KSTAD70B – Keystone Energy Star 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review

People living in states with high level of humidity have to face a lot of issues due to the saturated air that weighs down heavily on them. The problem may not seem too huge to an outsider but the entailing issues that are caused due to high humidity are truly alarming. This KSTAD70B – Keystone Energy Star 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review proves it to be among the best dehumidifiers you can buy.

kstad70b dehumidifier

What they are, might you ask? Well, a short list would be air filled with moisture that feels heavy to inhale and on your skin, there are invisible germs and bacteria growing all around you in those damp pockets, your house never seems bright and fresh due to mildew and mold in hidden spaces, you are sweating a lot that drains you of energy – these are just a few of them!

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In order to get rid of these problems in a quick and economical manner, you should consider buying a dehumidifier. Keystone manufactures some of the best ones in the market. Let’s see what this model has.


This particular dehumidifier is a good buy for the following reasons:

  • As the name suggests, it uses a very small amount of electricity thus saving you money on its bill while achieving good results.
  • It has an industry-best 70 pints capacity to hold water in one day.
  • It has a transparent water tank of 1/3 gallon capacity so you can keep an eye on it easily.
  • It gives an alert when it has reached its full capacity and water needs to be emptied from the bucket.
  • It automatically shuts down when it has reached its maximum capacity so you do not have o worry about the device malfunctioning due to excess water.
  • It comes with a dust filter that can be detached, cleaned and then re-inserted so the air is also purified at the same time. The clean-filter alert also lets you know when there is too much dirt clogging the filter.
  • It is a portable device as it has 4 rolling casters attached to it. These casters are made out of durable materials so they don’t get worn out very easily.

Benefits and why you should buy it

A dehumidifier, true to its name, removes the excess moisture in the air and stores it in a bucket. You must empty the bucket when it Is full and replace it in its right place so the dehumidifier can continue working. By using this device, you can get clean, fresh air no matter how humid the place is where you reside.

Air-conditioning will not be required as the dehumidifier improves the quality of the air and you do not feel too swamped all the time. So the lighter the air, the less oppressive you feel and accordingly reduce the use of the AC.

Using a dehumidifier is certainly not for the overly-conscious health buffs. Even old people who cannot tolerate humid air and its related problems swear by this product.


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So if you are interested in having a machine that improves the quality of the very air you live and breathe in, look no further. This product is easily available and can be ordered online too. Enjoy fresh air at a reasonable price for a very long time with this product!