Kitchen Gurus Digital Food Scale Review

Every Healthy Kitchen needs a food scale. We all like indulging in the kitchen and creating sumptuous meals. Cooking involves the use of various appliances and gadgets that make our kitchen time easier.

Personally I have used many kitchen scales, and I thought I should try out the Kitchen Gurus Glass Top Digital Food Scale. Most recipes require accurate measurements of grams or ounces of different ingredients, and so a food scale is necessary.

Kitchen Gurus Glass Top Digital Food Scale

Kitchen Gurus Glass Top Digital Food Scale

Before committing to any specific scale, be sure to check out our list of the best digital food scales for your kitchen.

From my experience of using this particular food scale, here is my experience of what the Kitchen Guru Top Digital Food Scale does. Learn if this product fits your expectations of a food scale for your kitchen.

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Accurate Measurements

The food scale offers accurate measurements of portion sizes to know what you are eating. With a weighing of 4-high precision sensors, 10lb capacity and .1oz resolution, it is reliable for tracking your special diet requirements such as carbs, calories, sugars and fats.

Accurate measurements will enable you to bake like a professional and allow you to prepare your nutrition-packed foods.

Easy to Clean

The food scale comes with a hygienic glass top with touch sensitive keys making it easier to clean. The sleek low profile design of this food scale makes it easier to store in a drawer or cabinet. You can expect a clean glass surface always with no buttons that trap food.

Greater Service

Purchasing the Kitchen Guru Top digital food scale offers you the chance to experience the Company’s high professionalism giving you a 100% satisfaction guarantee, 5-year warranty and an A+ Customer service.

Furthermore, the Company is also part of an initiative to support the Global Orphan Project as such purchasing this food scale is also for a greater and noble right.

Some of the specifications of this product include the following:

Product Features:

· Zero feature for adding additional ingredients

· Easy to clean, with a durable tempered glass

· Designed in the USA with an Auto-Off Technology

· Touch Sensitive Buttons

· 1 Lithium Long Lasting Battery

· Responsive customer support

· 4 High Precision Gauges

· Easy to read high contrast LCD

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Kitchen Guru Glass Food Scale is one of the best kitchen scales on the market. If you are enthusiastic about your food portions and weighing of ingredients accurately, then this food scale with excellent customer support is the better option for your kitchen.

Customers who reviewed it online gave it a total of 4.8 out of five stars overall with a total of 663 reviews, endorsing it as a worthy purchase for a kitchen gadget. Aside from one buyer having a minor complain that the plate size on the scale is a bit small, and the scale buttons being a little touchy, there was no significant complaint affecting this gadget.


Every Kitchen requires various appliances. Eating healthy mandates checking your food portions as well as knowing what you cook and eat. Having the Kitchen Gurus Glass Top Digital Food Scale as your kitchen appliance is the right start to a healthier kitchen. I would highly recommend this food scale for those who are enthusiastic about eating healthy.

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