Saeco HD8856/47 Exprelia Espresso Machine Review

A Quick Overview of the Philips Saeco HD8856 Exprelia Espresso Machine

No longer is there a need to find your car keys and drive to the coffee shop hoping for that perfect espresso when there is a Saeco HD8856/47 Exprelia Automatic Espresso Machine waiting right in your own kitchen.

With a simple turn of a knob, you can adjust the intensity of your espresso and make it to fit your taste. Learn more from our Saeco HD8856 47 Exprelia Espresso Machine Review below.

Saeco HD8856 47 Exprelia Espresso Machine Review
Our Saeco HD8856 47 Exprelia Espresso Machine Review provides the answers you seek.

To further make your espresso unique, the Saeco Exprelia has an independent double boiler system for the coffee and the milk. This allows you to adjust the milk and the froth to your liking. Keeping the machine clean is very easy as well.

All compartments are easily accessible so removing for cleaning and refilling is a simple procedure. The machine also has a self-cleaning and descaling mode to use in between uses to help keep your coffee tasting fresh. It also takes it upon itself to go into a standby phase after being idle for 60 minutes, during this time it will use a little water from the water reservoir to clean itself.

Some Noted Features of the Saeco Exprelia Espresso Machine

  • Double boiler with two independent circuits- one each for coffee and milk
  • Fast, precise milk frothing with integrated carafe
  • Auto cleaning and descaling
  • Machines switch off automatically one hour after use

Saeco HD8856 47 Exprelia Espresso Machine Review Summaries

Positive Remarks

There are a lot of pluses to this Saeco espresso machine that make it a favorite among espresso drinkers. One is that the display screen is easy to read and to follow. Not only does it tell you what it is doing, but it also tells you what to do step by step.

The Saeco HD8856/47 Exprelia Espresso Machine also alerts you to when to empty the coffee ground tray and the water tray. It also tells you when it needs more water. Another plus to this machine is that it runs fairly quiet machine, even when it is in the coffee grounding phase.

The ease of creating a drink exactly to the coffee drinker’s taste is an attribute to the machine that cannot be argued. Not only can the intensity of the flavor be adjusted but so can the froth of the milk.

A Couple of Complaints

If there is a down side to the machine, it is the fact that the water reservoir is not very large. If you are a person who drinks a lot of coffee, water will need to be added frequently.

Also to learn how to use the machine properly and all that it is capable of doing, it is highly recommended that you read the owner’s manual. Learning how to put the espresso coffee machine together and properly lubricating it can be a little daunting without reading the instructions first.

The cost of getting the cleaning tablets tend to be a little expensive, however depending on how often the machine is used will depend on how often it needs to be descaled. Properly cleaning is essential not only for the flavor of the coffee but for the longevity of the machine. It is also recommended that you purchase a quality espresso bean to get that perfect cup of coffee in return.

Summing Up the Saeco HD8856 47 Exprelia Espresso Machine Review

Imagine that wonderful coffee smell that hits you the moment you open the door to walk into your favorite coffee shop and how you cannot wait for that first sip of coffee. Now imagine that wonderful smell coming from your own kitchen. Being your own barista and creating that perfect espresso is easily obtainable with the Philips Saeco espresso machine. All you need to do is decide on how much flavor and froth that you desire and the machine does the rest.

The onscreen directions make it fairly fool proof even if you have never made an espresso before. Keeping the machine clean is the key for enjoying the perfect coffee drink for a long time. Coffee hour no longer needs to be in a busy coffee shop, but in the comfort of your own home where wearing pajamas is very acceptable.