heights of various cup sizes. Short or tall you’ll find a setting that is going to be perfect for the cup size you are using.

Hassle free cleaning – All the grounded coffee beans get emptied automatically straight into an internal bin that is stored until its full and needs to be emptied. For cleaning the machine also does this automatically with hot water which is then emptied into an internal tray that sits near the used bean container. The only small task the user has to worry about is emptying the bin and tray which the machine tells you via a warning lights for these 2 areas when it’s time to empty (usually around every 9 brews)

Very sturdy and robust. If you go over the exterior of the micro 9 you can definitely see that it hasn’t been built on the cheap. It’s very solid in structure, sturdy and very well built. Note that is not due to weight alone, its more due to how everything fits nicely together, and you’ll find the plastic has a solid sturdy feel about it opposed to a hollow or tinny feel that can happen on most other models.


Yes, it’s expensive. It’s not going to be a cheap option retailing at around the $1600 USD mark. However just like with any high-end quality coffee machine that provides full automation from making café level tasting beverages to hassle-free cleaning, you are going to pay a lot more that your normal coffee one cup coffee maker. Despite the fact it sound expensive at first glance, when you start comparing it with other models/brands in the same class (which can go up to $5,000) it basically delivers the same level of performance and quality.

You can looking to save money in buying the Micro 9 which retails at approx. $1600 USD then you should look at the latest discounts at Amazon which can be around 100 dollars cheaper than anywhere else.

Also if your just an espresso lover then you can look at the ENA Micro 1 which has all the technology of the Micro 9 but just caters for making espressos at the same quality as the Micro 9. You can save around 600 dollars if you buy the Micro 1 at Amazon. Check discount pricing on the Micro 1 at Amazon now.

Auto-froth only – You can’t manually do your own steaming even if you wanted to. This machine is catered for full automation of every coffee making task

Frother Cleaning – The only manual thing to do with cleaning is that you should be cleaning out the milk hose after each use while auto-frother and also the spout should be cleaned out each day you are using it. Both these tasks aren’t going to be that difficult as each component attaches/detaches easily. However, you still need to be diligent about doing it.

Our ENA 9 Review Conclusion:

The Jura ENA 9 One touch is a compact automated coffee machine that delivers you coffee beverages at the highest quality. It’s still priced at a fraction of the cost of other much higher priced coffee machine options, however the Micro 9 is still not a low cost budget solution.

That said, youll find the quality and overall value for money makes up for it.  The ENA 9 is the logical choice in terms of its ability to consistently produce great tasting, full flavoured coffee while the operation of the Jura ENA micro 9 is virtually effortless and hassle-free.