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You know you need a new freezer but you are not sure what to look for. The Freezer Reviews that Greatest Appliances publishes will get you pointed in the right direction. The first question you need to answer is; do you want one of the Best Chest Freezers or are you after one of the Best Upright Freezers?

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Our Freezer Reviews Explains the Different Freezer Types

Upright Freezers

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Now is time to choose which Upright Freezer model fits perfectly for your requirements. Going to the nearest appliance store and buying the cheapest freezer may work for some people. However, we have to make sure that you will make the best decision for you. This is why we are going to offer you a couple of important tips.

When looking for an upright freezer, you first need to decide on the capacity of the freezer you want. This goes hand in hand with the space it will occupy. If you are low on space, but require a lot of space, you will have a difficult time finding the perfect match for your needs.

But besides space there are also other aspects you will have to take a look at in order to make the right decision. First of all have a look at the energy efficiency of the freezer and do some math in order to see how much it will cost to run it for its lifetime. Also, have a look at the features you are interested in most like automatic defrost and temperature control and anything else you might have in mind. Click the link below to see our Upright Freezer Reviews.

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Chest Freezers

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Chest freezers are a fantastic option for storing long-term.

If you purchase groceries in bulk, you probably save a ton of money but the challenge of storing the food arises. To resolve this issue, a wonderful machine is available for your consideration: the chest freezer, which you can utilize to keep the food in storage for and extended period of time. Chest freezers are a lot like the freezer in a refrigerator but is much larger. With the chest freezer, you have access to large amounts of space to store a lot of food. The majority of the home owners opt to buy the best chest freezer separately to store large quantities of food as opposed to relying on just the freezer in a refrigerator.

A chest freezer can be located next to your refrigerator or can be located in a garage or other such room which can provides adequate space for the chest freezer’s dimensions. A lot of chest freezers have varying storage shelf sizes to help you to keep different types of food organized separately from each other.

Chest freezers can be as much as 25% more efficient than upright freezers because chest freezers open from the top, avoiding too much loss of cold air. The weight of lid also aids in locking the freezer tightly.

The only real downside to a chest freezer is needing to bend over to dig out items from the bottom of the freezer. A minor inconvenience, sure, but an inconvenience nonetheless. You can read our Chest Freezer Reviews by clicking the link below.

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If you want to get more familiar with freezers, check out our Freezer Buying Guide.

The question from the title is pretty common among the ones that are on the market for a new freezer. The competition between these two freezer models has existed for decades. There is not a major conclusion that can be drawn to offer a single recommendation in all cases. Since both models have pros and cons, you will have to choose one of them depending on your needs.

If space is your biggest issue, you will probably need to go for an upright freezer. They occupy much less space than chest freezers. Easily making the difference in a room where you barely have space to turn around. The capacity of an upright freezer compared to the space it occupies is better than a chest freezer. This is the main thing that you will need to remember when shopping for a freezer.

But when it comes to energy efficiency and economical part, the situation changes in favor of chest freezers. This type of freezer offers much better energy efficiency. Besides that, the purchase price is lower than in the case of upright freezers. That makes them a better choice for the ones that are interested in the best value.

Upright freezers come with another advantage over chest freezers. They are easier to operate and more practical due to numerous drawers and shelves that can be found inside. We hope our Freezer Reviews have provided you with enough information to buy the best freezer for your needs.