Keurig B155 Office Commercial Grade Coffee Brewing System Review

As the product title suggests, this coffee brewer by Keurig is designed for office environments.  Although this machine is perfect for office use you could still consider it for just the house.

The B155 is one of its top and most featured office coffee brewers going around in small to medium coffee machines range. The machine is very accessible and very intractable. It is very durable and makes a great blend of coffee.

It can also be used to make hot cocoa and tea. Its product is very delicious and taste good. The machine doesn’t need to be close to a water source because it has a water container that can make 90 ounce of coffee for the user.

It also has an optional brew strength that can be set for espresso like drinks and milder brewed beverages. One of the outstanding features on this coffee machine is that it touch screen interface that makes it very user-friendly and it will shut off automatically when no one is using it.

Some Positives

The B155 office brewing system is a very great machine that can provide coffee in just minutes. It is very useful in office work places or even at the home. It is very easy to use and makes a very nice tasting coffee. It has a nice touch screen where the user can chose the different variety of drinks that they want to drink.  It has a very unique design and sleek look. It is very durable if it is being taken care properly.

Some Negatives

Some customer may sometimes encounter technical problems with the device. But the solution to their problems is to call the service hotline number and ask for support or solutions on their problems. The water reservoir also sometime gets blocked and coffee doesn’t come out of it.

Customers should always clean in regularly and maintain it properly in order to not encounter these problems. This coffee machine needs to be properly maintained and handled with care so that it will last for a very long time.

B155 Benefits

  • Its water reservoir can hold 90 ounces of water
  • Automatic shut off option that can be set after using the machine
  • A full color touch screen interface that is very easy to understand and use
  • Drip tray that can be removed for traveling purposes
  • Brew 4-10 ounces of coffee

Is It Worth It?

The Commercial Grade Gourmet Small-to Medium Office Brewer B155 is a great coffee machine that can be used both in home and office environments.

The machine is very easy to use because it has a touch screen interface and it is very user friendly. The price is very worth it and very affordable. this commercial grade office brewer the Keurig B155 contains state of the art components that makes it durable.

Customers must always remember to properly maintain and clean the product regularly in order for it to last for a long time.