Nespresso Pixie D60 Espresso Maker Review

The Nespresso Pixie D60 Espresso Machine is a very compact single-serve espresso maker. Its a very popular as the style, size and attractiveness of the Pixie D60 is perfect for most modern kitchens and comes with great functionality.

It takes up very little counter space. Also their is no need to wipe loose coffee grinds as it uses pre-measured drops from a capsule.

Features On The Pixie D60

  • 24 Fl.Oz Water Reservoir – located at the back and refilled from top it has a low-level detection light when the water is low. With no water filter it is advised to use bottled or filtered water to avoid mineral deposit.
  • Volume Options –two buttons for brewing either Lungo or Espresso. The brewing volume is also adjusted manually with these buttons when the desired brew amount is reached.
  • 19-Bar Pressure Pump – for its size it is a very powerful pump.
  • Removable Used Capsule Container – when pulling the lever up, the used capsule drops into the capsule container and holds 10 used capsules.
  • Foldable Drip Tray – if needed the drip tray folds to accommodate a taller espresso cup.
  • Energy Efficient – automatic shut off after nine minutes inactivity. It can be reprogrammed however to take a longer time to shut down.
  • Heat – it only takes 30 seconds to heat up.
  • Push Button Operation – three buttons, one for On/Off, Lungo and Espresso.
  • Length – 12.83-inch, width – 4.33-inch, height – 9.1/4-inch
  • Comes with a variety of cups
  • No hassle or mess that comes with traditional machines

Pros on Nespresso Pixie D60

  • Auto shut-off saves energy as well as stress if you forgot to turn it off before leaving the house
  • Recyclable used capsules making it a “green” machine
  • Aromatic espresso with crema on top
  • 30 second brewing time
  • Small and light enough to travel with
  • Swiss made with main body aluminium and the rest heavy plastic
  • Ergonomically designed and intuitive to use
  • No fuss, no mess, no clean up
  • Descaling needed only every two months

Cons on Nespresso Pixie D60

  • The tank size means refilling more often
  • The reservoir cover has clips clipping onto the coffee maker to steady it. With the reservoir being plastic those clips may cause stress and crack the reservoir over time and very regular use
  • The fact that the reservoir sits directly on the counter is another con as the continuous shifting to clean underneath it etc. may proof damaging to the reservoir
  • At this stage only Nespresso and Amazon sells the proprietary espresso capsules

Verdict on the Nespresso Pixie D60

Nespresso Pixie D60 does everything for you apart from filling the tank and popping in the capsule. Ideal for those who do not have the time to fuss in the mornings  in having to mess around making espresso from scratch. Simply push two buttons and you enjoy a hot espresso in under a minute. Even for its size the espresso is surprisingly good with a thick cream which is available in an assortment of flavors and intensity.

For its price the Nespresso Pixie D60 is a great buy with 98 % of its reviews being very positive and enjoys 4.5 to 5 stars ratings on review sites.

The Nespresso Pixie D60 espresso maker is also available in vibrant colors of Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.