Krups KM9008 On Request 12 Cup Espresso Coffee Maker Review

As the name suggests Krups KM9008 12-Cup espresso maker allows you to have a fresh hot cup of coffee anytime you feel like one On Request. So why does this 12-cup espresso coffee maker stand out a lot more from the huge range of other best selling brands out there?

Probably the biggest  reason is that the Kups KM9008 has its own special feature called  Precise Warming Technology.

This great function is ideal for people that love coffee and only have a small period of time to prepare and drink coffee. So with this coffee machine, you just walk up to it and the coffee is brewed waiting for you to pour and drink straight away.

Also you can enjoy a range of practical features that include dual-programming, a 3 level trickle holder and countdown cooking timer.  So in a nut shell, here is  a coffee machine that can make the very last cup is just as good as the first.

Pros of the Krups KM9008 12-Cup

Precise Warming Technology keeping your coffee fresh

The Krups Cup On Request, gives you access to the featured Precise Warming Technology that ensures a constant and regulated temperature setting. The added dual heat system enables temperatures to remain unchanged even well after about 4 hours of the initial brewing time.

This means you are going to get fresh tasting coffee every time your going to pour a cup with up to half a day afterwards. The metal carafe also plays a big part to keeping a constant temperature for the coffee.

Plenty of handy features

You will have unlimited options using Krups KM9008 coffee maker, as there are a lot of various and handy features that allows you to achieve that ideal brew of coffee.

As there is no existing coffee pot, you can fill up a little or even large mug anytime you feel like it, while the dual programming permits the espresso maker for Saturdays and Sundays as well as during the regular working week.

A detachable, stainless-steel water tank and a included feature is water window with angled control. An opportune countdown egg timer lets you know how much time your coffee is sitting down, while a 3 level detachable drip tray accommodates all cup sizes and makes clean up hassle-free.

Aesthetics very pleasing on the eye

Apart from  making tasty espressos, the added bonus of the Krups KM9008 is that its definitely a nice looking machine to have around your kitchen. Unlike other appliances equipment which can be usually bulky and large (some cases very ugly or out of place) , this particular Krups coffeemaker is a lot smaller than average as well as compact, fitting neatly on any counter top or table.

It consists of a nice looking black and stainless steel external surface and it is all too easy to keep clean with the completely dettachable drip tray; along with a very easy wipe down does the trick to keep it nice and clean.

Even after all the fancy hi-tech features this espresso maker has, it still manages to provide you with a streamlined design with simple, easy to press buttons, a nice clock and handy timer.


Basket filter is not ideal

Nearly all of Krups’ machines possess a cone filter, so some buyers were put off with having to use a basket filter thats included this espresso machine. Cone filters are generally viewed superior at obtaining a more powerful,  full tasting coffee, while basket filters tend to produce weaker results.

If you’d prefer more powerful coffee, you can attempt placing more coffee grounds inside container filter to discover the same taste. Also, you’ll need to be mindful when removing the filter to discard the coffee grounds, because it will drip across. A good trick should be to get rid of rubbish that can be directly under to help you drop the filter in.

Plastic Construction

If you’re an person that prefers the look of a stainless steel interiors on coffee machines, you should be aware of the fact that the Krups KM9008 is constructed out of plastic material parts as an alternative.

This doesn’t mean the machine is not durable, and it remains lightweight, at the same time a lot of users also have no difficulty with the appliance or having it fall short in performance based on its construction.

Nonetheless, the interior parts are plastic, the drip tray is a little flimsy and many of the exterior is made of plastic. When you shop in this price range, be aware that coffee makers will function regardless of plastic parts, because material is cost-effective yet still very sturdy.  In addition, Krups uses only BPA-free plastics in their products.


The Krups Cup On Request 12-cup espresso coffee machine is going to be the ultimate buy for any coffee lover particularly for those that enjoy walking up to the machine and instantly pouring in their cup or mug fresh hot coffee anytime they feel like it.

You can make the coffee in the morning and then take advantage of the same scrumptious flavor around 4 hours later.

In addition, there’s no real worry about wasting coffee in the coffee brewing process when you consider the branded warming technologies and stainless steel carafe will retain coffee taste and keep it nice and fresh.

Having a sleek design, one-year warranty it has a good range of versatile features the most popular being the dual-encoding for the weekends and working days.

You’ll fall in love with the Krups KM9008 espresso maker that is the ideal family vision of ultimate luxury.