Saeco Xelsis SS Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Youll find that your old clunky espresso maker is no match for the  new Saeco Xelsis super-automatic espresso machine built in stainless-steel.

You’ll never have to think about or reminisce about coffee makers youve owned in the past once you’ve welcomed in this super automatic espresso machine into your lifestyle, as the easy to customize features and intuitive control keys allow for effortless operation when you need it.

You can be your own barista with the 36 coffee  brew options all executed by the use of  a single press of the button.

In the past, you might of forgotten how to make that perfect cup of espresso?  With one touch of a button, you don’t have to worry anymore about it with this espresso maker.

There are half a dozen profiles that can be inputted with up to half a dozen beverages. In the morning, just push your prefered switch and go, and each member of the home can do exactly the same thing.

It goes without saying that the Saeco Xelsis SS is a sound investment, as you dont find cheaply made plastic parts or  housing anywhere on this coffee machine.

Fully manufactured and built from stainless steel, it has a huge external milk carafe, ceramic disc coffee grinder and pre-grind espresso bypass doser, you can anticipate absolutely nothing but the very best from this robust,  super automatic espresso machine.


Fully Customizable: In the event that you’re tired of squandering good pinto beans on looking to achieve that ideal espresso, your current frustration should come to an end with the Saeco Xelsis SS.

This equipment has 36 different refreshment settings, together with a light toast coffee or even a bold caffeine. These 36 beverage adjustments are all triggered with the press of a button, and there are 6 user profiles that can be personalized for each associate in the family.

Of such six options, each person may add up to six of their favored beverages for touch-and-go use whenever.

Sturdy design: Even high-end espresso makers out there could be made from cheap plastics. With the high cost of these machines, it’s no surprise that consumers prefer a material construction that does not only looks better, but in addition stands up to heavier usage.

The Saeco Xelsis is made from chrome and stainless steel parts as well as housing. Its heavy, 40 pounds  to be exact, even though many other models are just 15 pounds.

Anyone won’t be capable of lugging this device around the home or bring it out to the place of work, however you will love the well-constructed, sturdy piece equipment that meets its substantially high price tag.

High end: The Saeco Xelsis operates in powerful all the time. The saying moves, “you pay for everything you get”, and this device is no different. It can make all types of niche coffee ingest imaginable, letting you feel like youve got a coffee pub in your house.

The wide exhibit is easy to see and thoughtfully positioned on leading of the appliance. And as an alternative to having to work having a bunch of tiny tools for example steaming magical wands and frothing gadgets, you can enjoy a milk option and outside milk carafe that provides you the full-bodied cappuccinos and also lattes with a covering of foamy product on top.

Regular Results: Along with today’s espresso devices, you can certainly use this along with pods or make the caffeine yourself, nevertheless there seems to be no real satisfied medium.

People enjoy making their own espressos, but achieving the perfect balance of pinto beans, bean energy and fineness of the grains is difficult.

With all the Saeco Xelsis,  you finally have the balance. You can test out various configurations, settings and coffee beans, as soon as you achieve the prefect glass, you can program it for forever into the machine.

Along with 6 different user sets, no two different people have to share the same tastes or preferences, and you could really amaze your guests with your perfect brewing expertise.


Highlights: Generate up to 6 8 profiles for every member in the home, fully personalized, choose the strength of your caffeine with the single dial
Colors: Comes in black, chrome (stainless steel + black) or white
Construction: Stainless steel
Characteristics: External dairy carafe, ceramic disc grinder, pre-ground espresso bypass doser, purification
Regular Retail Cost: $3,800
Product Measurements: 16.5 x 11 x 14.5 inches wide; 40 pounds


At bit pricey: There’s no doubt that this Saeco Xelsis stainless steel espresso machine is going to be worth the money, nevertheless it’s an investment that lots of people are not willing to take up, simply because of the high price tag.

Some will state that the cost of the device is sooner or later offset through by the money saved from having to order from local coffee shops, but nevertheless, many people don’t have a few thousand dollars associated with coffee in a very short time.

Since the marketplace is bursting with budget-friendly coffee and coffee makers, a lot of feel that they’re able to get similar performance by paying much less.

You might be giving up the intuitive, easy to customize attributes, though you can find several cheaper alternatives that can make coffee and espresso rather well but probably not at a large scale and greatly automated efficiency as this machine.

Hefty and weight: Saeco Xelsis espresso machine is unquestionably a hefty piece of kitchen equipment, so it’s certainly something that will require a decent amount of counter-top space as well as a permanent home.

Many coffee/espresso makers are created to be lightweight and also portable to be able to carry along to a different location like a vacation home, however this espresso machine is not associated with this sort of use.

Thankfully, it still possesses a stylish look that can fit it nicely with today’s modern day décor. As well as the cost along with convenience of the equipment, you’ll  love to show off this device on your counter-top.


There is no doubt this is a world class coffee machine backed by 5 star reviews and if you possess the money to pay for it (around $3,000), then you can enjoy the Saeco Xelsis super-automatic  as its a superb coffee machine which will let you be your own barista.

Add to that there are few disadvantages to this appliance because it’s highly intuitive, made out of opera steel and fully custom-made.

Washing is often a breeze, and the integrated whole milk solution, outer milk carafe and also milk routine supply you with the very best mouth watering cappuccinos and also lattes with much less fuss.

With the ability to turn out hot, steady and also high-quality custom made drinks, the Saeco Xelsis is going to change your health, coffee and lifestyle for the better.