Frigidaire FFFC05M1QW 28″ Chest Freezer Review

As far as vitality proficiency, this little chest freezer utilizes 220 kWh every year, which will mean a normal electric bill of $26 yearly. This breaks out to $2.17 every month for this machine, which is normal for a large portion of the chest freezers we investigated.

Frigidaire FFFC05M1QW 28 Chest Freezer
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In spite of the fact that you get a pleasantly estimated inside space for putting away solidified nourishment, this freezer is not overwhelmingly huge, so it can fit well in your home. It stands 36 inches tall, is 30.75 inches wide and 22 inches profound. Its stature with the cover open is 55.31 inches, and it measures 80 pounds.

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You have to give the Frigidaire chest freezer no less than 3 crawls of space around the unit to consider air course. In the event that you take into consideration the proposed least air leeway, you guarantee that your chest freezer will do its best to keep your sustenance solidified and the unit ought to last you numerous years.

This profound chest freezer incorporates a deplete for simple cleaning since this freezer must be defrosted physically, a removable stockpiling wicker container in the top for helpful sorting out, customizable legs and a power-on marker light. One thing this chest freezer needs is an entryway bolt, which is a disastrous oversight since it is a noteworthy wellbeing highlight.


This chest freezer costs little to work through the span of a year, holds a decent arrangement of solidified sustenance and offers a power-on pointer light so you know the unit is working. It doesn’t accompany an entryway bolt, yet generally offers enough helpful elements to make it a decent buy for your home.