Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System Review

The Platinum Brewing System is Keurig best single-cup brewing system for your home. This premium model brews a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage at the touch of a button. It also offers coffee drinkers the widest range of five cup size options for brewing.

This model offers the full variety of features including Auto On/Off, Digital Clock, Adjustable Temperature Control and the Set Your Favorite Cup Size (4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz., 10 oz. and 12 oz. option).

72 oz. removable water reservoir holds up to ten cups before refilling and the removable drip tray allows for easy cleaning and the use of travel mugs.

The smooth, award-winning design is a unique footprint among Keurig home brewing systems and includes both a blue lit water reservoir and blue lit LCD display.

At first set up, once the machine is filled with water, it will take just about 4-minutes for the water will be heated. During the heating time the red light next to HEATING on the LED Control Center will become illuminated.

Once the water is heated, the red light will turn off and the Small Mug Button will flash. Press the Small Mug Button to start a cleansing brew. Pour the hot water into the sink.

The Brewer could take 15 seconds to reheat water between brews during which time the red light next to HEATING on the LED Control Center may be illuminated. When the water has heated, the red light will turn off. The one-time set-up process is now complete and you are ready to brew.

Product Features

  • Single-cup home brewing system for use with patented K-Cups
  • One-touch control panel; blue backlit LCD display; digital clock; programmable on/off
  • 5 brew-size options; adjustable brew temperature; removable drip tray
  • Blue-lit removable 72-ounce water reservoir; descale indicator; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Includes 12-count K-Cup variety pack and Water Filter Kit

Product Advantages

  • Setup was easy and took less than ten minutes complete. (This includes the brewing of the first cup). The only difficult part of the process was installing the water filter into the unit, as it must be lowered into the units’ tank and seated on an inlet hole towards the rear of the tank.
  • This model looks great with the blue LED lit tank and matching buttons. The larger 75oz tank slightly reduces the drip try area as it extends past the base as a result of the larger size. This in no way hinders use of the unit. The most interesting part of this model is the blue LED lights that not only light up the screen but they also light up the reserve tank.
  • This model also much quieter than older models and also with their competitors.
  • Some customers really like the timer feature because they can set their coffee maker ready when wake up in the morning. Easy to get that cup of coffee with little time to wait.
  • The variety pack of K-Cups that arrived with this model to be nice and get praise from customers. Many customers satisfied with this 12 K-cups included with this model purchased.

Product Disadvantages

  • Some customers complain Keurig does not service these brewers. If your brewer stops working more than 12 months after, you surely have to buy a new one. And if you consider to fix it yourself, they dont sell parts.
  • Some customers also complain about the five preset sizes. The largest travel mug size doesnt even fill up most of regular coffee cups. Sometimes you have to run the machine twice to get a full cup of coffee.