DD122FW MK4 Dehumidifier Review

This DD122FW MK4 Dehumidifier Review exposes a number of dehumidifier reviews on popular retail websites on the net. It seems that this particular unit is a big contender for being one of the best dehumidifiers.

Since it is a best-selling product it has come to our attention and we want to help you decide if it is right for you. That is why we have created this review.

The DD122FW MK4 Dehumidifier Review Description

This dehumidifier is a desiccant machine that is lightweight, has a slim profile, is low in noise and has a high rate of extraction. It is a step up of the Meaco DD122FW-MK2 dehumidifier as the company continues their aim of making the best dehumidifier on the market.

DD122FW MK4 Dehumidifier Review

DD122FW MK4 Dehumidifier

The unit features an auto restart feature which you can look out for in the dehumidifier reviews of this product as this is a notable feature.

Though this machine is on the smaller side you will be surprised to find that it has the capacity to dehumidify a five bedroom house. It has a filter that kills bacteria and an ioniser that creates nice healthy and breathable air in your home.

It also has a laundry feature so it can be used to dry your washed items. It dries air with the use of a desiccant wheel which is very advantageous as it allows water to be consistently removing water from the air. It has a capacity of removing 7 litres of water each day of operation whether the temperature is colder or warmer.

DD122FW MK4 Dehumidifier Review Features

  • Has a capacity for a large house
  • Suitable for use in an apartment, entire house, boat, garage, caravan and even a car
  • Low temperature mode for smaller spaces
  • Quiet operation
  • Very lightweight at 7 kilograms
  • Laundry mode
  • Humidistat for energy efficiency

Consumer Reviews for The DD122FW MK4 Dehumidifier

One consumer stated that this is definitely the best dehumidifier and say they have nothing but praises for the unit. This particular reviewer purchased the unit for use in their garage as they use the computer in their garage and the air in there tends to be very damp during the winter.

They love the fact that there are numerous options for controlling the unit and that it even has an extremely low setting. They would definitely recommend this dehumidifier as the best.

One person who purchased this item did so because their old dehumidifier was too noisy. He finds this unit very quiet on the lowest setting and though it could be quieter on higher settings they still consider it to be the best dehumidifier.

He loves the fact that he can quickly feel the results when he turns on the gadget and with the use of his humidity gadget he can see that the humidity levels go down pretty quickly once he has started the device. He notes that it uses more energy than his old dehumidifier but withstanding that he still gives it great dehumidifier reviews as it works quickly so you don’t have to keep it on too long anyway.

Best For Speed-Drying

Another customer calls this the best dehumidifier because of how quickly it dries out their house. She also uses it for the entire house and as such uses it at a central spot and though it is small it effectively works in the entire house.

Another owner stated they purchased this dehumidifier after reading the many great dehumidifier reviews about it. They state that this is the first dehumidifier they have ever owned and though it is the first they do think it is the best dehumidifier as it is very effective and does all that the manufacturer says. They love that it is user friendly though there are number of modes to choose from.

They love the laundry feature and state that their clothes dry quicker even when they are not using the particular feature. They also love the timer settings since they allow them to use the unit and leave it running knowing that it won’t stay on all day if they forget about it.


It works perfectly and is mid-priced which is great given the amount of area that it can cover.


The machine could be quieter on higher settings.


The MK4 Dehumidifier has gotten a number of best dehumidifier reviews. Persons having purchased and used this unit find it to do all that is says it will and it is nicely priced as well making it a great choice for anyone who needs a great quality dehumidifier.