Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale Review

Do you love cooking different food recipes in your kitchen? One thing that you may have noted by now is that the actual measurement of your ingredients is very important if you are interested in creating a perfect mixture for a perfect delicacy.

There are many kitchen tools such as Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Scale designed to help you achieve the perfect mixture of your ingredients for delicious meals.

Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

Before committing to any specific scale, be sure to check out our list of the best digital food scales for your kitchen.

However, it is important to note that different digital food scales are designed and programmed differently and hence you should be careful when buying scales. For example, the 12lbs edition kitchen scale from Ozeri is easy and convenient to use and thus, perfect for you if you are already experienced or a beginner in cooking.

Before you can buy any kitchen scale, it is also important to note that although most models claim to offer precise weights and measurements, some scales such as the Ozeri touch scales are designed to offer extremely accurate measurements. The other issue that differs among digital scales is the design.

A scale with a sleek design such as ozeri pro digital kitchen food scale will complement your kitchen décor while at the same time offering the benefit of accurate measures.

It is not easy to choose the best scale because of the available options, but the following features make ozeri touch pro digital kitchen scale stand out among its competitors.

Accurate measurements

The professional Ozeri touch kitchen scale is highly accurate. It is designed with four high precision GFX sensors, which allows you to measure from 0.1oz to 11lbs. The scale despite not being a nutritional scale also comes with a helpful calorie/ nutritional guide book.

The scale also comes with a clear and bright LED display for easy reading. Furthermore, unlike other models, you do not have to wait for the scale to set itself.

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Sleek and convenient design

The scale features an elegant award-winning thin design that makes it a piece of art you would like to display on your kitchen counter. Despite being stylish, the scale also features a highly functional design. It comes with two touch screen buttons for easy operation.

Features and specifications

-Easy to use touch sensitive buttons

-An award-winning thin design and strong tempered glass surface

-4 high precision GFX sensors

-Two lithium batteries

Customer Reviews and Scores

Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale is a four star digital scale with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars out of 1261 customer reviews on Amazon.

Despite attracting 1261 customer reviews, it is only a 19 percent of viewers who rate the scale at or below 3 stars with amazing 66 percent rating the scale five stars. It is rare to find a problem with this scale but one customer complains about a malfunctioned delivery, which is quickly replaced after contacting courteous customer service.


Ozeri touch professional digital scale is a must have kitchen tool not only because of its durability, convenience, accuracy and ease of use but because it is the only scale you will struggle to find a problem among its reviews.

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