Saeco 4045 Vienna Plus 15 Bar Pump Espresso Maker Review

The Saeco 4045 Vienna Plus is a coffee maker that’s been designed for making fully flavored and smooth espresso or cappuccinos as well as lattes and Americanos. The big talking point of this espresso maker is the removable brew group. Why is that so? It because it brews, tamps and grinds all in one cycle.

When it comes time to clean the brew group, it can be removed via the press of the button. There are a number of practical features which might be included with this coffee machine for example light indicators, an excellent frothing wand plus an adjustable dispensing spout.

Thanks to the 15-bars of pressure, get ready to experience ultimate flavor and taste with every beverage. The 1250 watts of power allows the machine to operate at top speed and efficiency the same as professional-grade espresso makers. You also can’t beat the conical burr grinder which can be adjusted to numerous fineness levels for the best tasting results.


Brew Group which is removable: It’s now very easy when making espressos with the Vienna Plus thanks to the patented removable brew group.

This complete interface lets you brew, tamp and grind all from machine without resorting to separate tools. When it’s time to clean your machine, the brew group is removable with all the simple push of a button.

Even though the Vienna Plus comes at a value, the brew group that is included with this machine is identical one utilized in Saeco’s higher-end models.

It’s created from durable plastic and may be cleaned weekly to keep it within the same working condition.

Great frothing wand: As the Vienna Plus was specifically built for espresso, cappuccino, latte and Americano production, this coffee maker would be a waste of your money if it didn’t come with a decent frothing device.

The good news is the Vienna Plus lives up to its reputation and all the hype about its magical frothing wand – unlike most other machine’s frothing tools.

The Vienna Plus frothing wand is capable of frothing milk into a light, fluffy and foamy crema. It also does an amazing job when it comes to low-fat milks. Your able to froth 4 ounces of milk inside 2 to 3 min. via the important the ‘steam’ button, creating unique drinks in very quick time.

Well brewed coffee: You simply must take time to figure out how to use the Vienna Plus and experiment with various coffee grinds and amounts, but once you do, you’ll realize that your answers are always delicious and frequent.

Perhaps one of the primary top features of the espresso maker; you get full-flavored body, an effortless taste along with the foamiest crema.

Of course, the quality of the pinto beans is the most important component, so be sure to take your time and effort in locating the best beans, as this machine will certainly do them justice.

Versitile Features: You’ll come to realize that the Vienna Plus has a lot of practical features that will make your specialty drinks more fun to produce.

Although this machine doesn’t possess a fancy backlit display or timer, it does have a user-friendly interface which has a coffee button, knob for adjusting the volume of coffee, a steam-function button and lights for temperature, alarm and strength.

The easily-removed brew group handles the brew, tamper and grind in a single cycle, as the Opti-Dose doser, frothing wand, water tank, adaptable dispensing spout and conical burr grinder provide the machine its added versatility.


Plastic-type Housing: However some current owners of the Vienna Plus say that the housing for the machine is high-quality plastic, a great many others disagree. Many are of the opinion that the housing really should of been made from metal rather than plastic.

The good news is that the boiler is manufactured out of stainless steel, as well as the plastic helps make the price of the device more affordable. Nevertheless, everyone was disappointed to see how the maker is manufactured entirely of plastic along with the trays and doors don’t always fit snugly.

Thereve also been some issues regarding the longevity in the product as being a handful of current owners are finding their Viennas to get complications with the internal workings in under a several years.

A bit bulky: Beyond the plastic housing, the design of the Vienna Plus isn’t as attractive in real life as many coffee lovers had envisioned. But like for other things in life, looks aren’t everything. Many espresso and occasional makers available on the market are sleek and stylish, with small footprints and an array of buttons.

The Vienna Plus is big, bulky and square-shaped and contains turn knobs as opposed to buttons. Even though some people take pleasure in the larger turn knobs which might be reminiscent of Italian espresso machines, others choose to user-friendly buttons seen on other machines.

The purpose to recollect is the fact that evidently this machine is big, it also has an attached burr grinder, which means one less appliance on your kitchen countertop.


Normal Price: $599.99
Item Sizing: 14 x 15 x 15 ½ in.; 9 lbs
Power Capacity: 1250 watts
Product Material: ABS plastic housing, stainless
Features: 15 bars of pump pressure, 12 ounce storage container for espresso beans, adjustable doser, ABS plastic removable brew group, 57 oz water reservoir, stainless steel boile and, frothing wand.


If you value specialty coffee drinks and wish the control of which coffee beans you’re using, the amount you’re using and also the fineness with the beans, the Saeco 4045 Vienna Plus will be the machine in your case.

While it is a great investment, most agree the Vienna Plus can be a value. It isn’t overstuffed with intuitive features, however it does include the necessary features giving users one of the most control over their coffee making ability.

Best of all, this machine is well-built and has fully built in conical grinder, a frothing wand, a large water tank and plastic drip tray for a quick cleanup. You’ll love how the spout is adjustable to match your various sized coffee mugs, while the plastic is sturdy and simple to maintain.

Overall, the Saeco 4045 Vienna Plus maintains its status as a favoured product amongst all lovers of great espresso.