Amana 5.3 cu. ft. Chest Freezer Review

Likewise with any apparatus, a standout amongst the most vital elements when acquiring a freezer is deciding how much vitality the unit will cost you at last. Amana’s little chest freezer is Energy Star agreeable, which means it meets vitality productivity prerequisites set by the U.S. Ecological Protection Agency, and is more vitality productive than machines without the blessing.

Amana 5 3 cu ft Chest Freezer
Check The Price

As per Amana, this chest freezer expends 215 normal kWh every year – that is a yearly cost of $26, or $2.17 every month. Truth be told, this freezer costs you not as much as a conventional dribble coffeemaker, which midpoints 282 kWh every year, as per the United States government vitality utilize number cruncher.

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Along these lines, on the off chance that you need to exploit a major deal on meat or create or you want to purchase in mass, this is the best chest freezer for you. It’s planned well for little families who need to spare space and cash.

To guarantee your freezer works at pinnacle proficiency, makers recommend keeping your chest freezer in a temperature-controlled detect that is between 32 degrees and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Along these lines, in the event that you live in a cool atmosphere, for example, the northwest United States, you likely ought to keep the freezer inside.

Capacity & Temperature

Little profound freezers like this Amana unit make it simple to fit diverse formed nourishment things in light of the fact that there are no racks to act as a burden. When we tried the unit’s ability with somewhat little compartments, we found that we could press in more than 300 pints of frozen yogurt – that is almost 5,000 ounces of dessert. Amana’s chest freezer gets down to about – 8 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than sufficiently chilly to store your solidified nourishments securely since putting away sustenance at 0 degrees Fahrenheit restrains microscopic organisms growth.If you’re stressed whether this freezer will fit, you’ll need to quantify the expected space deliberately, and not only for the span of the chest freezer, additionally a couple of additional creeps for the top, so you have satisfactory leeway when you open the freezer entryway. The cover on Amana’s chest freezer needs a leeway of 62.5 creeps to open an entire 90 degrees. You likewise need to ensure you leave no less than three crawls of space at the edges and back of the freezer to guarantee legitimate air flow, which helps your freezer work all the more productively.

Without satisfactory space, the compressor works harder and turns on more regularly, which could decrease the proficiency and the life of your freezer. Another plan component that keeps your freezer working appropriately is the manual defrost. Truth be told, you would be unable to locate a little chest freezer with a programmed defrost work at any rate.


A one-year guarantee is regular with little apparatuses, for example, chest freezers. The producer offers a constrained certification against blemished parts as it were. The elements that are incorporated on this Amana reduced profound freezer incorporate a power-on marker, a compressor light, movable legs, a capacity wicker container and a drain.The lights are to a great degree helpful on this unit, since they demonstrate whether your unit is working legitimately – if the top light is gleaming, your freezer is getting power, and if the base light is lit, then the compressor is running. The movable legs help you get your freezer level so the coolant is sitting in quite recently the correct spot. In spite of the fact that this freezer just incorporates a solitary stockpiling crate, you can purchase more to help you arrange your solidified nourishments. A deplete is critical and makes defrosting your chest freezer simpler.


Amana has made a strong little profound freezer that can give more than sufficient space to an overflow of solidified nourishment. Its capable compressor keeps sustenance all around saved and solidified until you’re prepared to utilize it. The unit comes furnished with a few components and an Energy Star rating that guarantees vitality productivity, so you won’t pay a fortune more to save money on basic supply bills.