De’Longhi 12 Litre DES12 Compact Dehumidifier Review

A Dehumidifier provides you with a way to get rid of extra moisture in the air at those times when humidity is high. This is good because it lessens things like mold spores and more in the air. That’s what you should expect from one of the best dehumidifiers on the market!

De’Longhi 12 Litre DES12 Compact Dehumidifier

De’Longhi 12 Litre DES12 Compact Dehumidifier

When looking for a dehumidifier you want the best and one of those on the market currently with an average review of 4 out of 5 stars is the De’Longhi 12 Litre DES12 Compact Dehumidifier. This is a dehumidifier according to its manufacturer is compact yet stylish and has the capacity to extract 12 litres of water per day. It operates quietly and can be moved around the house if necessary thanks to its carry handle and built in casters.


This dehumidifier is lightweight and has a large capacity and the reviewers note that it makes a remarkable difference.


One reviewer notes that it is a bit bulky if you plan to move it around a lot.

With a built in humidistat you can easily set the desired level of relative humidity you would like the machine to use for dehumidifying your home. The removed water is automatically discharged in the after tank or in the permanent drain with the two meter extraction hose if you set up this feature.

The water level of the tank is clearly visible so you can empty the tan as necessary though the machine will stop extraction automatically when the tank is full. There is also an anti-frost feature which works down to 2 degrees Celsius.

With your purchase of the De’Longhi 12 Litre DES12 compact dehumidifier you will get the dehumidifier unit, the castors, a 2 metre extraction hose and the product manual. The product is also covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

De’Longhi 12 Litre DES12 Compact Dehumidifier Features

  • Portable
  • Compact
  • 12 litre capacity
  • 3 litre tank
  • Built in humidistat
  • Permanent drain facility for fixed operation
  • Anti-frost for colder environments
  • Double condense elimination system
  • Bio silver tech system air filter
  • Weighs just 9 Kg
  • Uses R134a Ecological gas
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty

Consumer Reviews for De’Longhi DES12 Dehumidifier

The De’Longhi DES12 has a bit of reviews with ratings of approximately 4 out of 5 stars currently. Here we will let you know what customers are saying about the product by supplying you with a couple reviewers’comments.

Reviewers had the following comments in common;

“Great middle range dehumidifier for the home…”
“…easy to use and easy to move.”
“…it is amazing, and everything about it, is wonderful.”

One reviewer notes that this is a middle range dehumidifier that extracts enough water from the air so that their windows don’t build up condensation. He notes that he has also used it for drying clothes and notes that it does speed up the time it takes to dry clothes in doors. He notes that it is a bit noisy to run at night somewhat like a heater but that he doesn’t need to have it running at night if he runs it during the day. He notes that he can go a couple days without emptying the tank and that it can sit nicely against the wall since the vents are on both sides.

One reviewer note they purchased this after moving to an old house that is quite damp. She notes that within three days of using the dehumidifier she noticed the difference as the windows don’t have water on them in the mornings anymore and the house no longer feels damp. She finished by saying the dehumidifier is worth every penny she paid for it.


By all standards the De’Longhi DES12 Compact Dehumidifier is definitely a good buy. It has a very good review rating and reviewers recommend it as a great mid-range dehumidifier for the home.