Nespresso D90/S1 Essenza Single-Serve Coffee Maker Review

Preparing coffees for your guests may be time consuming, but, with Nespresso D90/S1 Essenza, coffees will be served after a few minutes.

Coffee machines are one of the ideal appliances that are perfect for your home or even workplace and this Nespresso fits the bill perfectly. Many people enjoy drinking coffee after waking up and it is beneficial for them as just a push of the button gets a hot cup of delicious coffee.

Some drink lot of cups of coffee throughout the day. If you are a coffee lover and a single serve coffee machine is enough to lighten up your day, consider the Nespresso D90/S1 Essenza.

About Nespresso

Nespresso is a best selling and very well-known manufacturer of coffee machines worldwide. Once again, they produce another product that will prove you the greatness of coffee.

Nespresso D90/S1 Essenza is a unique capsule-like style. Every setting is controlled when you are going to prepare espresso. Like some Nespresso products, it is designed to provide ease.

When preparing excellent espresso, you can manually control your coffee in cup. 19 bars of high pressure pump produce the good smell of aromas and floating cream in the cup. During extraction, the remaining water is removed to serve freshness in each preparation.

Nespresso D90/S1 Essenza has a simple system to filter and ground coffee. Its handle system will allow you to prepare coffee easily. After using the capsule, it automatically rejects. Also, its container is removable and can handle 34 oz. of water.


The D90/S1 Essenza has a lot of advantages compared to its disadvantages. Its features are beneficial. You’ll have to drink coffee every time once you taste one cup of espresso.

The product is a lightweight and can fit even in tiny spaces of your kitchen. The price is reasonable and for some people, it is affordable. The best advantage of this nespresso espresso maker is that it gives you tasty cups of coffee. Most importantly, it serves hot coffee.

The capsules are also inexpensive. With this single serve coffee maker, you will not worry for the mess after having a cup of coffee. Moreover, it maintains it creamy texture. You’ll love shopping capsules once you purchase this espresso machine.


Overall, Nespresso D90/S1 Essenza is working great in providing delicious cups of coffee. However, it has disadvantages that you should be aware of before you decide to buy this unit. Its price is the major concerns of some users. It is quite expensive and the design look oldies. Capsules are not eco-friendly as what its manufacturer advertised. It also consumes a lot of electricity that causes pricey monthly bills.

There are available solutions for these issues. If you are not satisfied with your newly purchase unit, use your 1-year limited warranty to ask for another replacement. However, if there is damage on your unit, your vendor or dealer may not give you the chance to replace it. Fixes and repairs are provided by its customer support service. If you have complaints, you have the option of dialing the manufacturer’s customer service.

Reviews and Ratings

When it comes to customer reviews, Nespresso D90/S1 Essenza is highly recommended and considered to be the perfect coffee machine available in the market. They said that their long search is over and it’s the cheapest machine around. Some customer reviewers said that this single serve coffee maker is irreplaceable and gives you the best espresso.

Only few customers gave negative review on this espresso machine and they stated that it consumes a lot of energy. The rating of this single serve espresso machine is excellent. It got 4.7 out of 5 stars rating. 78% of customer reviewers have rated it with 5 stars, 19% of reviews have 4 stars, and only 4% for 1 star. No customer reviewer rates for 2 and 3 stars.


If you can’t live without espressos or coffee, Nespresso D90/S1 Essenza is a must buy appliance. Every cent spent on it is gong to be worth it. Don’t worry this is not costly as you expected. Expect that this single serve coffee maker will provide great difference on each cup of coffee.

Before purchasing Nespresso D90/S1 Essenza, read its reviews online. Through these reviews, you can determine if this espresso machine is the one that you’re looking for. So, stop searching for the different kinds of coffee maker.

Nespresso is coming your way to provide tasty cups of coffee. You can buy Nespresso D90/S1 Essenza online. Find your trusted online store and shop now.