EatSmart Precision Elite Kitchen Scale Review

Measuring food is an important factor to come up with the right serving portions and essential towards ensuring you and your family receive adequate nutrition.

Therefore, you must also have the right kitchen tool to provide you with the most accurate measurements and make the process as easy as it can be.

EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale 15 lb. Capacity

EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale 15 lb. Capacity

Before committing to any specific scale, be sure to check out our list of the best digital food scales for your kitchen.

The EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale is the most recent addition to the EatSmart collection of an innovative scale line that are made with the highest quality.

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It was designed specifically to include all necessary features a cook, baker, foodie, or any person who wishes to burn extra calories would need. Here are the main points that comprise this electronic scale and have made it into a much preferred tool in the kitchen:

Precision Elite Technology

EatSmart boasts of superior accuracy with its Precision Elite Technology that can precisely measure to the nearest .05 oz or 1 gram. It can deliver both metric and imperial systems.

This makes it the perfect tool for everyday routine, whether in preparing food for family and guests, or monitoring your own intake of calories in your weight loss challenge.

Tare Feature

The EatSmart Precision Elite food scale is capable of subtracting the weight of the plate, bowl, or any container your food is in. It can be zeroed out for adding more ingredients, multiple times in one sitting! This way, you can effortlessly gain its correct weight without any fuss.

All you need to do is put it on top of the smooth stainless steel platform that holds ample space even for large mixing bowls.


-EatSmart Precision Elite professional food scale with the exquisite design of a durable stainless steel platform thats over 7 wide.

-Extra large LCD display with bright white backlight for visibility and clear, easy-to-read numbers.

-Displays ounces, pounds, grams and kilograms with a graduation of .05 oz / 1 gram measurements, up to a maximum of 15 lbs or 7 kgs.

-FREE EatSmart Calorie Factor guide book which allows for full control with a quick and easy method of calorie counting.-Tare feature for eliminating the weight of food containers right when you need it.

-Inclusive of 4 AAA batteries and has an Auto-Shutoff feature within 3 minutes for battery conservation and efficiency in the kitchen.

-Easy to clean and store almost anywhere when not in use.

Customer Reviews

This kitchen scale is one of the best you can get, with everything to love about it. Getting your own EatSmart Precision Elite backed up with over 700 customer reviews and the 100% EatSmart Guaranteed Satisfaction, which allows for a solid decision when buying a handy food scale.

What you will be receiving is not just the digital food scale you wanted, but you also acquire the Calorie Factor and Instruction Booklet for absolutely free!

It has gained a total of 4.8 stars amidst a 5-star rating on Amazon, which is fairly good and makes it evident that this is far from an ordinary food scale.


The EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale presents unique qualities in many different ways through the features and capabilities it was built with.
The usefulness of this electronic scale is topped with the contemporary design it holds. Its appearance would accentuate your kitchen with elegance and style.

This smart digital food scale could become your very helpful partner towards achieving your goals, not only on how exactly you want your meals to turn out, but with a better body and a healthier you!

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