SAECO HD8857 47 Exprelia EVO Espresso Machine Review

Give Yourself A Real Savory Treat By Making Quality Espresso With The SAECO HD8857/47 Exprelia EVO Machine

The SAECO HD8857/47 Philips Exprelia EVO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine is designed to brew thick instant coffee by forcing out pressurized water through a small filler container, packed with pure ground coffee powder. This ultimately results to a thick tasty beverage that would blow your mind away.

The brand also comes with an added touch of originality thanks to the H2 Technology Milk Carafe system, and without forgetting the full bean-to-cup customization options.

SAECO HD8857 47 Exprelia EVO Espresso Machine Review
This SAECO HD8857 47 Exprelia EVO Espresso Machine Review provides all you need to make a buying-decision.

Features and Benefits of the SAECO HD8857 Philips Exprelia EVO Espresso Machine

  • Double boiler for professional and fast results
  • Latte perfetto technology makes professional dense foam
  • Customizable Settings
  • One click removable brewing group
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling

SAECO HD8857/47 Exprelia EVO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Pros and Cons

SAECO HD8857 47 Exprelia EVO Espresso Machine Review Highlights the Pros

1. Apart from espresso it can also be used to make standard coffee, cappuccinos and lattes with many variables available so that you can tailor the drink according to your own taste and preferences.

2. In the long-run it saves users money compared to when they buy the beverage daily from commercial coffee shops.

3. One can adjust the heat to a level of their choice as this feature isn’t set on default as is the case with other machines, whether you prefer a warm or hot drink SAECO HD8857/47 Exprelia EVO Espresso Machine has definitely got you covered.

4. It makes beautiful froth for lattes which can further be designed to shapes such as rosetta, tulip, wave heart and swan amongst other art forms that may come to mind. Moreover, you can always store your milk carafe in the refrigerator when not taking it, this helps in preserving the overall richness and freshness.

5. The coffee circuit system runs an auto-cleaning mode once the machine is turned-on or shut down. Moreover, front dial allows users to change the overall quantity of crema that lies on top of the coffee for a rich balanced taste. You can also adjust the button to make specialty beverages such as latte macchiato and long coffee.

SAECO HD8857 47 Exprelia EVO Espresso Machine Review Cons

1. The machine needs constant servicing on a daily basis, this task has to be done manually and can be a real bother to those who run busy schedules. Nonetheless, if you forget to clean your Philips Exprelia EVO Espresso Machine after use then it may leave behind a pungent scent that would affect the quality of successive beverage drinks.

2. Sometimes the startup cleaning console may sputter and spit as if the pump wasn’t primed appropriately by the manufacturers, this phenomenal often happens unexpectedly and it doesn’t matter if the water-filter has been installed or not.

3. Though the instruction manual says that SAECO can hold up to eleven used pucks at a go, in reality the message reading empty only shows after 7 cycles. The small internal drip tray also fills up very fast, after making seven cups of coffee only. This can be frustrating for those who have visitors and would want to make more espresso cups for everyone.

SAECO HD8857 47 Exprelia EVO Espresso Machine Review Summary

Philips SAECO Exprelia EVO consistently prepares excellent beverages for your total enjoyment. Furthermore, its milk pitcher can hold considerable amounts of coffee and is quite simple to connect/disconnect for storage purposes. The steamer works perfectly for boiling milk or simply dispensing hot water for making Americanos, plus the detachable pour guides also allow coffee-makers to use tall latte cups with ease.

There’s also an extra bean container where one can empty out used coffee beans and replace them with new ones, for a fresher and more original taste.